Guide for How Long to Replace Lost Passport

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This Guide helps you with how long to replace a lost passport will address how to replace your lost U.S. travel document or travel card. If so, the first thing you should do is report or announce the travel document lost. This will help the US Department of State flag your missing or stolen travel documents until they end up in the wrong hands, and then you become a victim of identity theft. Once you follow the correct documents and apply using the DS-11 New Passport Application Form, replacing a missing U.S. passport is easy. The U.S. travel document and passport card are highly secure documentation designed to avoid counterfeiting with various security features. If you are interested in renewing your travel document in the United States, you should know that you’ll have to make sure that all the requirements are met to do that. Now, in the USA, passport renewal needs are not difficult to meet. The passport is the first thing that’s normally on the to-do list while traveling. It would help if you never ignored it, either because it’s the first time you’ve had it or because you have had to renew it. You probably would like to avoid going to any office to get your passport while you live in big cities, and that’s the right time to consider applying electronically. Here’s the great thing for you: you can get passport renewal without leaving the room.

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My travel document was stolen or lost. How do I get my US passport replaced?

  • Report U.S. Passport/Travel document Lost.
  • Fill and submit the DS-64 & DS-11 Application Form.
  • Submit Supporting Documentation for replacing a lost passport
  • Find Passport/Travel document Acceptance Facility.

Due to rare use, lost Travel documents are usually misplaced. If your U.S. travel document was lost or stolen, file the application form DS-64 for Lost or Stolen Passports. If you found your Travel document after declaring it as missing or stolen, you will still need to apply for a new Travel document as the recovered Travel document would be invalid.

Using a DS-11 and the subsequent criteria of that passport application, you will apply for a replacement adult passport.

If one of the following options applies, you will get a new passport.

  • Passport Applicant is a US national over 18 years of age.
  • The applicant has never got any US travel documents issued before.
  • When the most recent passport was given, the applicant has been under sixteen years old.
  • Past 15 years, the applicant has not got any US travel documents issued.

The general method description is as follows:

  • You must gather some documents for getting a passport (DS-11 passport application, Proof of Citizenship like Birth certificate, documents for Proof of Identity (national id), Applicant Passport size photograph, Processing Fee for Passport.
  • You will present yourself to a local passport acceptance representative, such as the US Postal Office or the Court Clerk.
  • In six to eight weeks, you’ll get your travel documents via mail.

How to complain about Missing or Stolen the United States Passport?

Please pick one of the following options to report a lost or stolen passport.

  • Complaint a lost or stolen U.S.A travel document online by visiting our website at
  • Complaint a lost or stolen U.S. travel document by phone calling +1-877-487-2778 (TDD): +1-888-874-7793 and follow the officer’s instructions use.
  • To apply for New U.S. travel documents and/or Card. Please fill and submit this form with a new DS-11, The Application for a U.S. travel document, to any designated acceptance facility, U.S. passport agency, U.S. embassy, or U.S. consulate from overseas.

What are the documents required to obtain lost or stolen passports?

  • Fill and Submit the DS-64 Application Form or call the State Department to report a stolen passport.
  • Also, Fill and Submit Application Form DS-11
  • Valid Identity proof (All Identity proof documents must have a photograph of the applicant)
  • Fee for Passport
  • Applicant Passport size photograph: The passport photo in the US measures 2 inches by 2 inches. The background should be white, and you can’t wear spectacles to appear. Unless you have a document from your doctor signed, even do not upload a photo 6 months and older, please. It has to be as modern as possible.

Sign the complete the DS-64 Application Form. Be sure that the entire application form is read, signed, complete, and mail the whole application form.

Address for the United States Department of State.

United States Department of State,

Passport Services,

Consular Lost/Stolen Passport Section,

Suite 500, 1111/19th St, NW,

Washington, District of Columbia 20036.

How long to replace a lost passport takes?

Getting your lost or stolen travel document Replacing is a straightforward process. It will take as many as 6 weeks or even longer to get back a stolen travel document in certain cases. If you find out your travel document after applying or calling the State Department, the travel document you have found is not valid, and you will need to re-apply for a new travel document.

If your travel duration not more than two weeks?

Your Regular travel document can be processed and get in 4-6 weeks if you want to visit less than 2 weeks. You will require expediting your travel document. The easiest way to accomplish that is to complete the required forms, locate a regional passport agency, make an appointment, and turn up on time for your appointment. You’ll need to reschedule your appointment when you’re more than 15 minutes late.

If your passport was stolen when you are away from the United States?

Your passport was stolen when you are away from the United States. Contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of the United States.

