Revenue opportunity for Corporate Travel management companies

3 years

What is corporate travel management?

CTM is a method of managing, tracking, and reporting on business travel and costs. Travel planning entails more than just booking flights and accommodations. It includes meals, client favors, tips, in-destination transportation, and much more are all included in travel expenditures.

 The more people your firm sends on business trips, the more difficult it gets to organize and manage corporate travel. To make the process easier for corporate travel managers, executive assistants, and business travelers, we need a corporate travel management platform to simplify the whole travel process.

Revenue opportunity for Corporate Travel management companies

Who needs Corporate Travel Management?

Modern multi-national companies, organizations, Industrial sectors, educational sector, Travel companies like hotels and airlines can optimize their travel strategy with the help of a corporate travel agent and firms require Corporate Travel Management to manage time and work effectively by reducing the travel cost.

What does a corporate travel manager do?

A corporate travel manager is in charge of a company’s travel programs day-to-day. The following are some of the responsibilities of a corporate travel manager:

  • Organizing tours for employees in any role.
  • Assisting specific departments in keeping track of their travel expenses in order to stay within budget.
  • Providing passengers with assistance before, during, and after their journey.
  • Choosing and controlling any travel suppliers or tools that will be used.
  • Negotiating corporate rates at hotels that the firm frequents.
  • Creating and implementing the company’s corporate travel policy
  • Managing the safety of travelers
  • Managing reimbursements for travel costs 
  • Overseeing the company’s travel budget.

Corporate travel management sends employees where they need to go while keeping the company’s expenses in mind.

The four pillars of Corporate travel management:

Trust: An approved process and defined policy, with beneficial features, creates trust.

Transparency : Allowing employees to know how much they’re permitted to spend and make decisions appropriately, as well as finance and administrative teams to understand what’s being booked and why.

Simplicity: To create a process that works for everyone and meets everyone’s needs.

Impact: To understand the impact before the travel reduce unnecessary trips that leave travelers exhausted and businesses with needless expenses.

With these pillars in place, you can be free from manual, complicated booking processes, back-and-forth emails, and requests for reports. Most significantly, you can push off confusion.

How can Visa services help the Corporate Travel Management companies gain revenue?

Obtaining a Travel visa is a miss out in most of the services offered by the CTM, or at times, a heavy cost is laid on the company to process a travel visa. It is time that Corporate travel management takes Visa services into consideration. If you may question how adding on Visa services can benefit the company, kindly have a look below,

Happy Customer

By providing all travel services promptly, a company holds on to a happy customer. To be wholesome, every Corporate travel management crew must ensure to add in the best for customers and thus provide with the best visa processing service provider in the market.

Competitive advantage

As a provider for Corporate Travel management, you will gain a competitive advantage by having features that the other companies lack in. Customers always rely on advancement and perfection. If you top these expectations, you top the rest as well.

 It’s time to upgrade your travel management with Visa services!

A little about Click2visas

FULFILL HOLDING PTE launched our B2C site in the USA, which resulted in 1million impressions and 30,000 clicks per month. For the past few months, we have served 100s of passport and visa services in the US market. Envisioning our growth, MasterCard has partnered with us ( and started communicating with its customers, for whom we bundle special offers. We offer visas services through the Click2visas platform, which is traveler-centric, technology-driven.

Click2visas is one among the visa service providers to cross a five-year milestone. We stand unique by providing quality processing with a 10X advantage in the service charge. Our mission is to offer multiple products for global travelers who will be on tour or business for short-term travel. We extend our services to long-term visa assistance such as student, employment, and dependent visa through various business channels in a cost-effective way.

FULFILL HOLDING PTE will offer visas services in the following integration format:

1. White labeling 
2. Travel Visa and Passport widget
3. API services  

What are the benefits of Click2visas?

  • Zero investment to start a new line of business.  
  • 10X price advantage on completing onboarding all types of visas  
  • Adaptability to all our futuristic services  
  • Encourage to onboard services initiated from your end with zero cost & effort  
  • Flexibility to price your customer as per your business demands
  • Zero charges for using our visa or passport related information  
  • Availability of our service via modern cloud infrastructure  
  • Data security 

Let’s bring it all together!

The revenue of the company can be more efficiently managed with unique features to beat the competition. Providing the most essential need of travel visa services at low cost will obviously create a competitive advantage and push the company for betterment.

Use this opportunity to lead the top corporate management companies. Enhance the travel experience for your employees and make the travel booking process easier with Click2visas. If your vision is to ensure happy customers, without any confusion, go ahead to add on Click2visas visa services, the best choice towards growth.

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