Know how to Renew US Passport Online in the USA successfully

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US Passport renewal online

A US passport is indeed a document of travel and a document of identity. It confirms the fact of your identity and citizenship in the United States and is required for all trips outside the United States.

If your passport has expired, you will not be able to use the expired passport for any recognition, proof of citizenship, or for the purpose of identification until it has been renewed.

Renewing your expired passport can often be a difficult process if you do not have the right paperwork, harm, or loss of your original passport, even inaccurate renewal guidance. It’s faster and safer to apply for a passport renewal than to get a new passport.

There are less documentation needed and no need to apply in person. In order to prevent delays in processing, it is still necessary to follow instructions carefully and pay attention to detail.

Details about Renew Passport Online in the US

How soon will I apply for the renew passport online?

It is good to renew your passport application approximately nine months before it is due to expire. Even so, a passport may be extended at any time. If your request is made a few years or more before the date of expiration, you will want to give a brief clarification. It is worth noting when preparing for a passport renewal that only expired passports valid for 10 years are allowed to be renewed, as children’s passports existing for 5 years cannot be renewed.

Here is some Instruction for how to check if my passport is valid online

When do I get my passport renewed?

When your passport is expiring or has recently expired, you can apply for a renew passport online. There are some reasons why your passport would need to be renewed early. Early passport renewal can be achieved if:

  • You changed your name legally, and more than a year ago, your passport was provided.
  • Your passport displays signs of wear, such as pages’ curled edges.
  • Since your passport was released, your appearance has changed drastically, leading to significant weight loss, for example.
  • Your passport on the empty visa pages is tiny.

What are the DS-82 form?

When registering for the US renew passport online, the government form that you will require to fulfill is called the DS-82. You will need to provide the correct details when you finish the DS-82 request form for a passport renewal.

Which one is the best way of applying for a renewal passport?

You will finish the US renew passport online application. When attempting to enter data online, some applicants have reported communication issues or errors. Download Form DS-82 and complete it offline if you have trouble completing the online passport renewal form.

How do I get my passport renewed?

To renew your passport, mail the finished renewal form containing your previously-issued passport, a recent passport size photo, payment for fees, and include name change documentation (if relevant) to the address on the form. Passports issued to children aged 15 or younger may not be renewed by mail or for passports, which are badly damaged. It is important to apply in person at an application acceptance facility in both cases.

My passport is still eligible. Is it possible to renew it?

Yes. Your passport does not need to expire for you to renew it. You must show all documents if both a valid passport book and a passport card are to be changed. For instance, if you have the opportunity to request a passport book but have lost your passport card, you cannot renew your passport card. You must request the exact document you want to renew if you wish to renew either a valid book or a card. We suggest renewing your passport well ahead of any scheduled international travel, even though it only has a few months’ duration left on it. Some nations demand that your passport be active for at least six months following your date of departure.

How has a long time taken to apply for my passport renewal?

If you are applying for routine service, it will take 10 to 12 weeks. If you are applying for expedited service, it will take 4 to 6 weeks. If you are applying for expedited at the agency, you must have 72 hours (three working days) of international travel. Expedited at the agency have limited appointments.

How much fee to apply for my passport renewal?

The renewal fee for US passports is charged by those who send Form DS-82 applications.

U.S. Passport Renewal Fee 2022

Don’t pay any cash. Passport office are not accountable for the cash sent in the mail. If you are doing renewal in Canada, personal checks or money orders must be made and payable in U.S. dollars by U.S. financial institutions based in the United States.

Valid United states checks and money orders must have a nine-digit routing code. Please do not include your order for 1-2 days or express delivery fees. U.S. citizens in Canada may not have access to these facilities.

What are the main instructions of the DS-82 form?

  • Based on the details you send, the Form Filler should pick the correct form for you. It may produce a shape that is different from what you anticipate.
  • There may be a renewal of a passport book, passport card, or even both items.
  • By checking the top of the DS-82, you can request a larger passport book with 52 pages at no additional cost.
  • A number of Social Security must be issued. If you do not even have a social security number, you must submit a document containing the statement, signed and dated, “I declare that the following is correct and true under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America: the Social Security Administration hasn’t ever issued me a social security number.”
  • It is anticipated that you will complete and sign and date all pages of the paper.

What are the guidelines for submitting a recent passport?

  • All of the requirements listed must comply with your U.S. passport book and/or card.
  • Your expired passport book and/or card should be returned to you, but it will normally arrive in a separate email from your new passport.

