How To Apply For An Australian Visa

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Globally, the visa process remains the same: the applicant must check their eligibility by providing their nationality. If eligible, they collate the information and documents for filing the visa application which may be a physical or online form. Finally, the form will be submitted to the embassy or consulate for visa issue or stamping.

But obtaining an Australian visa can be a cumbersome process for someone who is not experienced in international travel. The complexity is due to numerous visa types and more visa sub-classes, which can lead to confusion for a visa applicant.

The objective of this blog is to guide you to select an appropriate visa for Australia in quick easy steps.

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Who is required to apply an Australia visa?

If you are an Australia passport holder or qualifying New Zealand passport holder, you can enter Australia without a visa. Otherwise you must have a visa. 

Visa Types to Australia

We have listed below the various visa types offered by the Australian government.

  1. Visitor visas
  2. Studying and training visas
  3. Family and partner visas
  4. Working and skilled visas
  5. Refugee and humanitarian visas
  6. Other visas
  7. Repealed visas

Each visa type has its own subclass, which can creates confusion among travelers applying for an Australian visa.

Visit this website to see the all subclasses of the visas:

Since most travelers to Australia opt for a visitor visa, let us explore the visitor visa in detail.

More about Visitor Visa

All travelers with short-term objectives of leisure and business travel to Australia can get a visitor visa, which has the following sub classes:

1. Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462)

This subclass restricts the traveler age to between 18-30 and helps them to extend their holiday in Australia and generate revenue to fund their trip.

The validity period of this visa is 12 months and the visa processing time is 33 days. The cost of the Work and Holiday visa is AUD 485.

For more details, visit

2. Working Holiday visa (subclass 417)

This subclass too restricts the traveler age between 18 to 30, except for Canadian, French, and Irish citizens whose age limit is 35. The traveler must hold a passport from an eligible country or jurisdiction. The traveler must not be accompanied by dependent children.

The validity period of this visa is 12 months, and visa processing time 17 to 45 days. The cost of the Working Holiday visa is AUD 485. 

For More details, visit

3. Transit visa (subclass 771)

This subclass allows travelers to be in Australia for up to 72 hours before they must leave Australia. Maritime Crew visa holders can use it to enter Australia by air to join a non-military ship.

Check the below link to view the nationals and citizens who are eligible for transit without a visa.

4. Visitor (subclass 600)

This is the primary subclass under the visitor visa category of Australia. This subclass permits the traveler to go to Australia for the purpose of travel such as: a business visit for meetings, conferences, negotiations, business purposes; and tourism or to visit family in Australia.

The validity period of this visa is 3, 6, or 12 months, and the visa processing time is 18 to 32 days. The cost of the visitor visa is AUD 145.   

For More details, visit

If you are a traveler and your existing valid visa will be expiring soon, then this subclass better suits you. The validity period is 12 months, and visa processing time 18 to 32 days. The cost of this visa is AUD 365. 

5. eVisitor (subclass 651)

The maximum validity period of eVisitor visa is 12 months and you are allowed to visit Australia as often as you wish in 12 months. You are allowed to stay upto 3 months each time you enter Australia.

The varying period of visa validity is 3, 6, or 12 months, and visa processing time 18 to 32 days. The cost of the eVisitor visa is AUD 145. The eVisitor visa has eased entry for EU travelers.

The below nationals are eligible for Australia eVisitor visa:

Austria Hungary Poland
 Belgium Iceland Portugal
 Bulgaria Ireland Romania
 Croatia ItalySan Marino
 Cyprus Latvia Slovak Republic
 Czech Republic Liechtenstein Slovenia
 Denmark Lithuania Spain
 Estonia Luxembourg Sweden
 Finland Malta Switzerland
 France Monaco United Kingdom
 Germany The Netherlands Vatican City.
 Greece Norway 

You are not allowed to apply with following travel documents:

A non-citizen passport, certificate of identity or other travel documents

A British National Overseas, British Dependent Territories Citizen, British Overseas Citizen, British Protected Person or British Subject passport

6. Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601)

ETA visa is an online application form.  Traveler can apply for an Australia ETA visa if the traveler holds a passport from:

For More Details:

