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Guidelines – How to get a Russian visa?

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All passport holders traveling to Russia for short-term tourist visits can apply for a Russia Tourist visa. This visa is an authority for foreign citizens who wish to visit Russia for the short term. Many people are aware of how to get a Russian visa. The Russian Tourist visa helps the holder to fly to Russia as many times as a single time. Total stay in Russia is up to 30 days. You need a tourist invitation letter to apply for a Russian tourist visa. Only with the invitation letter, you can apply for a visa.

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What is the difference between a letter of visitor invitation and a Russian visa?

The letter of the invitation is a document that must be submitted along with your application for a visa. This is not an official visa, but a document allowing you to submit for an official visa to the Russian Government.

What will I do after I have got a letter of invitation?

After you have received your invitation, you need to go to the Russian embassy to interview. Before doing this, you require to find out which documents you need. We recommend you give the embassy a call/ book appointment before you go. After the interview, the embassy will issue your approved Russian visa.

Do I have to book a hotel before I can ask for an invitation?

A hotel reservation is not needed when applying. Nevertheless, if you have indicated the hotel as your Russian accommodation in the application form to obtain a visa for Russia, the Russian Consulate can require that you have a copy of the booking confirmation.

What is a Letter of Visa Support? 

Another term for the invitation is a visa support letter, which is required to apply for a visa to Russia. An invitation can be purchased by a person or by an association, as long as it is in Russia. When applying for a tourist invitation, you may also use the services of our company.

Can I enter multiple times in Russia using a tourist visa?

No, the Tourist visa allows only single entry (in some conditions double-entry allowed but single entry is standard). If you plan to live longer or fly many times to Russia, then obtaining a business visa is a safer choice as you can have several entries. However, if you’re coming to Russia for a few days, then applying for a tourist visa (up to thirty days) or the current e-visa (up to eight days) would make more sense.

What do I require to apply for an invitation letter for visitors to Russia?

  • Last Passport Page (where applicable) 
  • Proof of Hospitality (if applicable)

What documents are needed for a Russian tourist visa application?

· Passport

· Visa application form (completed and signed)

· One recent passport size photo (Signed on Back)

· A tourist confirmation letter 

· Travel insurance (if u live in an EU country)

· Russia visa invitation consists of two separate documents.

· One is hotel voucher showing your hotel reservation has been paid for (including bookings made with a credit card), the other is tourist confirmation (Stating that you are a guest at that hotel)

What is the price and processing time for a Russian tourist visa?

It depends upon applicants’ nationality and country of residence. Some countries have fewer fees compared with other countries. Normally it takes ten days to process the visa. Do check with our visa widget to know the updated fee and processing times.

Any Vaccination certificate need for a Russian tourist visa?

Yellow Fever vaccination is needed if you travel from a country at risk of transmission of yellow fever.

Is there any age limit to applying for a Russian tourist visa?

No. Eligible individuals of all ages should apply for a Russian tourist visa.

Can I use a tourist visa for my own travels? 

In addition to entering the country for tourism purposes, a tourist visa allows you to engage in business deals or meet with Russian relatives and friends. Yet tourism should be the official intention of your visit. You will require an Invitation Letter provided by some approved body to obtain a tourist visa, containing all the necessary details for the Consulate.

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Will I mention the exact dates of my trip when I order a Visa Invitation, or can I include estimated dates? 

You will indicate the exact dates of commencement and expiry of the visa; however, you may travel to Russia during this span. We recommend that you specify the maximum period of validity for a tourist visa-30 day. Please note that visas are only valid for the exact dates.

If I made any mistake in my Russian tourist visa application, how to get a Russia visa?

It would be better if you were very careful when entering your details while applying for a Russian tourist visa. You will have an opportunity to recheck all the information you have provided and can change the details at any time before the final submission. It is essential to correct the mistake before proceeding. You cannot change the information on a visa once it has been issued, and you will need to submit another application.

What are the conditions that apply to my Russian tourist visa?

       Conditions of Russian tourist visas are:

  1. You shouldn’t stay for more than 30 days.
  2. You must get a yellow fever certificate.
  3. It is not allowed to work in Russia.

May I get a new visa without traveling outside Russia?

In general, you will depart Russia just at the Russian embassy to issue a new visa. We recommend that you apply well in preparation for a unique Visa Invitation and select the most convenient Consulate to get a Visa.

If I have more doubts or unresolved questions, where can I find more info about Russia’s tourist visa?

If you need more details about Russia’s tourist visa, you can contact us, and we will be happy to assist you. Moreover, you can get more info here. Start your adventure today, and worry about what you should take on your trip and leave the rest to us.

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