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A Complete Guide on Chinese visa Photo Requirements

2 months


Many travelers to China must obtain a Chinese tourist visa or business purposes. You should be aware that most people who wish to travel to China must apply for a prior visa at their home countries nearest Chinese embassy. You need to acquire an L visa for tourism, and you need an M visa for business purposes. L visa for short, allowing them to travel freely as visitors to most parts of China if they are not eligible under China’s visa-free policies. The primary application documents are passports, application forms, and documents showing the itinerary or a letter of invitation from China. China’s business visa or commercial visa, short M visa, is given to foreigners who come for industry and industrial activities, such as visiting trade fairs, visiting consumers and manufacturers, dealing with buyers, and signing contracts.

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Which documents do I need for a visa to China?


Your passport with a validity of at least six months and available blank pages, and a photocopy of your passport’s data page.

Type of application: 

One China Visa Application Form was completed correctly. If not necessary, please fill in each column of the application form, use “N / A.” If the form is not completed in a fair, complete, and legible manner, the application may be delayed in processing or refusal. 

 Invitation letter:

Records are showing the itinerary, including proof of booking of round trip tickets and proof of booking of hotels. 

If you are invited to China, you can send a letter of invitation provided by the investor, whether an organization or a person, with the following details:

  • Information containing full name of applicant, gender, and date of birth. 
  • Information regarding the planned visit, including dates of arrival and departure, place(s) of the visit. 
  • Inviter information: including name, contact number, address, official stamp, and signature of the entity’s legal representative or the inviting person.
  • For business purposes, a Letter of invitation issued by a business partner or Chinese company. Letter of confirmation or Invitation letter issued by Chinese institutes duly authorized. 

Round-trip Tickets and Hotel Bookings for Tourist:

Reports are showing the itinerary like evidence of booking of round trip tickets and evidence of booking a hotel.

Chinese visa Photo Requirements:

General Information about Chinese visa Photo Requirements:

  • Dimensions: Digital photography will range from 354 pixels (width) to 472 pixels (height), 420 pixels (width) to 560 pixels (height). The paper should be 33 mm (width) and 48 mm (height), respectively.
  • Colour Space: Real colour RGB 24bit.
  • Image Compressions: JPEG file size: 40 KB to 120 KB.
  • Facial Requirements: The candidate should display the frontal look to the camera with unobstructed visibility of the whole head and face. The facial expression will be neutral, with open eyes, closed mouth, and clear ears. The facial features shouldn’t be blurred. No object such as a hand or toy or other individuals should be noticeable in the picture. Eye-glasses are allowed in the photo only if the lenses are not tinted, and there is no glare, shadows, or frames that obscure the eyes. The head position should be less than or equal to 20 “for the left or right tilting (yaw and roll) and less than or equal to 25” for the up or down tilting (pitch).
  • Head-Coverings: Hats or head covers are permitted, only if they are used for religious faiths and do not covered any facial features.
  • Photo Quality: No damage or impurities should be present on the frame; no background light or shadow over the image. No level should be above or under. The face in the photo should be focused on all the clearly identifiable features and the natural skin tone. The distance between the eyes will be no more than 60 pixels.
  • Orientation to Digital Photograph and Head size: For example, for a 354-pixel large to 472 pixel high digital photograph, the head must be horizontal centered at 205 pixels plus or minus 14 pixels in the image with a face width. The space from the top edge of the image to the head crown should be between 10-70 pixels. The vertical distance from the base-edge of the image in the middle of the eyes to the horizontal line should be greater than 256 pixels. For special situations, the voluminous hair may be cut off to ensure the face size when the hair is too long.
  • Head Height and Guidance for Paper Image: The head width must be between 15 mm & 22 mm, and the head height should be between 28 mm & 33 mm, measured from the base of the chin to the head crown. The space between the photo’s crown and upper edge should be between 3 mm to 5 mm. The photo’s space between the chin and the bottom edge should be greater than or equal to 7 mm.
  • Background and Borders: The photo’s background should be white or close to white, with no borders around the image’s edge.
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 Additional Information about Chinese visa Photo Requirements:

  • Do not wear glasses. 
  • Do not wear any jewelry. Jewelry of some sort is not evident in the shot. 
  • The photo should have been taken in the current six months. 
  • Pay close attention to the picture size specified above. 
  • The picture size (size of the actual headshot within the photo) is incredibly important, and sometimes the hardest to fulfill. The total size of passport-style images taken in 2×2 inches that do not meet the scaling criteria this will not be a problem as click2visas will cut the picture down to the size you need. Ask the photographer to pay careful attention to the image size in the Guide to Image Requirements. In order to approve the image for your visa application, the total image size must be appropriate for the Chinese Visa office. This highly advises you to take the guide to the photo-shop with you to show it to the photographer. If the photo does not meet their requirements, the Chinese visa issuance may get delayed.
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