Lost or Stolen Passports are valid or not?

The passport will be invalidated and will not be used for travel if you claim that your passport is missing or stolen. If the passport is retrieved later, you must return it by mail to the address indicated on Form DS-64.

If you till not obtain Replaced Passport?

It should be expected that the replaced travel document will be issued 10 days after being told of the travel documents. If you do not get your travel document within 10 working days for any reason, you can mention it to the National Passport Information Centre. You would need to re-apply for a new travel document if you did not record the travel document as not being received for a period of 90 or more days.

When you apply in person, what are the passport application requirements?

Your only choice is to go to a passport office or passport acceptance center in person when you figure out that you will not apply for a passport renewal by post. The criteria are unique when you do that. They are the following:

  • Fill and Submit the DS-64 Application Form or call the State Department to report a stolen passport.
  • Also, Fill and Submit Application Form DS-11
  • Valid Identity proof (All Identity proof documents must have a photograph of the applicant)
  • Fee for Passport
  • Proof of Citizenship like a Birth certificate.
  • Applicant Passport size photograph: The passport photo in the US measures 2 inches by 2 inches. The background should be white, and you can’t wear spectacles to appear. Unless you have a document from your doctor signed, even do not upload a photo 6 months and older, please. It has to be as modern as possible.

Sign the complete the DS-64 Application Form. Be sure that the entire application form is read, signed, complete, and mail the whole application form.

How to know if I need to renew my travel document in person?

  • Passport Applicant is a US national over 16 years of age.
  • Your travel document is damaged, lost, or stolen. You will have to renew it in person, even though you find it, or it is returned to you.
  • When the most recent passport was given, the applicant has been under sixteen years old.
  • It has been more than 15 years before your travel documents were issued.
  • If you do not meet any of those conditions, you can use the DS-82 form to renew your travel documents by post.

What is the Renewal of Passports means?

Passport renewal is an official procedure that upgrades your passport so that while traveling, you can use it efficiently. Know that when you arrive in every foreign nation, your passport serves as an ID. Most nations ask you to have a passport with a validity period of at least 180 days, so you must always verify your travel document’s expiry date before traveling.

How may I send my passport renewal application form?

Suppose you are applying for your passport renewal via the official U.S. Website. There are some steps you have to take. It was not too hard, but they need a lot of time and effort.

The first thing you have to do that download your Passport Renewal Application form. Secondly, with all the necessary details, you must fill in the Passport Renewal Application form. You have to apply your most recent travel documents carefully in the third phase, and you also have to upload your passport-size picture. After that, you must calculate the fees on your own to see how much you’ll pay. The final move is to submit your request with a tracking number you will receive by email and wait for your renewal appointment.

When you lose your travel document, how bad is it?

If you lose your travel document, the renewal process may not only be more difficult, but a travel document with a limited duration of validity will also be issued. And if your travel document has expired, you will need to submit it to the consular officer when applying for a new passport.

What to do if a lost passport is found?

If you find a U.S. citizen’s travel document, you can return it to the United States’ travel document Services in whatever country you are located in. Take the travel document to the nearest U.S., if located outside the U.S. The Embassy or Consulate, and return it to someone from the Consular Section.

Can a US visa be transferred to a new travel document?

If the passport has expired and you are still in possession of a valid visa, you can travel with two passports/travel documents, i.e., your old visa travel document and your new passport, or apply for a new travel document visa. Please note that we are unable to move the visa to a different passport.

If I lose my passport at the airport, what do I do?

If you are using your passports/travel document in any of the hundreds of airports around the country as a primary means of identification and happen to lose it, the first thing you can do is find a representative of the Transportation Security Administration and clarify what happened to you.

Without a passport, can I get back to the US?

A valid passport/travel document, US passport card, a Trusted Traveller Program card, or an enhanced driver’s license must be displayed to Americans entering the U.S. I if you have any concerns, contact your carrier to find out if they require specific documentation.

Citizens of the USA can travel without a travel document?

If it is stolen or damage while traveling, you may also travel without a passport. Special agreements between governments also exist, which entitle their citizens to travel between them without a travel document. For example, US citizens may travel to U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico and Guam with an authorized photo ID.

How long is a travel document good for?

Your travel document is valid for 10 years if you were 16 years of age or older when your travel document was given. Your travel document is valid for 5 years if you were under 16 when your travel document was issued. You will find the date of issuance of your travel document on your travel document book’s data page or the front of your passport card.

U.S. travel documents as proof of citizenship?

If you really need to travel, a passport is proof of citizenship and functions as a travel document.

