How Much Will ETIAS Cost for Americans?

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Traveling from the US to several European countries can be as simple as, search, book, and fly. However, in the future, this usual procedure requires an additional step known as the European Travel Information and Authorization System or ETIAS.

If you’re ready to start organizing your ideal trip to a European destination, will this extra step hinder your ability to cross the border? With about 42% of Americans unsure of what the ETIAS is.

However, numerous media outlets have recently misled US citizens by claiming that “Americans will need visas to enter the EU as of 2021.” The statement is false, and the EU mission in the United States has responded to similar accusations.

Click2Visas is here to assist you. We’ll go through all you need to know about when this new system will be introduced and how much ETIAS will cost.

What is the ETIAS for Americans?

ETIAS – The European Travel Information and Authorization System specializes in admission into Schengen Zone nations. The ETIAS system, in essence, will pre-approve people to enter Europe before they reach the continent.

The ETIAS will allow people to visit Schengen nations for medical and transit needs, in addition to business and tourism.

Each visitor will be subjected to a background check to ensure that they do not pose any security risks. The technology will also track travelers as they transit across the Schengen Zone in an ongoing effort to identify any hazards.

This will result in the individual being denied admission and avoiding the risk of being present within EU borders. It will essentially deal with a problem before it even occurs.

ETIAS will be linked to numerous databases, allowing you to validate your information in minutes. That is why it is vital for all applicants to provide honest responses and not attempt to provide fake information.

If you are detected providing false information to the ETIAS system, your authorization will be revoked. Furthermore, if your ETIAS is granted, but you are later discovered to have provided erroneous or fraudulent information, your ETIAS will be canceled.

Is ETIAS a regular visa?

Although known as the ETIAS Visa, the authorization process does not necessitate a visa’s lengthy approval procedures. Based on the intention of your visit and your country of residency, you may also need a visa to enter Europe.

Countries worldwide have varying visa procedures that include large amounts of documentation before granting you access to tourism, work, or study. Visas can take many weeks to process and are expensive.

ETIAS is an online application and demands less amount of work and costs significantly less. After January 2023, any travel within the Schengen Zone will require the submission of an ETIAS application.

You need the following documents only for ETIAS,

  • Valid US passport having at least 2 blank pages.
  • Proof of sufficient funds.
  • Travel insurance that provides medical care in the Schengen Zone.
  • A recent photo with a white background.

Why do Americans need an ETIAS?

With continued terrorism threats, the European Union decided to introduce this new travel permission procedure to defend and strengthen its borders. By requiring visitors to register, the EU will identify any potential hazards or concerns linked with passengers entering certain countries before they arrive.

Hence all visa-free countries, including the USA, need to apply for ETIAS before visiting Europe.

How Much Will ETIAS Cost for Americans?

ETIAS cost

Although ETIAS has not yet been fully implemented, the preliminary ETIAS cost for Europe will be € 7. This ETIAS cost is subject to change and may be raised or lowered once the ETIAS program specifics are established.

You will only need to pay the price once, regardless of how many countries you intend to visit, as long as you complete the application correctly. You will be able to roam freely inside the Schengen area with your ETIAS permit — no need to apply or pay again.

For this you must complete the application form correctly. False or erroneous information may cause your application to be rejected, forcing you to restart your application and make more payments. You can do the payment with your credit or debit card.

Every traveler, even children and the elderly will need to submit a travel authorization upon arrival in Schengen to enter. People under the age of 18 have an excuse for paying the fee.

Which nationals need to pay the ETIAS cost?

By the end of 2022, nationals of all ETIAS-eligible nations will require an ETIAS. Travelers from these countries must pay the ETIAS fee to acquire their ETIAS visa waivers. The list of ETIAS-qualified nations consists primarily of countries that are currently eligible for visa-free access into the Schengen Area.

 These countries include the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, and Argentina. More countries may be included in the ETIAS list before the debut of ETIAS.

How often will Americans need to pay the ETIAS cost?

When completing the ETIAS application form, US travelers will need to pay for the ETIAS cost. ETIAS is valid for three years and allows US travelers to visit the Schengen Area for up to 90 days (3 months) (within any 180 days period).

When an ETIAS visa waiver expires, you must apply for an ETIAS renewal to reenter any Schengen country. The application is as fast and easy as the initial, and the ETIAS cost will likely be the same.

Click2Visas Service fee for US People

To prevent problems and delays, US travelers applying for ETIAS usually choose the services of specialized online immigration organizations that charge service fees.

But Click2visas charges 10x less service charge, provides expert support in submitting your application from start to end and guarantees an error-free application that we will submit to the EU authorities on your behalf.

Click2Visas will accompany you every step of the procedure, ensuring that no information is missing, wrong, or misleading. If something does not seem right, we will contact you before your application is submitted.

Because the EU authorities will not contact you before denying or postponing your application, this is one of the best methods to keep things under control and prevent potential problems from disrupting your vacation plans.

The payment of an application fee and a service charge, and the receipt of an ETIAS visa waiver do not ensure entrance into the Schengen area. After reviewing your documentation, European border authorities will make the final decision.

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