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Ireland Changes its restrictions on travel, provides test-to-release option

Starting today, if they pass a COVID-19 PCR test conducted at least five days after their arrival, travelers to Ireland, regardless of their origin, would be permitted to leave quarantine early if they pass a COVID-19 PCR test. Previously, foreigners from high-risk regions were forced to limit their movements from their entry into Ireland for a full 14 days. As part of Ireland\'s continuing adaptation of its travel controls, the test-to-release clause is best compatible with the European Union (EU) \"\"traffic light\"\" framework for the control of international travel in the midst of a pandemic.

CDC warns to prevent travel to Mexico as airlines receive increased demand

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising Americans against all trips to Mexico as coronavirus cases continue to grow there, just as the beleaguered U.S. airline industry is beginning to see a spike in demand for flights south of the border. Carrier flights have increased their winter schedule, particularly to Mexico, which has been identified by the Airline for America (A4A) trading group as the \"\"clear leader\"\" of U.S.-International airline travel

Saint Lucia Declared the World\'s Leading Destination for Honeymoons

For the third consecutive year and for the twelfth time in total, Saint Lucia has once again been named the \"\"World\'s Leading Honeymoon Destination\"\" by the World Travel Awards. Saint Lucia was also nominated in three other categories and won the World\'s Leading Honeymoon Destination: World\'s Leading Island Destination, World\'s Leading Wedding Destination, and World\'s Most Romantic Destination 2020.

Tourism in Las Vegas Still Sluggish as Christmas, The Loom of New Year

As the holidays of Christmas and New Year loom in less than a month, tourists to Las Vegas come at a snail\'s pace, leading some officials to say that the city needs to diversify, even with the possibility of coronavirus vaccinations pending, beyond just tourism. In October, some 1.9 million tourists visited Las Vegas, an improvement from the number of visitors in September, but only barely half of the 3.7 million who came to Sin City in October 2019.

Quarantine, Iceland to allow those who have had COVID-19 to bypass testing

Iceland is on the verge of becoming more accessible to foreign travelers. Visitors entering Iceland who can provide evidence of previous COVID-19 infection and recovery will be exempted from the country\'s compulsory 14-day quarantine and screening criteria beginning December 10. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland told CNN, however that officials will only consider \"\"reported laboratory findings within the European Economic Area/European Free Trade Association or confirmation from the chief epidemiologist in Iceland.

US Tightens Service Animals Laws for Air Travel

The U.S. Department of Transportation has restricted the types of animals that qualify as service animals. According to the Associated Press, it released a final regulation governing animals on airlines. The new law seeks to resolve conflicts between airlines and travelers who carry pets on board for free with emotional support. Passengers who brought all manner of animals on board, including cats, turtles, pot-bellied pigs and in one instance, a peacock for free, repeatedly violated the previous rules because all that was required was a doctor\'s note.

Expansion of Belize Tourism Official Eyes Following Reopening

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, the resort base of Belize is expanding as the Caribbean nation seeks to re-ignite vital tourism activity while ensuring tourists and residents enjoy a healthy climate. By the end of 2021, four new properties will open, and the Naia Resort & Spa, Itz\'ana Resort & Residences and Ka\'ana Resort boutique properties have all been substantially improved. Furthermore, via American Airlines\' partnership with LetsGetChecked, an at-home PCR test for consumers planning to travel to the country, Belize travellers now have a COVID-19 testing option.

Reopening on sustainable travel focuses on Peru

Peru\'s most famous landmark became the second-most-searched Wonder of the World on Google after Machu Picchu\'s reopening on November 1, 2020. The archaeological park, as well as the city of Cusco and the Valley of the Sun, received the stamp of Safe Travels from the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru, Rocio Barrios, which is a sign of hope and economic recovery for the tourism industry of the region. On December 23, just in time for Chri, the award-winning Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel is also scheduled to reopen.

Restrictions on travel in Mexico: What visitors need to know to stay healthy

The CDC may warn Americans not to travel to Mexico, but it is true that COVID-fatigue is real, and many are still trying to get away and are not following the advice. Mexico offers an exciting opportunity for much-needed R&R in paradise, with airlines adding new routes, hotels reopening in time for the holidays and deals plentiful. It is also one of the few destinations available to Americans that do not need a COVID-19 negative test for entry at present.

Hawaii is tightening its travel laws, including negative COVID-19 checks before arrival

Anyone traveling to Hawaii, Gov. David Ige announced Thursday, will be expected to have a negative COVID-19 test result before their departure for the state, with the new law going into effect two days before Thanksgiving. Until now, travelers using a pre-travel testing service traveling to the islands have been able to arrive and then submit their negative test results to a state database, enabling them to skip two weeks of quarantine.

Discover Puerto Rico begins Small Business Commerce Site

Discover Puerto Rico and e-commerce platform Puerto Rico brands are collaborating with a personalized website to help small businesses on the island where travelers can buy authentic Puerto Rican goods sold through small businesses. Launched on November 28 in advance of Small Business Saturday, the site features handmade crafts, local food products, art, and other pieces that reflect the African, Spanish, and Taino heritage and cultures of Puerto Rico.

Belize Provides COVID-19 Test Option

A new COVID-19 test service for travel to the country is now available for travelers to Belize. American Airlines is expanding its collaboration with LetsGetChecked, an at-home testing option, to provide customers traveling to the country with PCR testing. American currently operates flights between Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport in Belize and Miami International Airport. American Airlines will increase flight frequencies from Charlotte and Dallas/Fort Worth international airports to Belize starting next month.

In discussions with Thailand to reduce the length of quarantine for travelers

Yesterday, prospective travelers to Thailand were given promising news as it emerged that the nation was considering a possible reduction in the number of quarantine days needed upon entry. The existing quarantine rules of Thailand have proved to be a prohibitive factor for those who want to visit the Land of Smiles because of both their length and the costs incurred, a mandatory period of 14 days upon arrival at a government-designated hotel.

