Why has medical tourism in India boomed?

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Medical tourism has become a prosperous industry in India in the recent past. Tourists from around the globe come to India in search of the right kind of medical treatment. In 2020, the Indian medical tourism industry was worth $9 billion. Especially in the USA, Outbound medical tourism grows each year noticeably. In 2019, 11% of Americans came to India for various medical treatments because of inexpensive medical care and as well the quality of the treatment. Medical treatments in Dentistry, Cardiovascular, Orthopedics, Cancer, and Cosmetic are most popular among Americans. The majority of Americans come to India for these only.

Why has medical tourism in India boomed?

Are you a Medical Tourism Facilitator and arranging a Medical Tour to India?

There are many more medical tourism facilitators in the USA who arrange medical tour packages to India for their customers. Medical Tourism to India is in high demand and very popular among Americans. Millions of Americans search for medical tourism websites daily. Medical tour agents offer various kinds of packages like Ayurveda packages or Dental package based on customer needs. Many US-based companies offer medical tourism options for their employee’s health plans so that they can travel abroad for their medical treatment. It is far cheaper than having the same treatment in the USA.

As per the Medical Tourism Index 2020-21, India is placed in 6th position out of 46 world destinations for its quality of facilities & services. So, most Americans love to become medical tourists in India and seek their right treatment here. Please read the below details about medical tourism in India, which will be useful when you arrange a medical travel package to India.

Introduction of India Medical Tourism

In April 2017, the Government of India had introduced the e-Medical visa. The validity of the medical visa is 60 days after arrival. The maximum stay is also 60 days. You can have a maximum of 3 e-Visas in a given calendar year (Jan – Dec). Medical e-Visa permits for Triple Entry, meaning you can enter and leave India with Triple time Entry during its 60 days validity period after your arrival. Indian e-Medical visa is valid for entry through 26 designated Airports. The government e-Medical visa fee for US people is 100 USD. For an e-Medical visa, the main document you need is a copy of the Letter from the Indian Hospital on its letterhead, which including the date / tentative date which admission has been suggested.

There is also an e-Medical Attendant Visa given to immediate relatives of patients visiting India to seek medical attention. The attendants must be a close relatives of the patient and willing to stay in India during the entire time of treatment. This e-medical attendant visa has the same validity and fee as the e-medical visa. A maximum of two family members can be benefited with this Visa.

For e-Medical and e-Medical Attendant visas, make an online application minimum of 4 days in advance of the date of arrival. The e-Medical Visa application may take 72 hours or more for processing.

New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Cochin are the popular cities in India for American travelers coming to India for treatment.

Top Reasons why India is becoming famous as a Medical Tourism Destination

Cost-Effectiveness: -Medical treatment in the USA is much higher than in India. With 50 million US people without health insurance and the waiting lists for state-run facilities are increasingly heading to India because it offers high-quality treatment. This is one of the reasons for crossing borders for medical care and making India an attractive destination for medical tourism. In India, complex operations are being done at 1/10th the cost compared to the procedures in the USA.

Technical Advancements: – Latest medical technology in India is attracting more Americans. Numerous hospitals in India have installed the latest machinery for all treatments.

Healthcare Quality: – A major factor behind USA patients repeatedly visiting India for its best services, especially in complex areas that need advanced medical treatment and life saving operations, depends on the availability of skilled physicians/ specialists, paramedical staff, and healthcare facilities involved. They always ensure the quality standards of the services provided. Enhancing patient safety, medication, infection prevention, and control is a major concern for Indian hospitals.

No language barrier: – All hospitals in India have staffs who speak fluent English, and hence language is not the barrier in India for Americans.

Easy Medical Visa: – Being able to easily obtain a Medical visa is one of the primary reasons that US people are seeking treatment in India. All procedures done in a timely manner have saved countless lives and are likely to save much more in the future.

Alternative Therapies: – Many hospitals in India are beginning to offer holistic, natural treatments like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Yoga which were originated in India itself. These are fabulous techniques to aid in post-retreatment recovery for many American patients. The therapies provide a relaxing aspect to healing, which helps many US patients feel better much sooner.

Internationally accredited hospitals in India: – The famous hospitals in India are accredited by international and national quality control bodies such as Joint Commission International (JCI) and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH). They offer a quality certification to the hospitals and may even cancel it if the quality is not up to the standard. JCI accredited hospitals in India are some of the bests in the worldwide. They give world-class facilities in India at the most affordable cost.

Best Tourist Spots: -USA Patients who are planning to undergo a non-critical procedure can always combine their medical trip to India with a bit of leisure. There are many more chances when it comes to leisure spots that a patient can visit before undergoing medical treatment.

Popular Treatments in India for Americans

Medical tourists in India get the below most popular treatments.

  • Cancer Treatments
  • Cardiovascular Treatments
  • Dentistry
  • Orthopedics Treatments
  • Cosmetic Treatments

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Wrap-Up message

The sudden boom in medical tourism in India can be partially attributed to the efforts that the Government of India took to attract medical tourists from around the world. Whenever a customer approaches you for their treatment, you can positively suggest India as their medical tourism destination. Also, Click2visas assists with all kinds of passport and medical visa assistance. We also assist with emergency passport renewals.

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