Where is the chip located on my travel document?

The passport chip is put inside the passport cover. The laminate’s invisible printing fluoresces heavily. The perforated laser number consists of a circle, square, and triangle different hole shapes.

Who is Ineligible for a U.S.A passport to be renewed?

Below is a list of things that you will either have to change or get a new passport.

Damage Travel Documents: If your travel document is damaged and would not be able to verify your data according to State Department requirements

Limited Travel Documents: Owe taxes, or child care would have to be resolved with the organization before applying for a renewal.

Old Expired Travel Documents: Expired Travel document was expired more than fifteen years ago.

Child Travel Documents: A child travel document has been an issue for five years and cannot be renewed.

Tax Difficulties: If you have a major tax debt with the IRS, you would not be able to be issued a travel document renewal stating 1st Jan-2018.

For a travel document applicant seeking expedited renewal facilities, you can now apply for your DS-82 Passport Renewal Form with our passport expediting company without any travel arrangements to have it expedited within twelve working days.

If you do not meet the above options, you must use the current DS-11 travel document form to look for a new passport or resolve the problems before receiving a new travel document.

How many days before can I renewed my passport when it expires?

It is suggested that you renew your travel document 9 months before your travel document expires. This should give the State Department sufficient time for you to get your new travel document back.

How and when to Change a travel document holder’s Name on a U.S. passport?

Did you just get married, or did you got divorced, perhaps? It’s a quick procedure to submit a form to change the passport name and the State Department. You need to have multiple records in place before applying to make a passport name change. When newly married females take the last name of their husband, a passport name change is needed. Additionally, by modifying the last name on the passport, divorced women often intend to return to using their maiden name.

What documents need to Change a travel document holder’s Name on a U.S. passport?

Application Form for DS-5504 Passport Name Change

Current Valid Travel Document: If you have an expired passport, it must be

Presented along with the other documentation needed for a change of name

Passport Size Photo: The U.S. State Department needs anyone seeking a replacement passport to have a color “2X2” photograph taken that was taken no more than six months ago.

Proof of Name Change: Evidence of Travel Document Name Change such as divorce certificate, marriage certificate, or court documentation will suffice as evidence of legal name change.

Passport name change fee: To process your request for a change of name.

Note: There is no charge for a name change. If you have acquired your Travel document within the last 12 months, you will have to pay the expedited service fee if you request expedited service.

Common Change of Passport Name for U.S. Citizen People 

Other life conditions can also involve a change of name, but these are the two main reasons anyone will have to change their travel document name. From time to time, printing mistakes occur on the travel document and are corrected using a correction in the passport name.

If your name was changed voluntarily or by court order, you must fulfill the below guidelines.

Step 1: Fill the DS-5504 Application Form

You should absolutely fill out Form DS-5504 and make sure that you signed it at the appropriate venue. Identify the correct place for your application and supporting documentation to be mailed.

Step 2: Collect the Supporting Documentation

Assemble all the necessary materials, proof of a change of name, your existing passport, and the U.S. Department of State fees.

Step 3: Package and Send Documentation

Do not use a standard postal envelope; a Tyvek® envelope is always the best mailing option in most circumstances since the envelope is water-resistant and more durable than a standard paper envelope. It is recommended, in most cases, that you mail them with the return receipt requested.

Additional Name Change details:

If you are qualified for Form DS-82, you can download the application, complete it, and include your original certified or original name change documentation in the package, Color passport pictures, and applicable fees.

You will be asked to apply for Application DS-11 in person to the Passport Acceptance Facility or Passport Agency if you are not qualified for Application Form DS-82. Together with all the above papers, you will need to have proof of citizenship.

Passport Renewal Form DS-82 refers to persons who were at least 16 years old when their travel document was released and who have their most current passport. If your travel document is less than 15 years old, you have not stolen or lost your travel document, you have used the same name as your most recent travel document, or your name has been changed because of a marriage or court order. Proper paperwork showing the move would need to be sent.

How to Get a Second Travel document/Passport?

Are you interested in getting a second passport? Current regulations illustrate the Department of State’s long-standing policy that no one at any given time can have more than one valid U.S. travel document unless expressly approved by the Department of State of the United States. It is easy to apply for a duplicate/copied travel document once you observe our step-by-step guide for a second passport. A second valid travel document should be regarded only as an exception to the rules and should be accepted on an individual level only. The second travel document is generally limited to two years maximum and cannot be extended.

In this blog, we updated as many information about how long to replace lost passport and other US passport related details. Please visit our other blog to want to know more about US passport details and travel insurance. 

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