New travel advisory issued by California, Oregon, and Washington

Travel alerts have been given by the states of California, Washington, and Oregon to avoid all non-essential travel and to call for 14-day quarantines for individuals entering the state as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase. Residents are advised not to leave the country and avoid all non-essential travel out of the state. They are all advised to self-isolate for 14 days to monitor the spread of COVID-19 by those returning home from outside the state or nation and incoming travelers.

The 20 Caribbean Nations\' New Traveler Protocols

COVID-19 protocols continue to be revised by travel destinations across the Caribbean region as more nations re-open to tourists amid rises in infection rates in U.S. populations. These tourism-reliant countries take comprehensive precautions, from implementing rigid protocols to new travel insurance policies that provide an extra layer of protection, to safeguard the health of travelers and their own residents and tourism staff.

Chile Launches a Tourism Reopening Proposal on 23 November

With the guidance of the government\'s Step-by-Step Open Borders Programme, Chile is all set to reopen to international tourism on November 23. The phased reopening would focus on staging, protection, and traceability. Initially, the only point of entry would be the Arturo Merino Benitez Airport in Santiago, with flights resuming this winter from several major U.S. cities. There will be a range of conditions for travelers to receive permitted entry to Chile, including completion of the \"Traveler\'s Sworn Statement\" form up to 48 hours before boarding their flight, in order to provide officials with sufficient contact details and health and travel records.

Belgium Grants St. Nicholas a Travel Exemption

Children around the world are probably wondering in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, with its associated lockdowns and travel restrictions and gathering size rules: How can Santa Claus deliver all those gifts? This is particularly true in Belgium, where St. Nicholas is the children\'s patron saint and where the Sinterklaas legend started. In fact, there is also a city in the European country named Sint-Niklaas that celebrates its Christmas on Dec. 6 along with all of Belgium.

20 nations that Americans will fly to this winter

Although it may not feel like the world is open to travel, this winter, there are literally hundreds of global destinations ready to host Americans. In certain instances, to gain entry, travelers would need to complete a health form and show evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result, but criteria differ depending on the region. Here are 20 locations that are officially open to U.S. residents. Antigua&Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Croatia, Dominican Republic, UAE, Egypt, French Polynesia, Jamaica, Maldives, Mexico, Panama, St Barts, St Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Turkey.

Aruba Teams For Pre-departure COVID-19 Testing With JetBlue

Aruba is working with JetBlue Airways to set up incoming air visitors\' pre-flight PCR testing. The airline\'s program with the southern Caribbean nation is part of an effort to \"\"deal with destination regions with easy testing to encourage safer travel,\"\" officials said in a statement. Through its medical affiliate, Vault Health, the airline offers monitored, at-home testing, said airline officials. The tests provide convenience, fast turnaround and precision\"\" to Aruba travelers for all tests performed by the partnering laboratory of Vault.

Barbados Partners With Pre-departure Medical Company COVID-19 Test

The government of Barbados is collaborating with a Virginia-based medical services company to provide an end-to-end COVID-19 testing process designed to allow travelers to provide accepted test results within the three-day entry window that the country needs. Richmond\'s Stage Zero Life Sciences is offering a dedicated website from which Barbados travelers can order a COVID-19 test kit at home, Barbados government officials said during a digitally transmitted press conference on Friday.

Switzerland Tourism\'s way to Switzerland Show Offers Up Important Information

On Monday, Switzerland Tourism hosted a \'Way to Switzerland\' virtual conference for agents and the media, with loads of great information about one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. For non-essential travel purposes, Canadians are not permitted to visit now, but when the country is open to tourists, they can find a remarkable destination with nature all around them, incredible food, culture, and a community that promotes good health and safety practices.

COVID-19 Affecting Travel Arrangements for American Thanksgiving

A recent survey found that during the Thanksgiving holiday travel season, about 75% of Americans would drive to their destination. Nearly half of respondents said they would fly for Thanksgiving, according to\'s Thanksgiving Travel Survey, but 54 percent reported their plans had been affected by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The data also shows 47 percent of Americans still intend to fly for Thanksgiving, a drop from the 68 percent who said they were hitting the road in 2019.

Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii Calling for COVID-19 Rules Changes

The Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii is trying to help stop the spread of coronavirus by working to pass a mandatory mask-wearing law with lawmakers and to update the testing program of the state. Lt. Gov. Josh Green, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, said the statistics from the Department of Health showed that if at least 95 percent of people wearing masks, it would avoid the spread of infections. By engaging in a pre-travel COVID-19 testing program, visitors to Hawaii will circumvent the state\'s 14-day quarantine order, which has been extended to November 30.

UK to shorten quarantine with monitoring to 7 days

For the new 14-day quarantine policy of the United Kingdom, major changes are being prepared, which could soon be reduced to only 7 days, along with PCR checking. The government is expected to accept the Travel Task Force\'s proposal that will cut the UK\'s quarantine for arrivals outside the travel corridor from 14 days to just 7, despite just having the highest daily case number ever recorded in the UK.

Chile to reopen the tourism border in December

Chile, one of the last places to reopen in the Western Hemisphere, is finally allowing tourism to return on November 23, after more than eight months of closure. This week the Ministry of Health made the announcement announcing Chile\'s official reopening of its borders at the end of November. The rumoured date was within the first week of December after the initial publication of this post, but now the reopening date has been confirmed as 23 November.

Atal Tunnel to take tourism in Himachal to new heights

Governor Bandaru Dattatreya said the Atal Tunnel would take tourism to new heights in the Rohtang area. On the second day of his two-day visit to the districts of Kullu and Lahaul-Spiti, Dattatreya reached the Atal Tunnel. The Governor engaged in skiing near the north portal of the Sissu Atal Tunnel in Lahaul Spiti Tribal District. The Governor claimed that this tunnel\'s engineering was supreme. At a length of more than 10,000 feet, it is the longest tunnel in the world.

