Passport photos guidelines

3 years

Do you love to have a quick escape to another country? Maybe you are in desperate need of a vacation. Everything is set for the getaway – except for your passport. Before starting your trip to your dream place, you need to get your passport and passport photo on time. The process must be error-free to progress as planned. 

The passport application necessitates submitting a photograph with the remaining paperwork. Requirements for passport photographs are specific and strict. Numerous retailers all through the United States offer passport photograph services. You can do it yourself too, but you ought to follow every one of the photograph’s prerequisites, so the application cycle goes quickly. 

Passport photos guidelines

Since the Covid-19 virus is still widespread, you will have to take all the safety measures, If you take your photo outside. The CDC advises staying six feet away from the photographer. A considerable risk involves uncovering your face for a picture, but the passport authorities need to see your entire face to establish your identity. Keeping these Covid-19 restrictions in mind, Click2Visas helps you get the perfect passport photo take while you can safely be indoors at your home. All you have to do is, visit our website and upload your image. We will modify it precisely as per the requirements and send it back to your mail ID. 

US passport photo requirements

The Basic photo requirements apply to both adults and minors.

  • A color Passport photo is mandatory.  The passport photo should be taken within 6 months.
  • Clear image. Social media filters are not acceptable.
  • No Selfies.
  • The photo should be without eyeglasses.
  • The Background of the passport photo should be in plain white or off-white.

Passport photo quality, resolution, and size

  • The passport photos should not be blurred, with many dots, or with too many pixels. A picture with good resolution is acceptable.   
  • The exact size of the passport photo is 2 X 2 inches that is 51 X 51 MM. The head position should be between 1 -1 3/8 inches (25 – 35 mm) from the chin bottom to the Head’s top.
  • Matte or glossy quality papers are used for photos.
  • Digitally changed photos are not acceptable.
  • Photos should not be damaged with holes, creases, or smudges.

Passport photo facial expression and pose

  • The facial expression should be neutral with a natural smile. It would be best if you opened both of your eyes.
  • Face the camera directly with a full-face view.

Passport Photo Dress

  • Wearing fancy glasses is prohibited. If you wear spectacles for medical reasons, you need to submit a signed note from your doctor.
  • Prefer casual wear to party wear.    
  • You are restricted from wearing your institution’s Uniforms.
  • The Head should not be covered. Hats are not allowed. If it is for religious reasons, you need to provide evidence that it is part of the religion. If it is for medical reasons, you need to give a doctor’s statement. Remember that your hat or head coverings should not block your hairline or give shadows on your face.
  • Do not wear headphones or any wireless devices.
  • Your jewelry or facial piercings should not hide your face. It is ok if you have permanent tattoos in passport photos.

Making passport photos with Click2Visas

It is not advisable to approach a passport photo agency during Covid-19. Inviting a photographer home is not so safe. You can take your photo, but I am sure you will know that it is challenging to meet all the passport requirements after reading the guidelines mentioned above. Passport photo rules are stringent, and if the passport photo does not meet the criteria, it leads to passport application refusal. The costs are very high in other passport agencies.

Since your passport’s validity will last up to five or ten years, the passport photo matters a lot. Click2Visas offers customized passport photos with a ten times lower service charge than other passport agencies. Your work ends with just uploading the image. We make sure to meet all the criteria and send the perfect passport photo back to you through email with assured acceptance.

what are the passport services you can avail with Click2visas?

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