3 steps to simplify Nigerian passport renewal in New York

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2 years

New York City never fails to attract most Nigerian immigrants like you. The city always gives you a better life. Is being in New York very hectic for you, especially after the pandemic? What about a trip that clears all your stress? What about London? An all-time favorite destination. Maybe you love to visit your home country Nigeria to meet your family.

Everything is possible if you draft careful plans. It would be best if you have a valid passport to make your dreams come true. The covid pandemic caused very unpredictable changes. One of them is travel bans. Thankfully, vaccinations rolled out. Many countries are allowing vaccinated travelers, and travel bans are slowly lifting everywhere.

Immunity passport with covid test on the national flag of nigeria

During this transitional period, many essential things occupy us. Checking the passport expiration date might be less important to you. Take a close look and see how many months it is valid, or is it already expired?

Nigeria immigration service strongly recommends renewing your passport before 6 months of the expiration date. Now, Nigerian passport renewal can be done online. You can apply for a standard e-Passport with five-year validity. Nigeria immigration will very soon introduce a 10-year validity passport. Yass!

To bring in to your knowledge, there is a considerable amount of passport application requests in the New York consulate because of Covid. A small mistake in your application can lead to the rejection of your application. Click2Visas will guide your Nigerian embassy passport renewal New York with the following latest details and help you get your new Nigerian passport very quickly. Please go through below to understand the complete procedure.

How much is the Nigerian passport renewal fee for adults now?

The age group of 18-59 is considered as adults. The passport renewal fee depends on the passport booklet type you choose. If you are a frequent traveler, the best option is 64 pages passport booklet. Else, you can choose the 32 pages passport booklet.

Passport Booklet Type Government Fee
32 Pages $106.00
64 Pages $137.00

Helpful steps to apply for Nigerian passport renewal in New York

The entire e-Passport application is online, and your payment method can be USPS money order, Visa, or American Express cards. The complete process of both online application and payment method procedures is tiresome, and you have to go through several new steps. Click2Visas introduces the following helpful steps to make the passport process much more manageable.

Click2Visas do the following for you:

  • Step 1: – We have introduced the customized form of passport renewal, where you need to enter your basic details and upload your current passport. Based on that, we take care of the entire passport form filling process.
  • Step 2: – Another challenging part is payment. Instead of worrying about which method to use, you can pay the government fee + our service charge together to us through any card. We choose the suitable payment method on behalf of you and complete the payment part.
  • Step 3: – Once the form filling and payment part is over, we will send the completed form, acknowledgment slip, payment confirmation slip to your door after few days through email.

Topmost things you have to remember:

  • The payment confirmation slip has the interview date. On the specified date, visit in person to Consulate of Nigeria, 828 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10017, and submit the documents mentioned in the following document section.
  • There is a mandatory biometric capture at the Consulate for each person.
  • The interview time is between 9 AM-11 AM, Monday-Friday. If your interview date falls on a holiday, you can go on the next working day.
  • Please also note that apart from the passport renewal fee and our service fee, you need to pay an administrative charge of $30 additionally for passport processing which is effective from 15thJan 2021. You can make this payment with a debit, credit card, or post office money order at the Consulate.
  • Also, the Consulate has introduced a voluntary $100 fee for Expedited Biometric Capture for applicants who want to come in earlier than their appointed dates.
  • If you want to amend any details in your Nigerian passport, you must go through the same process explained above.
  • Consulate Jurisdiction – If you live in the states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Ohio, Indiana, Connecticut, Illinois, Rhode Island, Iowa, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Delaware, then only, you fall under the New York consulate jurisdiction.

After Submission:

  • The passport application process time is 4-6 weeks approximately.
  • Check the Consulate website (http://www.nigeriahouse.com/) and see the list of processed passport applicant names. You can check the list, and if your name is there, you need to send a Self-addressed prepaid overnight express envelope with tracking. Enclose a copy of the pick-up slip so that the New York consulate mail your passport back to your address.

What are the latest documents for Nigerian passport renewal now?

  1. Passport Photo – There is no need to take photographs. The Consulate will take your photo on your interview date.
  2. Online Application form – We would already send this via your given email. You need to print that and sign it and add the date without fail. Please take 2 copies.
  3. Acknowledgment Slip – This is the acknowledgment that you have applied for passport renewal.
  4. Payment Confirmation Slip–This is where you can see the interview date. Hence, this is a vital document.
  5. Current Nigerian Passport – You need to carry your present Nigerian passport. If you don’t show this, then the Consulate considers it as a lost passport. You need to give additional documents then.
  6. Passport Data Page – Copies of your passport data page which should clearly show your photograph, full name, and date of birth.
  7. Amendment Documents – If you want to amend anything in your Nigerian passport, you need to submit the legal documents for that in addition to above said documents. For example, if it is a name change, you can submit your legal marriage certificate.

Think Click2Visas better assistance for your Nigerian passport renewal

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what are the passport services you can avail with Click2visas?

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