New flights from Cancun & Puerto Vallarta are provided by Air Canada Vacations

Air Canada Vacations has expanded its flight services once again, including new non-stop flights from Calgary to Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. The change comes as no surprise as the Canadian government announced reduced quarantines at the Calgary International Airport instead of COVID-19 testing beginning on November 2nd. Last month, 17 additional non-stop flights to the Caribbean and Mexico from Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver was added.

Bonaire reopens for tourist activities: all conditions for Covid-19 entry

Bonaire, a stunning southern Caribbean island, has now been reopened for tourism. Known for its coral reefs, fishing, spectacular nature reserves, and one of the world\'s top sustainable tourism destinations, Bonaire is an idyllic paradise, especially for those who want to escape the winter. The island has now reopened and invites visitors back to its shores, while Bonaire has been a little more cautious than some other nations in the Caribbean

How Jamaica in the COVID-19 Period Draws Tourists

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, Jamaica\'s government has revived tourism activity through a science-based strategy that involves stringent protocols and an innovative resilient corridors system that gives tourists access to 80% of Jamaica\'s tourism attractions, officials said Tuesday. The strategy seems to pay dividends. We already see encouraging signs that buoyancy is returning to the [tourism] industry, said Jamaica\'s tourism minister, Edmund Bartlett.

Announced! New direct flights to Cancun from U.S. and Canada

New direct flights from the U.S. and Canada to Cancun have been confirmed as the city continues to dominate North American tourism. It seems that Cancun manages to defy the odds, although much of the world\'s tourism industry continues to fail. The tropical destination tourism industry continues to recover to the point that news of more flights, higher passenger numbers, and expanded hotel capacity is being published almost every other week.

First Cruise Line Formally Resumes Caribbean Operations

After the global shutdown of cruises back in March, the first cruise line to sail in the Caribbean has officially resumed operations. On Saturday, November 7th, the SeaDream 1 officially sailed from Barbados for a seven-day cruise with port stops in Grenada and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. SeaDream Yacht Club is the very first cruise line onboard the SeaDream 1. to set sail in the Caribbean. The cruise line specializes in cruising with specialized and intimate sailings on small ships.

Travel advisory for Peru drops to level 4 by United States

On November 9, 2020, the United States government revised the reduced advisory level stating that due to COVID-19, travellers should \\\'reconsider flying\\\' to Peru. The warning went on to stress that because of crime and extremism, travellers should exercise enhanced caution in Peru. For travellers wanting to go to Peru after the country reopened its borders for American travellers on November 1, the timing of the announcement works well.

Visiting Columbia during the Covid-19 Pandemic

There are strict alerts from the US government and CDC that will warn you not to go to Mexico during the pandemic. The CDC listed Columbia in Level 3 and advised visitors to void visiting Mexico for non-essential visits. Some regions are still at Level 4 - \'do not travel\' advisory, which are Colima state, Guerrero state, Michoacán state, Sinaloa state, Tamaulipas state due to high risk of crime. With no mandatory tests and quarantine on arrival, All visitors are now showing interest in the destination.

Columbia lifts PCR test requirements for visitors

The government of Colombia has lifted the PCR testing requirement for entering the country effective 4 November. Previously all visitors have to bring the PCR test result taken within 92 hours of the travel. The new announcement makes the entry procedure much easier. On 30 October US state department reduces Level 4 - \'don not travel\' travel advisory to Level 3 - \'reconsider travel\'. The country lifts the test requirement and now expecting more visitors during this winter.

Latest Covid-19 criteria for visiting Thailand

Thailand has been able to contain the virus within its own borders. The pandemic has shaken Thailand\'s tourist industry. Now Thailand Plans to reopen the borders for visitors. Visitors from all the countries can apply for a TR visa for tourist purposes for 60 days. All visitors must bring negative tested Covid-19 results within 72 hours and must undergo the second PCR test on arrival. All visitors must be quarantined for 14 days at Alternative State Quarantine approved places.

Hawaii updates new interstate COVID travel requirements

The visitors plan to enter Hawaii must bring the Covid-19 negative tested certificate taken within 72 hours of their arrival in Hawaii. All test results must be NAAT (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test) conducted by the approved partners of the Hawaii department of health. An online health questionnaire comprising the test results and \'Safe Travels Form\' must be submitted to the state within 24 hours of departure. While arriving at Big Island, all visitors must undergo a rapid test.

WTTC\'s five safe countries to travels

WTTC Travels stamp aims to rebuild the public trust that applies to all destinations around the world that retain a globally standardized set of health and safety protocols from the COVID period. The new international destinations to embrace the global safety and hygiene stamp of the World Travel & Tourism Council are Argentina, Colombia, Iceland, Kazakhstan, and Turks and Caicos. The stamp ensures travelers to know the countries have implemented standardized global health and hygiene guidelines.

Greece plans to enforce the lockout on 7 November

The Prime minister of Greece announces the lockdown due to the current spike in Covid-19 cases, which will be implemented from 7 November till the end of November. Anyone leaving the house for necessary items, getting young kids to kindergarten, or even exercising outside would need a permission slip of sorts. People should SMS to authorities before leaving home. Childcare and Elementary schools will be open, but high schools remain closed. Outdoors, Mask is mandatory even alone. Tourism attractions remain closed

Peru is reopening the gates to United States travelers

In March 2020, Peru shut its doors to visitors as the pandemic spread across Latin America. Now Peru is well prepared to reopen for international visitors. Visitors from the USA have to bring the negative tested covid-19 result taken within 72 hours of departure. Travelers are expected to arrive on non-stop flights to Lima from any airport in the USA. The government plans to reopen Maci Pichu with 25 percent visitors\' capacity.

St. Kitts and Nevis announced a revised travel policy for Covid-19

The tropical beach destination was shutdown for tourism due to the Pandemic. Now it is slowly starting to resume international tourism. The following nations can visit St. Kitts and Nevis: the CARICOM Member States, US, Canada, UK, Europe, Africa, and South America. All travelers must get Travel Authorization before their visit. All visitors must upload negative tested Covid-19 PCR taken within 72 hours of their travel. All travelers must be quarantined for seven days in the hotel.

