Digital EAD pictures for Employment Authorization Document

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US employers must ensure that all employees have permission to work in the US, irrespective of citizenship or national origin. One way to prove that is by having an Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766/EAD). It is proof that you have a license to work in the US for a particular time frame.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services – USCIS issues an Employment Authorization Document called EAD to certain foreign nationals eligible to work in the US. The card is often termed as a work permit by many people.

The EAD card includes a photograph of the authorized worker. If you want to understand the precise USCIS photo criteria for EAD, you should read this guide.

Click2Visas just prepared this blog just for you! In this, you will learn how to take a proper  photograph at Click2Visas. Your EAD application will be quickly approved if you follow our advice and assistance.

EAD card photo requirements

If you want your EAD card photo taken by a professional, you no longer have to go to a photographer; instead, you can use Click2Visas and its tools to learn everything from our website on your own. So, what are the essential EAD photo specifications that the USCIS expects from applicants?

A brief description of the requirements for general EAD pictures

Digital EAD pictures for Employment Authorization Document
  • The photo must be in color to be eligible for an EAD.
  • There are no Selfies allowed for EAD documents.
  • The EAD photo must be captured in front of a plain white or off-white backdrop.
  • The size of the EAD card photo must be 2 x 2 inches in size (51 x 51 mm).
  • The photo must be clear, grainy, and un-pixelated for the EAD card.
  • Before taking your picture, you must remove your glasses, headsets, and any other headgear.
  • The EAD photo must show a neutral expression of your face.

Let’s see some of the EAD photo requirements in detail.

EAD photo validity

You must include two valid photos, which must be taken within 30 days of your application – USCIS must validate your current look. So if you have changed in any way, try to take a new, more appropriate EAD photo. This will help you in avoiding possible pitfalls.

EAD card photo quality

The EAD photo must be in high resolution, not digitally altered, and not damaged in any way. Give it a try not to make it blurry or pixelated. High quality is essential. If you are scanning your photograph, it must be free of any printer dots or scratches. You need to print on glossy or matte photo paper.

EAD photo size and position

Photos for EAD cards must be 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size, with center head and sized between 1 and 1.4 inches (25 and 35 mm) from the chin bottom to the head top.

The EAD photo should be taken in full-face view, directly looking at the camera, and display the entire person’s face and forehead. Furthermore, the photo must show the oval of the face, the line of the jaw, and the forehead.

Face expression for EAD photo

Remember to keep your face neutral and your eyes open. You should not laugh, smile broadly, open your mouth or show your teeth. When it comes to Employment Authorization Document, if you change the neutral expression of your face, there is a possible chance of rejection of your application.

Glasses, head covering, and other accessories

You cannot wear sunglasses or even regular glasses because you must reveal your face. Your clothing must be wholly regular and worn on a daily basis, so no permission for uniforms or camouflage costumes. It is a big fat NO to wear a hat, cap, or any other type of head covering.

You cannot use Headphones and wireless hands-free devices. You should not have facial piercings if they obscure your face. However, if you cannot remove your glasses or a head covering due to medical reasons, you must include a signed doctor’s statement that verifies your condition.

Please keep in mind that your entire face must be visible in this case, and there should not be shadows cast on your face by your head covering.

Shadows, lighting, and background of EAD photo

As you are aware, the photo must be in color to show the tone of your skin and the actual color of your hair and eyes. It’s also good to take the photo in daylight to prevent the “red eyes” effect.

There must be no background shadows or on your face or neck. So, arrange for a photo shoot in full daylight in front of a window. Keep your camera at the proper distance, which is about 1.2 m from you, to eliminate shadows. In the backdrop, no objects should be visible; it should be neutral, white, or off-white.

The most typical EAD card photo errors

Your application might face rejection if you have of these minor mistakes when you apply for an Employment Authorization Document. Let’s see what you should not do with your EAD card photo.

  • Having it underexposed or overexposed, with shadows and a red-eye look.
  • Presenting an old or damaged photograph.
  • Wearing glasses, a head covering, or other things.
  • With an open mouth, closed eyes, and a broad smile.
  • Wearing prohibited clothing, such as a uniform.

Keep in mind that your photo cannot be out of date. It should be the latest photograph that depicts your current look. Don’t forget to use the proper EAD photo size: 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm). Another common blunder is applying filters to an image or editing a photo using apps or computer programs – the photo should show your natural look with no adjustments at all.

How Click2Visas fulfill your EAD photo requirements?

There are numerous USCIS photo specifications for EAD, and we realize how tough it can be to meet them all. However, with our expert advice, the entire process will be much smoother! You can simply upload your latest photo to the Click2Visas website.

How does it work?

Don’t spend money on customized photo demands for your EAD card photo. We will tackle it in three steps:

  • Step 1: Upload your latest photo.
  • Step2: Choose the document type as “US Employment Authorization.”
  • Step 3: Add your valid e-mail address and submit the request.

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