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Guide for how to get best hotel deals

3 months


One of India’s best things as a tourist destination is that it’s perfect for those who travel on a budget. India has always been a paradise for backpackers, offering a seemingly infinite range of affordable hotels. Yet, budget travel in India no longer usually requires sacrificing comfort to save Time and money. The tourism boom has led to boutique hotels coming to catering to those who want quality at reasonable prices all over the world. This guide will explain How to get the best hotel deals and economical Hotels in your destination countries like India.

Reception, guest checking in a hotel

Traveling to a new location also means spending cash on accommodation that could take your expenditures up a notch. And you are one of those people who don’t like spending the night in someone’s living room or a hostel. You might end up spending a lot of money on hotel rooms. Hotels/restaurants & resorts come with their own collection of comforts, but we also have to pay even more money to enjoy these. The better the hotel is, the higher the price. But you don’t always have to spend a lot of money on hotel bookings.

You’ll find all types of accommodations in India, but finding budget accommodations in India which match your standard can feel like a test of resourcefulness. A budget cradle spells the need for an open-mind, a crowbar of willpower, and let’s faces it, and the room might not always match the higher rupee you’re paying for an upgraded experience.

Where to get the latest hotel deals and economic Hotel:

Sign up for hotels/Resort newsletters to find promotional offers: 

Many top hotels have a newsletter or a loyalty service that you can sign up for to collect rewards and discounts. Many accommodations come up with deals during holiday occasions and festive seasons to stay ahead of their competitors. You can make use of these offers and get a great bargain besides.

Call up the hotel or resort counter for discounts: 

Calling up the hotel counter and asking them their prices would probably benefit you more than just booking online on their website. They can not only build an exclusive offer for you but even give you an extra discount. When you talk to the hotel employees, you can ask for a late checkout, free breakfast, or wi-fi rather than booking online.

Mention whether you’ve stayed in their hotel before:

Hotels are more likely to give you a discount if you’ve already stayed with them before. Brand loyalty often earns brownie points from customers, so make sure you choose a chain of hotels you want and stay in their properties wherever you go. Let them know that you’ve stayed with them before that even though it was part of a business visit or a company offsite business. In having a good offer, this should help.

Check different websites for fare comparisons:

When you book hotel rooms, make sure you search for websites that compare the same hotel room rates by various agents. A few of them are Tripadvisor and Trivago. This is going to make sure you don’t spend the extra and have the best offers. These prices are sometimes lower than those shown on the hotel website.

Try hotel booking using mobile apps:

Apps provide inexpensive hotel bookings that can be useful, particularly if you have to book a hotel room at the very last minute. Download a few of these to your mobile phone, such as Sky-scanner, and keep visit them every once in a while, to get the lowest price.

Off-Season Travel:

Going during the off-season is one of the easiest ways to save money on hotels. If you have a hotel in mind why you’d love to stay in but is out of your expenditure, Go there in the off-season. You can get discounts and many extra benefits too, for going when you do not have many visitors.

Book in advance during the peak season:

And if you’re just on vacation only during the peak holiday period, you should make sure that you book hotel rooms in advance. Although bookings for the last moment operate during the off-season, the prices normally increase during peak season. But once you decide your location, make sure you make the earliest booking for a trip.

Stay in the weekdays rather than the weekend:

Weekend stays seem to be more costly due to high demand. If you can, try to book a weekday stay rather than a weekend, and you’re sure to save up. Or if you can’t, book your room on Thursday. Many hotels/resorts offer a free night if you book 2 or 3 nights with them.

Stay in a connecting room or choose extra bedding:

If you’re more than 2 persons, you can save money by booking a larger space that allows four to five persons to stay in one room. Some hotels/resorts also have family connecting rooms, and you might be able to get a deal if you book them. If you are three teenagers, you can book an extra bed in the same space that turns out to be cheaper than booking a separate one.

Negotiate to make the best deal:

Finally, master the art of bargaining. Haggle the way you get a reasonable deal. Be respectful and ask the hotel employees if they can give any deals that are slightly over your estimate. Even if you don’t get a discount, you may be able to get a couple of items that are commonly on the bargain.

What are the Best Budget Hotels in India?


Those who visit Agra generally stay long enough to have seen the Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. Surprisingly, most budget hotels/resorts in Agra are as uninspiring as the city itself. However, a few affordable choices stand out, including the exclusive experience of homestay accommodation.


Chennai hotels, the key to South India, are less expensive than in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. 2,500 INR per night will give you a nice, good furnished budget hotel room in the city center. There are getting cheaper options, too.


If you are looking for the cheapest hotel in Delhi, Paharganj is the location to go. This noisy tourist district is full of budget hotels. Some of the hotels are cleaner than other hotels, but it pays to be careful when selecting. Karol Bagh, a busy market street not far from Connaught Place, is a budget hotel alternative to Paharganj. Otherwise, travel south of Delhi for some good choices.