American Airlines provides at home Covid-19 tests

American Airlines came up with the initiative to provide the covid-19 test to their passenger at home. The travelers from the USA planning to visit Belize, Grenada, and Saint Lucia can avail of this pre-test at their home as all these destinations demand the visitors to bring the Covid-19 test result 3 to 7 days before the departure. American Airlines has collaborated with LetsGetChecked, an organization that performs directly to the consumer at home wellness checks and observations.

Cruise lines suspend US sailing till the end of 2020

CDC of the United States dropped no sail order from 30 October. In exchange for the new conditional sail certificate to be applied by the cruise operators. Now all cruise line cancels the sailing for the rest of 2020 to the US. It is mainly because the processing period for the conditional sail certificate will be at least 60 days. This indicates if the cruise ships commence the process immediately. It will take at least the starting of 2021 for them to obtain a new conditional sail certificate and resume services.

ArriveCan - Canada implementing new rules to enter

Canada plans to implement the new regulations for all the visitors entering, including Canadians returning home and foreigners visiting Canada from 21st November. Before entry, all visitors need to fill out the ArriveCan App. The app is designed to track the health condition of the passenger and the quarantine plan. The App will be mandatory from 21st November. Failure to do so leads to a warning or even a massive fine. All the details of the passengers need to be enrolled before the departure of the flight to Canada

England is headed to the Month-Long Lockdown in November

In recent days the UK struggles to control the Covid-19. Minimum 20000 new cases reported each day of the last week. With the highest death rate in Europe. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that England would be locked up from 5 November to 2 December. Residents are advised to leave homes for the essential work only. General services in bars and restaurants will be closed, But can still avail of the takeaway services. Educational institutions will remain open.

New requirements for Americans to visit New York

New York has introduced new Covid-19 test requirements for American visitors seeking to escape the quarantine for 14 days early. The new policy is only for traveling within the country. All travelers need to fill the travel health form, must bring negative tested covid-19 results obtained within 72 hours, three days mandatory quarantine, need to take another test on day four. Travelers will be sent for 14 days of quarantine when they do not meet the above requirements.

The USA lowers level 4 warning for Columbia

The USA state department announces the new travel advisory for international travelers. The department has lowered its Level 4 - Do not travel advisory to Colombia to Level 3 - Reconsider travel. The level 4 advisory was issued back on 6th August. The new level 3 advisory implements from 30h October. The CDC advises not to visit the regions Arauca, Cauca, Chocó, Nariño, Norte de Santander. All visitors should fill Check Mig form within 24 hours and 1 hour prior to departure.

Regulations for cruise ships returning to the USA

The CDC lifts no sail order on 30th October to resume the cruise operations for the USA. The new regulations will take place for the next 60 days to maintain safety during the travel. For cruise ships to start operating, they will have to be approved with the CDC\'s conditional sail certificate, Approval of the certificate will take 60 days. CDC limits the maximum sail day to seven days. All passengers must undergo the Covid-19 test while boarding and leaving the cruise.

Update from Canada on permitting cruise ships

The Government of Canada has confirmed that big cruise ships would not be permitted till at least the end of February 2021. The decision is made by the transport minister by considering the safety of the transportation workers of Canada. The Canadian government has now decided to continue the cruise ship ban till at least February 28, 2021, with more than 10 cruise ships have resumed operations. The ban begins in March 2020 and saw some updates till October 2020.

The British Virgin Island updates regulations to entry

The entry criteria were released by the British Virgin Island. The country reopens on December 1. The new regulations are designed to ensure the safety of the visitors and the residents of the island. The new regulation includes four Covid-19 tests. The first PCR pre-test should be taken before 48 hours of travel and present at the airport check-in counter. The second PCR test in the airport after arrival, third and fourth will be on the fourth and eighth day of quarantine.

The Bahamas declares revised criteria for travel

The Bahamas lowered its tourist regulations for new visa requests, launching new simplified entry protocols from Nov 1. The new regulation requires to bring negative RT-PCR test results for Covid-19 taken within five days before travel. All visitors must obtain a rapid antigen test on day five after the arrival. Visitors departing within the five days. No need to obtain a negative antigen test. From Nov 14, visitors should obtain mandatory Covid-19 health insurance while applying for a health travel visa.

Delhi airport was announced globally as the second safest airport for Covid-19 safety

Delhi\'s airport has just taken second place amongst the best airports throughout the globe in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. It preceded Singapore\'s Changi Airport, with only one point losing its first spot. Delhi airport scored 4.6, and Changi airport scored 4.7 out of 5. Delhi Airport is now the safest airport in India with numerous security measures taken to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Such interventions also include the introduction of the RT-PCR testing lab, the UV-based disinfection process.

Saudi Arabia will allow international pilgrims to access the country on 1 November

After closing in mid of March 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Saudi Arabia will permit global pilgrims to come into the country to perform Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Umrah. from 1 November, Sunday. All visitors must bring a PCR negative test certificate, which must be taken within 72 hours, and also must complete the three days of mandatory quarantine after arriving in Saudi Arabia. All the safety measures were implemented carefully to avoid the thread of the Second wave that the countries facing globally.

Goa casinos to be reopened on 1 November

Goa Casinos all set to resume operations from 1 November with half of its capacity. The decision took by the Government of the State on 28 October. The Casinos are the second biggest factor to attract tourimThe State Government plans to charge the license fee for casinos every month, early it was the yearly basis. All the rules to be implemented have been given to casinos, and SOPs have been distributed for cleaning and sanitation. Only a few days ago, news of the reopening of beach huts and the reinstatement of water activities in the state had also returned.

The United States is suspending Panama\'s Level 4 travel restrictions

The USA State Department releases a new travel advisory for the residents. In which, The US suspending Level 4 - do not travel to Level 3 - reconsider travel. Earlier this month, Panama officially announces the reopening of tourism to the Americans. Panama has reopened its air transportations. The two regions of Argentina Darien regions and Darién regions are still at Level 4 - do not travel list, due to the crime rate in those regions.

