The Ultimate Guide to the Jordan Visa for Americans

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Travel to Jordan and discover the ancient city of Petra and other wonders of the Middle East. It’s hard to believe that there’s a country that’s so close to home but still so different from what you know. Traveling to the Middle East can often require you to know more about the culture and how to get into the country.

If you’re an American citizen planning to spend time in Jordan, you’ll need to apply for a visa. But before you apply, you should be aware of the visa policies that apply to Americans. If you’re planning to visit Petra, see the Dead Sea, or spend time in one of Jordan’s many historical and cultural attractions, this is the blog for you.

The Jordan visa application process is fraught with ambiguity. This blog will attempt to answer the questions that you might have about the visa. It will also help you apply for a visa and give you a few tips, so you don’t get in trouble while in the country.

The Ultimate Guide to the Jordan Visa for Americans

Tourist Visa Policy of Jordan:

Jordan’s tourist visa policy specifies which nations do not require a visa to visit the Kingdom of Jordan and who may enter without a visa.

Jordan’s tourism immigration policy now specifies that over 230 nationalities must have an approved tourist visa to enter the Kingdom, whether this is a visa-on-arrival or online, or an embassy visa. Up to 140 nationalities can receive an eVisa for Jordan for tourists through an expedited electronic application. Americans are among those who can obtain a visa online.

Whether or not they require a visa for Jordan, the US and most foreign citizens must exhibit a valid passport for at least 6 months or 1 year beyond the intended stay and include at least two blank pages to secure entry into the Kingdom. Presently no visa bans in Jordan for any foreign national.

The application for an electronic Jordan visa for US citizens is simple and quick, taking only a few minutes to complete. After paying the online price, the applicant receives their approved Jordan Pass through email in the form of a PDF document and a QR code, which may present at immigration checkpoints to obtain a visa for admission into the nation.

Those who are not qualified to apply for a tourist eVisa for Jordan must get an embassy visa for tourism from their nearest Jordanian diplomatic mission before departure.

You can find more information on these Jordan tourist visas below.

Easy way to apply for Jordan Visa:

Americans and other nationalities living in the United States can now obtain a Jordan visa easily and quickly. Please follow the below instruction and get your visa.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step1: Raise a request with Click2visas: Visit Click2visas and raise a Jordan visa request. We have a customized and user-friendly Jordan Visa form. You need to enter your basic information and upload your passport. We will handle the remaining Jordan Visa form-filling process based on the document.

Step2: Pay the Jordan Visa fee online. Instead of stressing over which payment method to use.

Step3: After the successful payment, finish and submit the request.

It only takes a few minutes to raise the request. Once the Jordan visa request has been made, we will process the request within a short time and send your Jordan Visa to your mail-id as soon as possible. After each step, you will get a notification mail from Click2visas. In addition, we will also notify you of the status of your application on a timely basis.

Click2visas system is highly secured and has strict protocols. We don’t store or share your details with any third party. We have been in this industry for more than five years and have the pleasure of serving many customers worldwide.

Jordan Visa Cost:

The standard Jordan visa fee for Americans is 2.82 USD. Jordan visa processing takes five days. The fee doesn’t vary based on the nationality of the applicants.

Jordan Visa Requirements:

Valid Passport: A valid US passport for a minimum of 6 months with at least two empty pages is required for US nationals. Other country nationalities need their passport issued by their respective countries.

Residence Proof: Americans don’t need residence proof. But other nationalities residing in the USA need residence proof to apply for Jordan Visa.

Vaccine Certification: Valid International Vaccine Certificate.

Proof of Accommodation: Hotel Booking or Accommodation Proof;

Air Ticket Booking: Air ticket booking with a return ticket.

Additional documentation is required to apply for a Jordan tourist visa: In some situations, you may require proof of your occupation. You will need a copy of your company’s business license if you own a business.

Who can get Jordan Visa on Arrival?

A Jordanian visa on arrival is valid for up to two months for most qualified citizens. Jordan visas on arrival only allow for one entry into the nation.

To obtain a visa on arrival in Jordan, travelers must arrive at either Queen Alia Airport or the Sheikh Hussein Bridge border checkpoint.

Please find a complete list of visa-on-arrival nations for Jordan below.

Jordan Visa on Arrival Countries
Hong Kong

Jordan Pass holders can also obtain visas at the Wadi Araba border post. Travelers who do not have a Jordan Pass must pay a mandatory visa on arrival charge before their application may be processed and accepted. They may also have to wait longer to apply for a visa on arrival.

What is Jordan Pass?

The Jordan Pass is the best sightseeing package for travelers visiting Jordan’s magnificent Kingdom. It allows pass users to make the most of their vacation by seeing significant sights and activities while saving time, money, and effort.

When you purchase a Jordan Pass, you have effectively pre-paid for over 40 attractions. Present your ticket at the door to any Pass-covered attraction, where our unique readers will scan it. It’s that easy!

The Jordan Pass is valid for 1 year from when it was bought. However, it will automatically expire two weeks after the first time it is scanned at a tourist destination.

Jordan Pass holders who qualify for a visa on arrival receive their visa at no cost.

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