Ambient, simply furnished budget hotels are abundant among the ruins and boulders of Hampi. There are two major areas to stay in Hampi near the bus stop and Main Bazaar (remember that meat and liquor are not provided in this area) and then on the other bank of the water in Virupapur Gadde. Virupapur Gadde, with its cool-out setting on the edge of agricultural land, attracts many hippie styles (so much so that it is widely referred to as Hippie Island). However, these areas provide only budget resorts/hotels. There are a variety of more luxury hotels in the vicinity of Hampi. You can reside in a cottage for 1,000 rupees per night. Here are eight of the luxury restaurants in Hampi and hostels for all budgets. Attractive deals are generally available and during the low season, around April to October. To check the rates for your travel dates.


Jaipur is among the top budget travel places in India. If you’re exploring India on a budget and wouldn’t want to spend much more on hotels, you can still have a pleasant experience at the “Pink City” location.


It’s easier to remain in Jodhpur than in Jaipur. Approximately 1,500 rupees per night will earn you a beautiful room at the Heritage Hotel. If you’re traveling on a plan, you don’t have to pay a lot more than 500 rupees each night for a clean, simple room—and you’ll also get a view of the Castle!


You can get a good budget hotel room for about 600 rupees per night near the erotic temples of Khajura. If you want to remain relaxed with a swimming pool, expect to pay about 5,000 rupees per night. It’s a good way to seek a look around Khajura when you reach and choose the hotel you want. Hotels tend to have openings, so discounts are possible. Even be informed that there are a lot of people in Khajura who are going to want to take you to hotel rooms that offer them a commission,


Many hotels in Kolkata represent the colonial charm of the city. The most convenient places to stay are all around Park Street and Sudder Street in the city center. The cheap cottage will cost you around 1,500 rupees a night. Spend 4,000 rupees a night so that you can stay at the popular Fairlawn Hotel. Boutique hotels with value for money are available for less than 6,000 rupees per night.


Mahabalipuram beach (or Mamallapuram, as it is otherwise known), near Chennai in Tamil Nadu, is a coastal pick on India’s east coast. It’s a thriving traveler scene, but it’s also popular with people who want to relax in the hotels. The cheaper hotel/resort options are located in the area. Whether you can pay a little more money, you can stay at a hotel with a pool. A budget resort/hotel will bring you back 3,000 rupees per night onwards.


With real estate values on par with New York City, Mumbai is a famously expensive city to work in. This can make it hard to find good budget hotels. However, some good places provide reasonable service at a reasonably simple rate on the pocket if you look very carefully. If you’re prepared to compromise a few comforts, there are plenty of cheap hotels at your disposal. Most of them will be in Colaba’s tourist region, and they receive a range of news.


Rishikesh, which attracts travelers from all areas of life, is renowned for its excellent selection of cheap hotels and guesthouses of benefit. Here are some of the strongest examples.


As the most evocative and beautiful city in India, Udaipur, thought by many, does not require you to live in a luxury grand hotel to enjoy its charm. There are many cheap hotels from which to choose, offering romantic views of Lake Pichola and Lake Palace Hotels (when it takes to really experiencing Udaipur, the view is essential). You’ll find a lot of them in the tangle of visitor streets around Lal Ghat, near to the City Palace as well as the Jagdish Temple.


While Goa isn’t the cheapest destination it used to be, it’s still possible to stay in good accommodation for a price. There is a wide range of world-class hostels (many of which have private rooms and dorms) and budget hotels to choose from whether they want to stay on the beach or in a village.

If you are searching for low budget hotel options in India, here are the tips for you.

You’ll find all kinds of Budget hotels in India. However, finding Budget hotels in India that match your norm may feel like a resourcefulness test. A discount cradle spells something like an open mind, a crowbar of willpower, and let’s face that as well, the room does not always match the higher rupee you’re spending for an upgraded experience. After my three-month backpacking journey, this is a budget hotels account in India where I lived.


Guesthouses in India are very popular. These are family-run lodgings ranging from 100 Rupees to 3000 Rupees. Whether I’m 100 rupees/night cheap, I could find my room in the intestine of a basement, or even in a remote corner, scared to touch something in my room.

Medium range Hotels:

Medium range Hotels cost a little more than guesthouses, but they do not deserve immediate peace of mind. The quality of Indian hotels and resorts are unique. Some Indian companies’ master resourcefulness or facilities cannot be replaced until they are broken and then too Fresh, new-looking, new-painted, the five-star way.


Hostels haven’t been a concept in India, but recently, the trendy and boutique guesthouse chain has opened up for modern travelers (wi-fi available). You saw a few of their hostels book ahead as spaces fill up quickly.