Argentina is reopening the border for five countries

Countries are start reopening the borders for global travelers, now Argentina takes the first move to reopen the borders. In the first phase, it allows visitors from five South American countries from 30 October. The Countries Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile are allowed to enter Argentina by Air or Sea. No quarantine is required for the visitors, who bring the negative tested Covid-19 results obtained within 72 hours of the departure. Wearing the mask is still mandatory.

Thailand is all prepared to resume tourism with the guidelines to be followed

In September, Thailand allows visitors from South East Asian countries with regulations. Now Thailand plans to welcome all international visitors with high cautious measures. Thailand introduced STV (Special Tourist Visa) on September 15, which can be used for a long stay up to 90 days in Thailand. Entry requirements are Proof of accommodation for all 90 days. on arrival 14 days mandatory quarantine, USD 100,000 medical insurance coverage, which includes Covid-19. The visa can be extended twice for 90 days.

Flights from India to Wuhan, China are all expected to resume service

The operation of the flight to resume from 30 October from Capital city Delhi to Wuhan, China. It would make it easier for all those Indians who have existing work visas to return to China and also bring back those who would like to return home. Adequate Overseas Citizenship of India cardholders and Indian nationals wishing to fly on these flights should register at the Consulates / Embassy according to jurisdictions by providing all the details they need.

Mandatory travel insurance for visitors to enter Jamaica

During the pandemic, Jamaica was a global pioneer in successfully reopening the country to tourists with their strategical plans. The next effective step government plans to implement in the mid of November. Jamaica Cares program, which will mandate the visitors to obtain travel insurance for all visitors. The cost of the insurance is expected nearby $50 for a person. All travelers must acquire insurance even they have other travel insurance coverage.

A list of European Countries now restricts Canada from entry

The EU nations start restricting Canadians to enter after receiving guidance from the European Union Council on 21 Oct. Here are the EU nations that banned Canadians to visit. The Czech Republic from 22 Oct, the Netherlands, Latvia, and Belgium from 24 Oct, Denmark and Greece from 25 Oct, Estonia from 26 Oct, Germany from 27 Oct, Portugal from 31 Oct. Countries removed Canada from the safe list before EU guidance Slovenia, Finland, Hungary. We advise checking the updated safe list of the country before the visit.

Winter destinations for Americans with no Covid-19 test requirement

Americans are all set to visit their favorite winter destinations. While some of the winter destinations of Americans demand to follow the Covid-19 travel regulations. Here are the countries that welcome Americans with no such. The Dominican Republic - randomly checking the breath test and also providing free Covid-19 insurance till the end of December. Mexico - allows with no quarantine and Pre Covid-19 test. Costa Rica - All U.S states tourists are allowed from November 1, no pre-Covid-19 test results

The list of European countries that allow Americans to visit

Although U.S. tourists have been shut out of several parts of Europe, select countries have been permitted Americans. Albania, Belarus, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Pre PCR test required taken within 48 hours of departure to visit Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pre PCR test and Online form required for Croatia, Kosovo, Pre PCR test was taken with 72 hours before travel for Montenegro, U.K (14 days quarantine). We recommend visitors to check the regulations to follow in the European country.

CDC warns the U.S. Cruise ship passengers to travel around the world

The alert was updated on 21 October, As the no-sail order is expected to expire in only a few days, the CDC has alerted all U.S. passengers regarding cruise ship travel globally. The level 3 warning specifies that the \"CDC recommends that certain cruise travel globally be postponed by passengers.\" The alert came at the last moment before the last CDC going to expire. In their alert, the CDC also stated that \"Cruise passengers are now at elevated risk of transmitting infectious diseases from person to person\"

Panama is all set to reopen the beaches from October

Panama will officially resume all of its beaches for tourism as of October 25, after becoming closed back in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Groups going to the beach would first be limited to a maximum of 7 people in a family bubble. Visitors were encouraged to stay and socialize only within their classes. Alcohol intake remains banned, food can be shared and consumed inside the family bubble itself. Family bubbles should maintain a minimum of 4-meter distance.

Canada is all ready for a rapid Covid-19 test starting November 2

To eliminate the 14 days quarantine for the visitors, Canada came up with a rapid Covid-19 test at Calgary International Airport initially. The pilot project is to be implemented soon in Edmonton Airport. It is mainly to avoid 14 days quarantine to those Canadian citizens returning to the country after the vacation. It will ease the procedure of screening visitors. Just Coutts Land Border and Calgary International Airport will get an initial pilot program.

No mandatory Covid-19 PCR tests to enter Costa Rica

From 26th October, Visitors need not bring the negative tested Covid-19 PCR results. The current requirement has required tourists to have evidence of a negative test result not more than 72 hours before entering the country. The Dominican Republic and Mexico are the countries that demand no pre-test to enter. Costa Rica also implements the same because most of the American and Canadian travelers found the procedure complex and looking at alternate destinations.

The Lord of the Rings shooting spot in New Zealand is re-opening for visitors after ten years

Deer Park Heights, the iconic film location in New Zealand, has been re-opened to visitors after about 11 years. The location belongs to a family. Now they decided to open the location for a tourist visit. The location was used as a deer farm for the past 11 years. To visit more family-oriented, they only allow vehicles with a maximum of seven seats. Busses and any other commercial vehicles are not allowed. No hiking and cycling is allowed.

First cruise ship tours of the UK after the Covid-19 pandemic begins

On October 19, the first cruise ship is going to port in the UK since the pandemic. SeaDream Yacht Club vessel - SeaDream 1 managed to pick up 19 travelers and sailed a transatlantic cruise to the Caribbean. The SeaDream 1 will become the first cruise to recommence services in the Caribbean after the pandemic. The first PCR test was conducted 72 hours before boarding, and the second swab test just before the boarding.