Andorra Ireland South Korea
 Austria Italy Spain
 Belgium Japan Sweden
 Brunei Liechtenstein Switzerland
 Canada Luxembourg Taiwan (excluding official or diplomatic passports)
 Denmark Malaysia The Netherlands
 Finland Malta United Kingdom—British Citizen
 France Monaco United Kingdom—British National (Overseas)
 Germany Norway United States of America
 Greece Portugal Vatican City
 Hong Kong (SAR of China) Republic of San Marino 
 Iceland Singapore 

Methods to Apply for an Australia Travel Visa

The traveler may choose any one of the below methods to get an Australian visa:

  1. Regular permission, which covers the purpose of travel such as Visitor, Working, Work &Holiday, Family visit, Business and Tourism
  2. eVisitor Visa
  3. ETA Visa

How to Apply regular permission to Australia

Before Applying for your Visa

Check your passport; it should be valid for a period of minimum six months from the date of travel.

Health Checkup

You need to undergo a complete health check up in approved health centers or hospitals to travel to Australia. For more details about the health checkup, please visit the link:

Be aware of information and document readiness

You should be well-prepared to fill the Australia visa application form with the required information and supportive documents. is the best place to guide you through a smooth process to get an Australian visa.  

Documents needed

  1. Completed application form/Provide accurate information
  2. A national identity card
  3. Invitation letter from Australia
  4. Proof you have enough money for your stay and to leave Australia, such as personal bank statements, payslips, audited accounts, tax records, or credit card limit.
  5. Travel Itinerary
  6. A letter from your employer stating you plan to return to your job/proof that you can return home
  7. Character documents
  8. Additional documents for applicants under 18 (If Applicable)

Method of submission

The Australian government offers flexibility to the traveler regarding the method submission i.e., either online submission or Direct/Courier submission.

If you use Online Submission:

  1. You need to scan or photograph all documents (English and non-English) in color.
  2. All scanned documents and photos must be clear and legible.
  3. If a document has more than one page, combine all the pages and save it as a single file.

If Direct/Courier Submission

  1. You must to send the original documents to Government of Australia
  2. Keep a copy of your completed application

Few countries are enabled with both online and direct submission options, but a majority of the countries will have either online or direct/courier submission.

Apply for the Visa

Apply for the Visa Online

  1. Log in or create an ImmiAccount. (
  2. Attach the scanned documents and photographs
  3. If in case of family, submit family applications together.
  4. Pay the application fee. Until the fees is paid, they will not process your visa request

Apply for the Visa in the Australian Consulate

  1. Visit the Australia visa office
  2. Submit your document and make payment
  3. Receive and save the invoice copy from visa issuing center

After Apply visa

  1. A few nationals are required to undergo biometrics process to travel to Australia
  2. If any documents are missing, the Australian Consulate will be in touch with you.

Collect the visa

The Australian consulate will inform you of the status of your visa application form. If your visa is approved, they will communicate the following:

  • Your visa grant number
  • Visa start date
  • Visa conditions

It is important to keep a copy of the visa, when you are traveling around Australia.

If your visa application request is refused, the Australian authority will communicate with you regarding the reasons for declining your visa request, and your rights to apply for a review of their decision.

How to Apply for eVisitor Visa

Apply for the Visa

Create the account in the Immiaccount, which is offered by the Australian Government and the department home affairs. Use this link to apply for an eVisitor Visa Submit the required information and documents in digital format.  

After you apply

The Australian authority will inform you within 12 hours from your time of application, regarding their decision to issue a visa or not. If you haven’t received an email from them within 12 hours of applying, check your application status in ImmiAccount.

In a few cases, the authority may request the traveler undergo the biometrics process.

Visa ready collection

The Australian consulate will inform you of the status of your visa application form. If your visa is approved, they will communicate the following:

  • Your visa grant number
  • Visa start date
  • Visa conditions

It is important to keep a copy of your visa when you are traveling around Australia.

If your visa application request is refused, the Australian authority will communicate with you the reasons for declining your visa request and your rights to apply for a review of their decision.

How to Apply Australia ETA visa

Apply for the Visa

As we have highlighted above, only a few specific nationals are eligible to apply for the Australia ETA visa. 

Update the details and upload the Document in the ETA site.

Required Documents are valid passport and photographs. The cost of the visa fee is AUD20.

After you apply

They will acknowledge the receipt of your documents via email.

Visa outcome

The Australian government will send you the ETA visa copy to the traveler email ID once approved. This process will be completed in a few hours. Note: Travelers must keep this ETA visa copy with them when they are in Australia.

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