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What are the cheapest countries in South America?

4 months


Based on the experience of past travelers and with reference to a Backpacker Index or Travel Cost Index, the least expensive countries to travel in South America are Colombia (24.65 USD), Bolivia (27.38), Argentina (36.55 USD), and Ecuador (42.31 USD) in contrast, the most expensive countries in South America are Chile (92.97 USD), Uruguay (59.32 USD), Brazil (53.54 USD) and Peru (43.27 USD).

Cave in toltre near the butesti village, moldova

South American cities have a unique beauty, charm, and elegance which everyone wants to explore. There are exciting adventures and excursions on countless. Various activities are available for all age groups, and the activities include rafting, hiking, zip-lining, learning to speak Spanish, cook, and surf, walking tours, and cruises. In South America, though the climate may vary from one region to another, the tropical temperature prevails all over this continent. If we are looking for sun along with glacier hiking (or) tropical birds, we can find all these in South America; also, it is rich in diversity. It has a deep-rooted culture that is stemming from hundreds of years of tradition and history. Every country in South America is diverse in culture, food, heritage, tradition, geography, and climate, and the entire continent is worth exploring for its uniqueness. From Argentine Gaucho to Andean Shaman, we are undoubtedly experiencing full cultural immersion anywhere we visit in South America. Restaurants and hotels are more than accommodating, and there is nothing like South American cuisine. From the native population’s influence, we will find ourselves feasting on rich, luscious tropical fruits and flavorful dishes from nations like Italy, Germany, Spain, and Africa. We will be accompanying our meals with some of the world’s top vineyards. Also, we can experience the unique beverages of these countries.  

Mimi castle winery in anenii, moldova

Cheapest countries in South America:

When one is looking for a fantastic continent to travel on a budget, South America could choose. But not every country in South America is cheap. The minimum expensive countries also attract a mass number of budgeted travelers are Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Colombia. Though Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay are relatively more expensive, which sometimes approaching Western prices. A thing to keep in mind, if we are traveling across South America, is that we probably need about USD 1000 a month, and it mostly depends on which countries we will spend most of our time. If we decide to stay at a guesthouse, hostel, or small independent hotel, we need to pay double to sleep in dorm beds. One of the costliest locations in Colombia is the historical colonial and beautiful city of Cartagena since it is the country’s tourist attraction spot. There are also cities like Medellin, Bogota, and especially the countryside, that is most affordable. There is a relatively low cost of living in Ecuador. Though it is exciting and astonishingly diverse, it is relatively compact and a small country, which reduces our need for spending long-distance transportation the way we will in neighboring countries. If we are looking for the lowest price for accommodation, drink, and food, Bolivia will be the right choice. A very affordable place with lots of high-value food and accommodation in Peru, which every backpacker wants to visit. However, the expenses are slightly higher when we choose to visit Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu. In Argentina, the country can be inexpensive or expensive, depending on when and how to change our money. Buenos Aires is a costly city, whereas outer cities like Mendoza and Salta are cheaper. The distance between Argentina and Chile is a huge and long bus ride is quite common, so we need to make the bus travel to fit into our budget. If we are on a tight budget, we could cook on our own, rather than preferring outside food in Chile. If we are looking for tiny budget travel, then Easter Island should not be our preference. Brazil is a contrast country due to its presence of the poor living conditions in Favela to the high-rise offices of Rio. One of the peaks of social inequality prevails on the planet is here. The costs in Brazil are close to western, so we need to budget accordingly. From the above, we can find the cheapest countries in South America and plan our trip today.

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