Travelers Covid-19 entry criteria to visit Columbia

Columbia enjoys the most number of tourists visits in the past five years, after Columbia\'s government takes action against the drug trade and other significant restrictions. Colombia\'s tourism became ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has since revived and is attracting tourists from all around the world. All passengers must apply online form Check-Mig between 24 hours to 1 hour of departure and bring negative tested PCR test results obtained within 96 hours before their departure.

Goa is resuming cruises and water sports

The state government of Goa has allowed water sports events and river cruises. Operators were, however, instructed to follow a bunch of regulations expressly set down by the government. Boats can be operated only with 50% of seat capacity with maintaining social distancing. Mandatory thermal screening, regular sanitizing of the equipment, providing hand sanitizers at the entry, plans to avoid overcrowding. Water sports allowed for visitors with no Covid-19 history in the past 28 days.

Quarantine free beach vacations for Americans

Many tropical destinations are welcoming the Americans with no mandatory quarantine after arrival. Here are the top five beach vacations for Americans. The white sand beaches of Mexico and The Dominican Republic requires no pre-test or quarantine for Americans. The tropical paradise of Bahamas, Super chill beaches of Costa Rica, Tropical warm weather beaches of Jamaica requires pre-tested covid-19 negative results for the Americans to enter

The European Union can eliminate Canada from the safe list

The recent surge in Canada cases has exacerbated its epidemiological condition to the extent that the European Union is considering axing it from the list. Currently, 11 nations are permitted to enter, including Canada. In July, the EU includes Canada as a safe nation because of the low infection rate. The EU believes that tightening the restriction will help in lowering the infection during this second wave

Covid-19 Travel requirements to visit New York

New York, One of the best tourist locations in the world, with well-known attractions like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building, and world-famous museums. Countries allowed to visit are European Union Nations, China, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iran, and Brazil. No pre-tested PCR results were required to enter the city. Visitors for CDC Level 2 and 3 are required a mandatory 14 days quarantine after entering

No tourists are allowed from America to visit Canada

Canada will not be accessible to U.S. visitors across Canada, and U.S land borders since the restriction have been prolonged for at least the next 30 days. Canada extends travel restrictions for unimportant travel plans with the USA until 21st November. The land border remains closed during these days for non-essential travels to Canada. The Canadian air border is accessible for only a few Americans, like funerals, and for couples and families to rejoin.

Mandatory return ticket for entry to Dubai

The Dubai Government has declared in its new tourist regulations that anyone without an authenticated roundtrip ticket will not enter the city. The circular issued on 15 October claimed that Travelers with visits and visitor visas arriving in Dubai without a roundtrip ticket would not enter. The circular left hundreds of visitors stranded on Wednesday and Thursday at Dubai international airport. Dubai airport told the airlines to repatriate visitors landing in the UAE without a confirmed roundtrip ticket.

The U.S. is now accepting renewal and new passport applications

The U.S. State Department has officially opened regularly scheduled passport services in the country, including renewal and new passport applications services. Even when the pandemic had already slowed down a lot of foreign travel, American citizens are still allowed to leave the country for recreation. After the first pandemic struck, the government closed the passport offices, with several exceptions to life or death. The general processing time will be 10 to 12 weeks. No in-person appointment is allowed now.

The Dominican Republic is extending the curfew

The Dominican Republic has lengthened its nationwide curfew for the next 25 days, until 11th November. Plans to use masks as a primary prevention measure. The curfew takes place between 9 PM to 5 AM from Monday to Friday and 7 PM to 5 AM on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. During the curfew expecting everyone to be in their respective accommodations. They are allowed to move inside their accommodations and not to leave it. The travel advisory by U.S State Department is still at level 4 - Do Not Travel.

Hawaii witnesses 8000 visitors coming on the day of re-opening since the quarantine has lifted

Hawaii has seen more than 8000 visitors come on the day of re-opening since 14 days quarantine steps had been withdrawn because of COVID-19 PCR tests. Eight thousand visitors from out of state are welcomed during the day of re-opening. Flights arrived were filled 80%, with a capacity of 10319 seats. Countries can enter with the standard entry necessities. The main island of Hawaii already has approved a rapid secondary check on entry, which requires about 15 minutes to complete.

Eligibility check with an online form to enter Italy

According to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Corporation, Italy has launched an online questionnaire to ease navigation through travel restrictions. The online form has been designed for all of those preparing to fly to and from Italy to provide travelers with general knowledge on the existing rules for COVID-19 in the country. The online form lonely does not guarantee the visitor to enter the country. The border officer will decide it.

The United Kingdom excludes Italy from the travel corridor

As per the weekly travel corridor list, The Ministry of Transportation removes Italy from the travel corridor list due to the second wave. San Marino and the Vatican city also get removed from the travel corridor. This removal takes place from 18 October at 4 am. After that, for any travelers from these three destinations, 14 days of mandatory quarantine is required, including the citizens returning to the UK.

No plans to control Canadians from fleeing the country

The Canadian government clearly states that it will not restrict Canadians to travel internationally. The announcement will be widely encouraged by travelers who plan to visit some sunshiny destinations to escape from the winter. The United States and Mexico are now open for the Canadians to visit with no mandatory quarantine. It is expecting that. Most Canadians will prefer to visit Mexico for this winter.

PCR test, Things to know before visiting Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of the busiest airports because of its geographical location between Asia and Europe. Most of the international countries demand a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before travel, but Turkey does not mandate the test to enter. Since Istanbul airport serving the fastest Covid-19 tests, which can be widely accepted. Travelers are redirecting their flights to include the layover in Turkey to get PCR tested.

