Heard Of The US Visa Photo Requirements? Get a Look!

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When applying for a US visa, you must submit at least one photo to prove your identity. Your picture will be stored electronically with your biometric information by US immigration officials and will be specified each time you attempt to enter the United States.

Your photo must meet several specific requirements. Failure to comply with these steps will result in a delay of application. Considering the risk – it’s really worth checking to see if you’ve got it right.

Keep reading to find out what are the photo requirement, where your photo should be taken, and general questions about visa photos.

US Visa Photo Requirements:

Heard Of The US Visa Photo Requirements? Get a Look!
  • Your visa photos must be: US Visa photo size must be 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm). The photo head should be 1 to 1 3/8 inches (22 mm and 35 mm) or 50% and 69% of the total height of the image from the base of your chin to the top of the head.
  • In color.
  • It was taken within the last 6 (six) months.
  • Without shadows.
  • With plain white background.
  • You have to face the camera in the photo.
  • Have neutral expression.
  • Keep both eyes open.
  • You can’t wear a uniform: Pick a casual every day wear clothing. The religious dress that the person wears daily is allowed. If the person is not wearing a headdress for religious purposes, then the head should not be covered, and the hair should be seen. The headdress should not cover the face.
  • No electronic devices in the body:   However, you can use electronic devices if there is a medical need. Example: If you require a hearing Aid, you can use it.   
  • No to Fancy glasses  Glasses can be wornfor medical reasons: For example, if the person has recently had eye surgery, a doctor’s report is needed to justify them. If glasses are to be worn, the frames should not cover the eyes, and there should be no glare or shadows on the face from the glasses.

Types of Visa Photo Requirements:

Digital Photo Requirements:

US Embassy If you want to submit a digital photo online, you must meet these requirements:

  • Photo must be square and be 1200 × 1200 pixels.
  • The photo should be the same color as the sRGB color space.
  • Photo format must be in JPEG.
  • Photo size must be less than or equal to 240 kilobytes (kb).
  • If your photo is larger than that, you can compress it to less than a 20: 1 aspect ratio.

If you already have a body photo that meets your body photo requirements, you can scan it and do the following:

  • Photo should be two × two inches (51 × 51 mm) in size.
  • The resolution of the scanned photo should be 300 pixels per inch or 12 pixels per millimeter.

Non-immigrant Photo Visa Requirements:

In addition to the standard needs, there are also requirements for visa types. Some requirements for US nonimmigrant visa pictures are:

Applicants using the DS-160 form must submit a digital photo that meets the digital photo requirements.

In addition to the digital photo, you will also need to submit one physical photo according to their requirements.

Immigrant Visa Photo Requirements:

Applicants for a U.S. immigrant visa to stay in the United States permanently are required to submit two standard photographs on photo quality paper in accordance with standard U.S. visa photographic requirements.

Diversity Visa Photo Requirements:

For those entering the Diversity Visa (TV) program or lottery, photography must meet these requirements:

  • You need to upload a digital photo.
  • Photo must be in JPEG format.
  • The photo should be square, and its dimensions should be 600 × 600 pixels.
  • Photo size should be 240 (kb).

If you are planning to scan a photo taken previously, it must meet the following requirements:

  • The resolution of the photocopy should be 300 pixels per inch (12 pixels per millimeter).
  • If you are selected for the Visa program, you will need to bring more photos to meet the photo requirements for the US visa.

Do’s and Don’ts US Visa Photo:

  • No shadows.
  • Plain white background.
  • The headscarf was placed in a certain way.
  • No eye-glasses.
  • Perfect head position.
  • Neutral face exposure and camera facing.

Where to Take US visa Photos?

US visa photo requirements are very comprehensive, so it is difficult to fulfill them yourself. That’s why it’s a great idea to seek professional photography services to take photos and submit them to the US Embassy where you are applying.

There are lots of professional services that will take your photos, meet your needs and send you a digital copy and provide body photos. They are more expensive than photographing you, and you are more likely to have the photos accepted by the embassy.

On the other hand, if you submit photographs taken with poor-quality cameras, the US Embassy may reject photos, and you will have to resubmit them. This will increase your processing time and take longer to get your visa. So, the best way to submit your photos is to take them to professional stores.

However, if you take photos of yourself, you must ensure that your camera is of high quality, that all requirements are met, and that you should not change your appearance using system software, except to remove the red eye effect.

What if I Changing my Appearance Significantly in the Last Months?

Your photo is no longer than six months old, but if your appearance has changed significantly, you may need to submit a new photo. This is necessary if you have done the following:

  • Went through extensive facial plastic surgery.
  • Stitches or tattoos on your face were added or removed.
  • Significant weight gain or loss.
  • Transferred to a different gender.

You do not have to submit a new photo if you have dyed your hair or grown a beard. If the appearance changes due to the normal growth process, the youngsters do not have to submit new photos. As long as you recognize the photos, they will be accepted. However, the US Embassy decides whether your photos are acceptable or not.

How to Get a U.S. Visa Photo for Your Toddler or Baby?

If you are applying for an America visa for your child or child, you must also submit their photos. This can be tricky because toddlers and babies do not sit for long, so you can try to take photos yourself or seek professional services. The requirements and specifications for toddler and baby visa photos are as follows:

  • The photo should be of a toddler or baby and no one else in the picture.
  • The child must have his eyes open for the photo.
  • You can photograph the baby on a white sheet of paper, but make sure there are no shadows on the child’s face.
  • You can put the child in a car seat, but cover the car seat with white paper to provide a blank background.

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