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Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Cyprus

4 months

Cyprus has begun to allow travelers arriving from categories of countries to enter and is accepting CyprusFlightPass online entries.

The Northern Cyprus authorities halted arrivals until 20 September, except for Turkish-Cypriots and their dependents. It is anticipated that outbound flights will continue to operate, but for more details, you should consult your airline directly.

People in airport are wearing masks to protect themselves from virus

Cyprus has started to reopen its borders, and there are prerequisites for the entry of travelers into the nation. The Government of Cyprus has established CyprusFlightPass to facilitate travel arrangements, an online portal where travelers can request the necessary information to obtain permission to fly. Countries were sorted according to their epidemiological situation into groups A, B, and C, with A being the most favorable.

To receive the CyprusFlightPass, plus a test (for travelers 12 and over) and a laboratory certificate confirming negative PCR for COVID-19 within 72 hours prior to their flight to Cyprus, Travelers coming from Category B countries must complete the paperwork mentioned above.

Cypriot national and their family members, legal residents, those permitted to enter under the Vienna Convention, those with special government approval, and travelers from countries unable to give testing may choose (at their own expense) to get tested upon entering the country. Until the results are done, they must self-isolate and remain in mandatory quarantine if the test is positive.

All the remaining countries not listed in Category A and B are included in Category C. Only Cypriot citizens and members of their families, legal residents, persons permitted to enter under the Vienna Convention, and persons with special government approval may enter from these countries. To receive the CyprusFlightPass, plus a test and laboratory Certificate of evidence of COVID-19 negative PCR within 72 hours before their flight to Cyprus, they must complete the above paperwork. Upon entering the country, they may want to get checked, and the same rules outlined above apply.

Please note that travelers from countries of Category A who have stayed overnight in countries of Category B or C for the last 14 days prior to flying to Cyprus are deemed to be travelers of Category B or C and are required to comply with the requirements of Category B or C. The same applies to travelers from Category B countries who have spent the last 14 days staying overnight in a Category C country prior to their flight to Cyprus.

In the north of Cyprus, the administration now also requires residents and foreign nationals who hold citizenship, job, or student permits to enter A negative PCR test result of COVID-19 (dated between three and five days prior to the date of the flight) will be needed by travelers upon arrival. They will then be expected to be segregated for 7 days at home, provided that during this time, you will not see anyone or host guests. In the absence of compliance with the laws of self-isolation, mandatory quarantine can result in facilities being allocated by the authorities. If, on arrival in Cyprus, other passengers on the flight subsequently test positive, additional quarantine/self-isolation steps could be extended to passengers.

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