The United Kingdom imposed a Local lockdown

The United Kingdom announced a local lockdown starting 14 October to limit the spread of the Covid-19. The three-level warning system includes Medium - No people gathering of more than six, Bars and restaurants should be closed at 10 PM, and Face masks at public indoor areas. High - Indoor home, outdoor social gatherings are banned, and Outdoor gatherings are limited to six. Very high - All hotels, bars are closed, all gatherings banned, do not travel

The U.S. lowers Level 4 travel recommendations to Costa Rica

The USA is frequently updating its travel advisory to its citizens to aware of traveling during the pandemic. Now, the United States has lowered its travel recommendation to Costa Rica from level 4 to level 3. It will take place at the starting of 1 November. Costa Rica allows all states of the U.S. to enter the country. Previously it allows states with low infection rates. New travel requirement demands every traveler to apply for the online Health Pass before the travel

Roosevelt Hotel, New York shutting down

The nearly 100-year-old Roosevelt Hotel in New York is temporarily shut down. The New York City hotel, which has been around since 1924 and has played cameo appearances in films such as The Irishman, is expecting to close by the end of this year because of the coronavirus outbreak\'s impact. The hotel is owned by Pakistan International Airlines. The lesser demand is why the hotel owners cease the operations of the hotel.

Jamaica has introduced modified guidelines for international travelers

These new processes make the required online travel authorization process more streamlined for tourists, although retaining strict health standards. It allows visitors to choose the PCR or Antigen test. An approved lab must perform the test, and the negative results must be submitted before boarding a Jamaican flight. This process eliminates the uploading test result while applying travel authorization. Jamaica\'s high-risk areas include the United States, Mexico, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

Curacao reopens for particular states from the USA

Curacao is now inviting visitors from three U.S. states to travel, effective on 1 November 2020, including New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. It is the first time Curacao allowing visitors from the USA to enter. Early the country opens its international borders for tourism on 12 June 2020. Curacao is prepared to open doors for tourists from the USA. Since these three states recording low Covid-19 rates. The PCR test must be carried out at the approved laboratory at least 72 hours before departure.

Malaysia implements a simple travel application re-opening system

The Malaysian Government has just introduced a simple online application system named \'My Travel Pass\' for travelers wishing to access the country. My Travel Pass is available for applications from 8 October. Now that \'My Travel Pass\' is being released, travelers seeking to access Malaysia can apply online in minutes and have a confirmation email response whether they are qualified to enter or not, streamlining the entire procedure

Air Bridge between New York and London

Stories circulate a possible \'air bridge\' between New York and London, offering hopeful travelers a glimpse of hope in reuniting Thanksgiving with family ... but is it going to take place?. It could allow travelers from these two cities without quarantine by providing in-flight PCR Covid-19 tests. Currently, the UK allows Americans to visit with 14 days of mandatory quarantine. Still, the USA restricts visitors from the UK. The air bridge may enable travelers to bypass such restrictions.

Mexico and the Dominican Republic are the prime destinations for Americans this winter

Based on the survey, these countries were chosen by the Americans because of low Covid-19 entry restrictions. Visa limits, entry requirements, screening, and quarantine are frustrating travelers. The entry requirements for Mexico during the COVID-19 pandemic do not add any extra measures. There are no online applications to be filled out, no COVID-19 checks before travel or arrival, and no quarantines. The Dominican Republic has recently reduced its COVID-19 criteria in hopes of drawing more visitors this winter

Baros Residence is debuting in the Maldives

Baros opened its shores sooner this month, with the new Baros Residence now accessible for visitors providing improved privacy and comfort, as well as some fantastic extras. It is a part of Baros that is entirely open to guests residing at the Residence. Also, for each day of the vacation, visitors can enjoy a private in-villa breakfast, freshly made tropical fruit dishes, and tasty sunset snacks as well as a personal butler service.

Hawaii updates the travel policy for visitors

Hawaii will begin to have an alternative to their mandatory quarantine. The government will permit visitors to give up 14-day quarantine if they get negative test results for the COVID-19 at least within 72 hours before leaving the mainland. All travelers ages five and above must bring the test report, and specific healthcare companies must conduct the test. The state may ask around 10% of the passengers to take a second test within four days after they arrive.

Panama is reopening for American tourists.

The Central American country plans to welcome the visitors from the USA from 12 October. All the visitors must bring the negative tested Covid-19 PCR or Antigen report within 48 hours before the planned arrival time in Panama. If the visitor is unlikely to obtain the test results within that timeframe, they must obtain a rapid test before going through customs, which will cost them $30 to $50 at the airport in Panama. Visitors must complete an Electronic declaration about their health and address in Panama.

International destinations that visitors from America can travel

Well, here\'s a list of famous destinations that allow U.S. visitors but, in particular, do not require a quarantine of 14 days on entry. Mexico reopens several places for visitors from the USA - No Covid-19 test required for Cancun, Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya, and Riviera Nayarit. The Covid-19 test required - Caribbean islands: Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St.Lucia, St. Martin, U.S Virgin Islands.

Cyprus Ghost Town Beach is re-opening 46 years after the Turkish invasion

For the first time after 46 years, ordinary citizens were allowed entry to Varosha Beach on Thursday throughout the Turkish Cypriot partition north of the culturally split Cyprus. Greek Cypriots worry that the beach\'s opening is only the first step to Turkey and that the Turkish Cypriots will take over Varosha completely. It took place merely three days before the Turkish Cypriots elect a new candidate to serve them in the peace talks facilitated by the United Nations.

Tampa International Airport claims it\'s the first to provide its passengers the COVID-19 test

During October, every traveler traveling to or from Tampa International Airport can be tested for COVID-19, irrespective of their flight. Testing is available to anybody who decided to travel in the next three days and travelers who have flown over the last three days – who may show evidence of flight. Travelers may choose PCR (nasal swab) test for a $125 or a $57 antigen test. Those who need a negative PCR test to travel must schedule the test three days in advance.