What are the details for submitting the document of name changing?

  • You must have a certified copy of the official name change form if the name you are actually using is different from the name on your most recent U.S. passport.
  • Certificate for marriage, Court-ordered name change paperwork Change Document, Decree on divorce are the examples of name changing document.
  • Your name alteration certificate will be forwarded from your new passport to you in a specific mailing.

What are the requirements for a passport photo?

With your passport renewal application, you must have one photo. All adults and kids under the age of 16 are subject to all our photo guidelines.

Photo requirements are the following:

  • The size of the US passport photo is 2×2 inches.
  • Submit a color photograph taken during the past six months.
  • Complete profile, with just a plain white or off-white backdrop, rearview.
  • Printed in picture paper with either matt or glossy content.
  • From the bottom of the chin to the crown of the head, between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches
  • Remove off your eyeglasses with a neutral facial expression and open both eyes.
  • Do not alter the picture digitally.
  • With gaps, wrinkles, or smudges, you do not upload a damaged picture.
  • Headsets or wireless hands-free systems should not be worn.
  • As long as they do not cover your face, you can carry jewelry and leave your facial piercings on. For passport reasons as well, lifelong tattoos are appropriate.
  • Taken usually in clothes worn on a regular basis.
  • A uniform, clothing that appears like a uniform, or camouflage attire can’t be worn.
  • Note to parents or guardians of young kids: in the Photo Examples section below, we have sample images with tips for sending a passport photo of a baby.  We know that the posture and expression of an infant are difficult to preserve for a picture.

How do I have my photo attached to Form DS-82?

As per the guidelines on the form, you should attach the passport photo. Along either side of the frame, use two staples. Staple the photo of the passport into the application. As a reference, use the term “Staple” in the application. May not bend the photo.

What are the places that are available to send my application for passport renewal?

Please send the renewal form to one of the following addresses. In the United States, this only applies to applicants. You have to use a service that sends boxes to the post office.

Service Expedite (Supplementary charge applies. For any state or Canada):

On the outside of the mailing envelope, write “EXPEDITE.”

National Passport Service Center, Post Office Box 90955, Philadelphia, PA 19190-09555.

Service Routine (If you reside in Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, California, or Texas):

National Passport Service Center, Post Office Box 640155, Irving, TX 75064-0155.

Service Routine (If you reside in any other state or Canada):

National Passport Service Center, Post Office Box 90155, Philadelphia, PA 19190-01555.

What are the instructions to send my application for passport renewal via mail?

  • Send your completed application to one of the addresses listed, with your most recent passport, name change document (if applicable), photo, and costs.
  • If you live in the US, you need to use the United States Postal Service (USPS) to mail your renewal application and supporting documents.
  • You can use Canada Post if you are living in Canada. Via USPS First Class Mail, we will return the completed passport and supporting documents to you. If you live in Canada, one-to-two-day or express delivery is not possible.
  • Other distribution services, such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL, should not be used. The PO Box addresses specified on Form DS-82 can only be delivered by USPS or Canada Post.
  • The passport renewal application should be returned to you if you are using UPS, FedEx, DHL, or another company to submit your application.
  • An envelope wide enough to fit without folding for the submission.
  • A trackable method of distribution. The method used must be capable of delivering to a P.O. Address to package.

My passport is expired, can I renew it?

Ya, that within the last 15 years, the passport really must be provided. In addition, you must have a passport in your possession. You must not lose it. You must be 16 years of age or older when a passport is issued, and you must have it in your current name, or you must have legal proof of a change of name.

May I use a valid visa with my old passport once I’ve renewed my passport?

Yes. Your old passport is not eligible for international travel until you obtain your new passport. However, you can always use a valid visa if your old passport is connected to a valid visa. You would travel with both your new and your old passport in this case.

How to track my application status?

The status of your application for passport renewal can be checked online, or you can call the National Passport Information Center. 7-10 business days after you have submitted, you will start monitoring your submission.

After renewing my passport, can I get a new passport number?

When receiving your new passport, the number on the certificate can differ from the number on your previous passport. Keep updating your DHS Trusted Traveler account with details about your new passport.

May I renew my passport if I can’t seem to find it?

No. If you can’t find your passport, you can’t renew it by post. If it is still valid, the missing passport report should be reported. You must apply in person at an application acceptance facility in this situation.

May I renew myself in an acceptance facility?

