About Us: Click2Visas, a Visa Company

We couple technology expertise with our domain knowledge to make your travel easy

Our Story

Ours is a journey of two genuine service-oriented souls who had more than 4 decades of experience in handling the visa process in multiple embassies. The challenges encountered by their customers during the visa form-filing process and the high rejection rate of visas led them to look for service providers who will assist them in providing the document requirements for a visa, form filling and appointment scheduling. They searched about visa companies and they realized there is no such global provider to serve an applicant who demands assistance with acquiring a visa. Currently the market is flooded with domestic players in a few countries or non-availability of such service providers in others. They also felt that the fees collected by domestic players did not justify the service they were offering. Hence, they decided to offer a visa assistance service by the year 2015 at global level at 10X price advantage with the project code name as "Click 2 Visa". They are successful in onboarding global partners and offer the service using Click2Visas platform.

“A company is a group organized to create a product or service, and it is only as good as its people and how excited they are about creating”
– Elon Musk

Click2Visas was formed as a visa company to materialize their ever-expanding ideas and to creatively overcome challenges and risks related to travel. We believe our platform should be traveler-centric, technology driven, co-creative and create tangible as well as intangible value. Each and every member of our passionate and talented team represents the spirit of Click2Visas.

Our operations are backed by our strong principles::

Innovation that extends beyond traditional expectations and caters to the changing needs of the Travel ecosystem

Quality and efficiency in what we deliver

Progressive Technology and Communication to provide the new age experience

Radical transparency in operations and service fulfillment, creating an environment of trust and commitment

Support and alignment among all Stakeholders.

A person in a foreign country thanks to a visa company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer multiple products for global travelers who will be on tour or business for short term travel, and we extend our services to long-term visa assistance such as student, employment and dependent visa through various business channels in a cost effective way.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer visa assistance at $ 0 in near future without human intervention.


Madhan Gopalakrishnan, a founder of a visa company.

Madhan Gopalakrishnan

Founder Partner and CEO

Founder Partner and CEO of FULFILL Madhan Gopalakrishnan heads the company as a Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director for FULFILL Holding, FULFILL Business Solutions, JIZO Soft and associated brands. In his current position, Madhan directs corporate strategies, development and implementation of business plans and human capital in the best possible way. His in-depth business knowledge and strategy for expansion has steered the brand to be among the best in the industry. His key skills include maximizing productivity strategies, financial planning, strategic business planning & development, operations strategy, new products & initiatives, internal controls & business excellence and marketing. Madhan is a result-focused, effective leader with proven ability. He gives a lot of importance to employee satisfaction and standard of work.

Raghu Athimoolam, a founder of a visa company.

Raghu Athimoolam

Founder Partner and COO

Founder Partner and COO of FULFILL Raghu Athimoolam is the Chief Operating Officer for FULFILL Holding, FULFILL Business Solutions, JIZO Soft and associated brands. He employs his robust experience and visionary leadership skills to oversee the operations of FULFILL. With nearly 30 years of managerial experience, his qualifications are underscored by remarkable business achievements. He is currently responsible for implementing the project globally, identifying partnership opportunities and spearheading the development of the company’s services. The breadth of Raghu’s expertise extends to cover: enterprise resource planning, business process outsourcing, strategic planning, project implementation, information technology, business development and brand positioning among many other areas of proficiency.

Our Team

Our bright team of young and talented professionals are the driving force of FULFILL. With expertise ranging from professional services management, domain expertise in visa processing, information management, business analytics and more, the team is extremely passionate and proud of what we are building and even more excited about creating new ideas for the future.