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A Detailed review of Thailand Visa Extension

3 months


There is an automatic Thailand visa extension for foreigners who have an on-arrival visa or those under a visa waiver program, according to the last COVID-19 Thailand travel update. In order to continue to reduce the spread of coronavirus within the Thai population, this is to help decrease long lines at immigration facilities across the world.

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Thailand Visa Extension:

  • The Automatic prolongation of the visa will be temporarily valid until 31 July 2020. This ensures that you will not need to complete the 90-day reporting period, pay fines, or send any paperwork to extend your visa.
  • However, in order for you to be allowed to enter this country, you will be required to display your valid Thailand E-visa on arrival along with a Thailand Health Declaration T.8 form. You will need a visa to enter Thai unless you’re from a visa-exempt country. A Thailand E-visa is a pre-arrival registration to get your Visa (VOA) before you arrive. Not only can you avoid wasting a long time at the airport by processing this document electronically before your flight, but you also help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among Thai residents and non- Thai residents.
  • On the other hand, a Thailand Health certificate is a document in which you truthfully announce your medical condition along with your travel history, specifically your travel records from the last 14 days before your journey. This document can be accessed directly from an app produced by Thailand’s government and follows all the steps involved in its application and registration procedure.
  • Fortunately, before you have to fly, Click2visas will also help you process both your Thailand E-visa on arrival and the Health Declaration easily and conveniently from the comfort of your own home.
  • When you arrive at Thailand’s airport or during your overall stay in the country, please continue reading to get all the details you will need to request these documents and avoid any kind of inconvenience safely.

Why do I need an E-visa to enter Thailand on arrival and a declaration of health?

  • Specific nationalities are currently eligible for a visa upon arrival, and you will be able to process yours online if you are among them.
  • When you arrive, you will need to present a Thailand Health Declaration to continue narrowing the corona virus scope within the Thai population. Please be warned that you will be denied entry to this country without one. With the assistance of Click2visas, you may submit your digital Health Certificate before you travel.

For Thailand VOA Pre-registration service, which countries are Eligible?

These countries are eligible for the VOA pre-registration service are Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Bhutan, China, India, Fiji, Kazakhstan, Malta, Georgia, Nauru, Mexico, Romania, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia, Vanuatu.

Do I have all documents to be processed once?

At this time, along with the Health Declaration (T.8 Form), the Thailand E-visa On Arrival must be shown to the Immigration Authorities for you to be permitted to enter Thailand. Fortunately, without having to collect them directly at Thailand’s airport, Click2visas will assist you in processing both papers. Rest assured, through our highly intuitive platform and expert review team. We will take care of the entire thing. Process the Thailand E-visa On Arrival and the Health Declaration now on the Click2visas website.

When I request my VOA and health report, what documents do I need to give you?

You need to have the following documents in order for us to process your Thailand E-visa On Arrival along with your Health Declaration:

  • Check Your Passport Details: You will be kindly asked to request a passport check so that we can have all of your contact details and records.
  • Your Return Flight Ticket: On arrival, the Thailand Visa is valid for 15 days after arrival. This means that per admission, you can remain in this country for 15 days. For this reason, during the same span of time, the immigration deputy will ask you to display a valid return ticket.
  • Your evidence of accommodation: it can be your hotel booking or a letter from your Thai host checking where you are going to stay.
  • Your Valid Email Address: Once you apply via, an application form will be sent to you that you need to fill out before you arrive in Thailand. Your email will be sent to this folder, which is why you need to have a valid email address.
  • Your payment method: What you need to pay during applying is the Click2visas service fee. At the immigration checkpoint, you can pay for the visa yourself. Using any card, you can pay the Click2visas fee.
  • A Passport size photograph
  • Proof of Financial Support
  • Travel Medical Insurance

What are the normal fees and processing times?

Your visa application will be approved within three days. Kindly use our visa widget to figure out the price of your particular nationality, add 20 USD for the Visa service fee, and add Click2visas service fee 10 USD.

How do I process my Thailand VOA and health declaration exactly?

It is quite a simple step for applying for a visa. Kindly follow the below steps carefully:

1. Choose the departure and arrival country, select the required visa type, enter your name, and click ‘CLICK TO START.’

2. Verify the visa fee and terms and conditions on the next page.

3. On the third page, enter your basic details in the respective field and upload the necessary documents (you can upload the documents at a later stage also).

4. After that, review and confirm the information of your form, then proceed with the payment. We support all types of cards for payment.

5. You will receive the invoice and a confirmation mail with a link in your registered email id.

6. Click the link, and complete the remaining form (you can also upload the document in this stage), and submit it for processing.

7. Once the E-visa is approved, Click2visas will send your visa to your email in PDF format.

How secure is Click2Visas to process my Thailand Health Declaration and e-visa on arrival?

Our platform is highly stable and very dependable! Though we are in no way associated with the Thai government, we are an experienced and commissioned travel agency with an expert review team that can take care of your application thoroughly in the best way possible.

Where can I find more information to overcome any other doubts?

At any time, you can also contact them via Click2visas Customer chat support service via chat. They’re waiting for you 24/7.

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