Is it mandatory to change name on passport after marriage?

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Traveling internationally requires a valid passport and a visa without any errors. Have you changed your name recently?  Was it because of your recent marriage, divorce, or maybe it’s even only for personal reasons. It is an intelligent thought to refresh all your documents like driver’s permit, Social Security card, Credit cards, and financial accounts.

You might wonder if you need to update your Passport also after a name change. U.S citizens who change their names may travel using a U.S passport issued in their prior name. But you need to give proof of the name change each time. The destination country may require different documents this outcome in dismissal, delays, and disappointment for passport holders in their travels.

Department of state form ds60 affidavit regarding a change of name

Do not fail to remember that you should change the name in your American Passport for hassle-free travel. It is vital to change the name in your Passport if it has any typographical mistakes. The passport will be considered invalid for use if there is a contention of accuracy.

So as conclusive, it is essential to change the name in the Passport. Don’t delay any more; apply for your passport name change straightaway. Burst your stress! Applying for a passport name change is a simple process with Click2visas.

How to change name on Passport?

Now that you clearly understand why the name change is essential in the Passport, we’ll crisply cover how to do the name change legally in this section. It is uncomplicated and straightforward, but you need to follow specific rules. The process is based on the situation under which you’re applying for a name change on your Passport. There are three potential situations. Based on the one you’re in, you can present the proper and appropriate documents.

  • If your name change is less than one year after the issuance of passport – If you wish to revise your name on your Passport within one year of issuance, you need to submit Form DS-5504, application for the Passport Corrections and name change. It usually is a two-page form with 4 instructions pages covering all that you require to know while filling up the form. Please remember that you must send Form DS-5504 and supporting documents via USPS only. There is no fee for this unless you need an expedited service.
  • If your name changes more than one year after passport issuing- If your Passport was issued more than 1 year, you need to submit the Form DS-82, Application for Passport Renewal, by mail with supporting documents. Please note that you must send Form DS-82 and supporting documents via USPS only.
  • If you don’t have evidence for your name change -Changing a name on a passport without documents is still possible. However, it requires an in-person visit to an acceptance facility or passport agency. People who can’t give evidence for a name change with a court request, divorce papers, or marriage certificate need to fill out a form DS-11 with supporting documents.

It is a good idea that if you have no plans to travel right after you change your name, please wait until you have your new Passport in possession with a name change before preparing for a recent trip.

Renew Passport by mail

If your Passport was delivered more than one year ago, you need to feel free to renew your Passport for your name change. Begin filling out passport renewal Form DS-82. You need to send it to the address mentioned on the form, alongside the enclosed documents:

  • Your undamaged current US passport.
  • One latest passport photo.
  • Evidence for a name change, such as marriage certificate and court order.

The renewal fee is $110, and if you choose expedited service, you need to pay an extra $60. You can check out our Passport Renewal fee blog for complete details. If you wish to know how to apply with form DS-82, you can check the Click2visas site for further information.

If your photo is not printed correctly in your Passport and you want to replace the picture, you may use Form DS-82 for that purpose too.

Why do you renew your Passport with Click2visas?

When applying for passport renewal by yourself, you may encounter errors, and the passport portal might not accept some data. You need to fill every field, and a small unnoticeable mistake can lead to passport rejection. Millions of passport renewal requests are waiting after post-pandemic, so you cannot afford long delays or refusal.

Click2visas has a online form of DS-82, and we can fill the form with 100% accuracy . We will guide you throughout the process. The best thing we do for our customers is implementing the latest technology to create a friendly user experience. Our team is best at problem solving, innovating, and collectively coming up with online tools that give our customers the best service. If you want to save your time and skip the hassles, Click2visas is a wise choice.

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