No. Whether you renew your passport using Form DS-82, your application will not be approved by the acceptance facilities. Acceptance facilities for renewing your passport shouldn’t ever charge you a $35 fee.

These sites can only bill you a $35 fee if you use Form DS-11 to apply. You can directly mail it in your application for renewal (Form DS-82). Mailing your Form DS-82 can be frustrating as other post offices are actually facilities for passport acceptance.

Even so, your Form DS-82 renewal submission and relevant documents should not be checked by postal workers until you mail it. Using a searchable distribution system, we recommend you ask USPS to submit your Form DS-82 and related documentation.

Should not use UPS, FedEx, or DHL because a Post Office (PO) box is really the address that you need to deliver your Form DS-82 and related documentation to.

May I use the DS-82 to just get a passport card when I have a passport book already?

Yes. When you include a passport book and have the right to use Type DS-82, although it is your maiden passport card, you can register for a passport card to be renewed by post.

Details about Passport card:

  • If you have a passport or passport card, you could use Form DS-82 to renew it via email. Your existing passport book or passport card should be:
  • Both the passport book and the passport card act as evidence of your U.S. identification and nationality.
  • The card should be sent to you via First Class Mail when you’ve only applied for a passport card. We do not use distribution facilities for passport cards for 1-2 days.
  • Submitted along with your application for DS-82
  • Given in your current name (or with an initial or authorized duplicate of your marriage certificate, divorce order, or court order, you can register your name alteration).
  • Provided over the past 15 years
  • Released at 16 or older while you were
  • Unharmed (apart from “wear and tear” common)
  • You could use Form DS-82 at the very same period as applying for your first passport card to renew your passport book.

When you do not comply with the conditions set above, you must submit in person a passport card through Form DS-11.

What are the Differences between the US Passport Book and US Passport Card?

Passport Book used for travel by air, sea, or land globally. A passport card was using from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda to enter the United States at land border crossings and ports of entry to the sea. For global air travel, the passport card cannot be used. Passport Book and Passport card are replacements for a state-issued ID.

If you are applying for a Passport Book, you can choose delivery for 1-2 days, which costs an extra $17.13. We will give it to you via email if you are just applying for a Passport Card. You may not pick a shipping date of 1-2 days.

Passport Book size is 5″ x 3.5″ (If closed). Passport Card size is like Wallet.

Passport Book and Passport Card Validity is 10 years of age 16 and older, 5 years of Underage 16.

Passport Book application cost is $145 for maiden applicants of 16 years and older, $115 for applicants under 16 years, $110 for renewal by mail. Passport Card application cost is $65 for maiden applicants of 16 years and older, $50 for applicants under 16 years, $30 for renewal by mail.

If I am a Chinese citizen, how to renew my passport in the USA?

Like US passports, if validity is going out if they’re out of visa pages, or when they are weakened from wear and tear, Chinese passports should have to be renewed.

Chinese passport photographs must’ve been 48mm x 33mm, and must have a backdrop of pure white or soft blue. Your head should measure 28mm to 33mm from the forehead to the bottom of your chin in the picture.

To renew your Chinese passport, you will require to appear in person at a Chinese consulate. In Washington, DC, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, there are six Chinese consulates all over the USA. If it’s over, you’ll still require to collect your passport at the consulate.

If I am an Indian citizen, how to renew my passport in the USA?

Unlike several other nations, you won’t go to the Indian Embassy or Consulate explicitly when you wish to renew your Indian passport. Elsewhere at outsourcing stations, passport requests are recognized.

In Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, New York, and San Francisco, such workplaces can be located. You could either visit a branch in-person to request a renewal of your passport, or you can use FedEx to mail your documentation.

Online, you will start your passport renewal procedure. You will be capable of filling out your passport request and supplementary forms on the authorized passport renewal website operated by the outsourcing company, and you will be issued a personalized checklist of needs. It is important to have your applications as well as other documents printed over and signed for submission.

Indian passport photographs, 2″x 2″ (51mm x 51mm), use the same format pattern as US passport pictures. At a drug shop or other place that provides passport picture service, you will be able to get your images taken. There are, however, a few criteria for images of Indian passports that are distinct from photos of US passports:

  • It is not possible to print photographs on a home printer, but it has to be from a professional image printer.
  • You’re supposed to wear colored clothing, not black or white. There must not be any template or noticeable texture in your clothes.
  • Head coverings such as scarves or hijab are permitted, but any portion of the face should not be obscured.

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