Ashrams are spiritual and yoga getaways where you practice the discipline of the ashram. It provides more than just accommodation and food but has a rigid routine to follow. You’ve found an idyllic haven full of new yogi mates, where you can live your love for yoga and meditation in such a stress-free atmosphere away from an everyday chaotic life. You didn’t want to get out of the ashram.

Luxury Hotels:

India does have a handful of luxury hotels and resorts chains of royal luxury: Oberoi, Leela, Taj.

Metropolitan Areas are more expensive:

Expect prices to be marginally higher in metro cities or famous Indian vacation spots such as Mumbai, Deli, Kolkata, Goa, Varanasi, Ladakh, starting at $20. Areas that are essential to city attractions would increase the price. Further outside the town center and in more suburban areas, rates are going to drop considerably. Some residential areas are better and safer, but there might be no convenient way to get around, pushing your dependency on taxis.

A 100 rupees stay is not quite as perfect it would seem:

A 100-rupee stay will extend your money to a small cottage on the beach, but in fact, it may not always be as good as it looks. Often try to see all the room first. Indian hotels are almost always fascinating and exclusive.

An upgraded cost does not mean an improvement to quality:

Cottage and mid-range accommodation are the cheapest, but specifications will range in extremes from beautifully furnished to shared hallway squat toilets. A price increase does not inherently mean an upgrade to the facility.

Shop around:

Looks are really not everything but selecting where to lay the head in India will make you feel like it all. You find a great deal straight away sometimes. Most times, it’s going to take shopping about on foot.

How to Book Hotels for accommodation in India?

India still has time to catch up with technologies. Many business organizations still rely on guidebook ads, which means that not every hotel would have a website or be mentioned on online hotel search engines. Many of the accommodations can still be booked upon arrival. However, and Agoda are keeping some hotel listings these times. is my choice of the two since you can cancel your booking without even a fee; you can also use this to book a room with the Indian visa application. You always check the reviews before you book something online. Hotel websites have proven too inaccurate in the past, as images have not always been realistic. These days, everything is being aired in consumer analysis.

Solo Travel and Finding hotels in India

I’m not suggesting that there are no good cribs in India, but as a female solo traveler in India on a long journey, you’re looking for a way to stretch my rupee. Although you would not want to compromise on being decent, safe, and clean. In India, suffering your room’s cultural differences can often intensify the sense of isolation. From bugs buzzing in all ways, the stains on the floor, the rotten and warped void from around the fan, which tries to unhook itself from aggressive shaking to tiny hair on shaded mats, it’s easy to feel your scream stuck with rusty bolts and a padlock a long, difficult journey for a night. You’ve had the best but the worst experiences.

Summary of places to visit India

Of course, not everybody can afford to take months off to explore. No one wants to spend precious leisure time commuting between locations. So, if you only have a short time in India, it’s great to pick one area and concentrate on its highlights.

Each area offers a wide range of sights. One of India’s most famous tourist routes covers Delhi, the Golden Triangle, Taj Mahal in Agra, and Jaipur throughout the Rajasthan desert. Those who would like to spend time with nature can take a quick detour and explore Ranthambore National Park, mostly in Rajasthan.

As well as backwaters, Kerala has some lovely clean beaches, ancient temple complexes, and national parks that are homes to huge herds of elephants. For a dose of faith and culture, Varanasi is a city high on the list of tourists. Some significant historical and architectural places, including the erotic temples of Khajura and the national parks, are not that far away. Tamil Nadu has a high percentage of solo female passengers, as there is limited sexual assault.

A trip to Kerala would not be complete without exploring the traditional Kerala houseboat theme’s peaceful backwaters. This is also a great romantic getaway. Here’s the easiest way to explore Kerala’s backwaters. If they feel like staying at one of these luxurious resorts in Kumarakom, these residences around Alleppey seem to be less costly.

The beaches on the east coast of India appear not to be as safe or desirable as those on the west coast. The most famous is Mahabalipuram, near Chennai in Tamil Nadu. It’s got a traveler and a surfing area. French-influenced Pondicherry is also a pleasant beach getaway about 4 hours south of Chennai. Here’s a choice of hotels in Pondicherry close to the beach. Odisha has some beautiful undeveloped beaches. Gopalpur-on-Sea is generally quiet in Odisha.

Maharashtra, the state above Goa, has some wonderful little-known beaches that create a fantastic escape from Mumbai, such as Tarkarli. If anyone feels adventurous, this stretch is perfect for a scenic motorcycle road trip! Along with the beaches, the Sindhudurg area is renowned for its stronghold.

The jungles of India are vast and varied. There are about 100 national parks and 450 nature reserves, which are perfect destinations for tourists. These are some of the biggest and most well-known ones. The mystical mountains of India, known as the Abodes, including its Gods, are popular with tourists for their clean air, spiritual influences, and thrilling adventure travel experiences. The mountains can provide a beautifully refreshing escape from the hot weather that engulfs much of India during April and May.

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