St. Lucia greets Tourists With a new advertising campaign

St. Lucia plans to welcome tourists by releasing two videos as a part of the Ad campaign. With the low risk of Covid-19, The winter sunshine country believe that the campaign will attract more tourists to one of the safest countries. To date, Saint Lucia welcomes more than 6000 visitors. If you are traveling from the USA, we recommend considering the Covid-19 safety level of the country before travel

Countries reopen to Americans with a quarantine of 14 days

Countries worldwide start to reopen for visitors; some of them are restricting certain nationals to visit. Suppose you are a traveler from the USA. In that case, these countries welcome American tourists with 14-day quarantine Ireland, Italy, UK, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine, Haiti, Ecuador, and St.kitts and Nevis, 12 days for visiting Georgia and for Anguilla ten days quarantine with three mandatory Covid-19 tests

Ethiopia resumed tourism visits with restrictions

The country closed its land and air border for six months back on 23rd March to restrict Covid-19 spread. After resuming tourism, all the visitors must follow the new bio-security measures. Visitors must present the PCR negative test report taken within 120 hours before departure. Children under 12 years are free from PCR tests. All visitors, including PCR negative, should undergo seven days of self-quarantine within their accommodation.

The United States has suspended Category 4 restrictions on Belize

The U.S Government has withdrawn its level 4 - Do Not Travel notice to Belize to level 3 - Reconsider Travel. Belize reopened for tourists on October 1 and welcomed American tourists to visit. The level 4 advisory was imposed at the starting of August when Belize records the first case of Covid-19. Tourists are advised to show caution when traveling to the southern side of Belize City and limit the communication with the locals.

Costa Rica lifts travel restrictions to all the U.S. States

Costa Rica officially reopened its international border for particular states of the U.S on August 1. Now Costa Rica plans to allow visitors from all the states of the U.S. from November 1. The country experiences the most number of tourists from the U.S., so the country creates a well-structured plan to welcome back the American tourists. Visitors must acquire a mandatory PCR test and travel insurance while entering into Costa Rica.

Morocco plans to welcome travelers from the USA

The Moroccan National Tourism Office has stated that the borders restrictions are being eased for foreign tourists, including travelers from the USA and UK. Visa-free nationals can enter by only presenting the negative Covid-19 PCR test report taken within 72 hours before the travel. Travelers may require to present either an invitation letter by a company in Morocco or a proof of accommodation. The country believes in rebuilding tourism with protective safety measures in place.

Barbados announces a new travel policy for visitors from the USA

Barbados declares the USA as a high-risk country to allow visitors. All passengers should fill out the online Barbados Immigration Arrival Form and send it 24 hours before the flight. All travelers must bring negative tested Covid-19 test results taken no more than 72 hours and undergo a PCR test on the 5th day of their seven-day isolation. The country reported only with 190 Covid-19 cases, and five active cases till now.

America\'s favorite destination Tulum to get a new airport

President López Obrador said the airport would further help improve tourism and industry in the southeast and south of Mexico. As of now, travelers wanting to reach Tulum would fly to Cancun International Airport after an hour and a half drive south. Cancun is a top destination for several Americans, but as prices spike and also some tourists are searching for more local experiences. The airport in Tulum will ease visiting the historic place

Cuba plans to reopen tourism in Varadero

Cuban government plans to resume welcoming visitors to Varadero from October 15. Cuba began reopening on July 1, beginning with the famous \'Cayo\' areas. Cuba plans to resume tourism activity stage by stage. Now since Cuba is already open for more than three months, the government recently declared that Varadero would be the next area to welcome visitors. The tourism corridor stretches from K Street to Punta Hicacos, which will have star hotels, malls

The Mega Mall American dream is all set to reopen

American Dream, the long-established entertainment and shopping center in the center of the Meadowlands, has reopened. The three million square feet mall in East Rutherford starts celebrating to reopened. Nickelodeon themed amusement park, water park, two mini-golf attractions, and an indoor snow park to welcome visitors. All should wear the face masks inside the property, and no mask is required in DreamWorks water park, which is warm at 87 degrees

Universal Orlando launches a new stunning Jurassic World roller coaster

Good news for the visitors visiting the Universal theme park. The park revealed that Jurassic World VelociCoaster would be arriving at its Adventures Island in the summer of 2021. The ride will include two launches. One will clock 70 miles per hour in 2.4 seconds, and another launch catapult the coaster up to 155 feet top and then sliding the other side at an 80-degree angle. Also will feature a 360-degree barrel roll and inverted zero gravity stall

The United States suspends Level 4 restrictions to Nicaragua and Guatemala

The United States Government has decreased its travel guidance to Nicaragua and Guatemala from level 4 do not fly to level 3 Consider fly. Both countries issued Level 4 restrictions on the 10th of August due to an increase in Covid-19 cases. Nicaragua is all set to welcome tourists again as the flights are functioning. The US State Department also warns travelers to Nicaragua due to the risk of robbery and violent crime

US Travel: Covid Pre-Screening Paused At US International Airports

Starting Monday, September 14, 2020, all Covid related operations in all US airports will be terminated. This includes pre-screenings that were conducted for all travelers arriving and departing from these airports. Most international flights were being directed through the following international airports. These had the basic Covid screening procedures that included temperature checks, personalized health questionnaires, revelation of travel history and a mandate for quarantine, usually between 1-14 days

Replace H1-B Visa Program: US Labour Department Unveils Its Own H1B One Workforce Training Program

In an attempt to boost the skilled labour market within the United States of America, the US Department of Labor has invested $150 million in a skill-training program for US job seekers and retirees. Called H1B One Workforce Training Program, this initiative is meant to prepare Americans for high skill jobs and reduce dependence on foreign high-skilled workers.

JA Resorts & Hotels to provide visitors with a Covid-19 check.

JA Resorts & Hotels, the United Arab Emirates-based hospitality group, has stated that it would make available Covid-19 testing on site. The test can be availed by both the international and local guests. JA Resorts & Hotels has collaborated with GMC Clinics, a well-known healthcare organization with 19 facilities, to offer in-hotel and on-site tests for visitors who need a negative Covid-19 test. The cost will be AED250. Price is expected to get reduced in upcoming days.

Caribbean cycling - Explore Jamaica by bike to show

A local activity, it will function as a prototype for the consumer cycling program that will launch in the spring of 2021. The bike ride, which starts in Port Antonio and finishes in Kingston on 5 October, will lay the foundation for a new travel project rooted in active tourism and the growth of outdoor programs that will enable tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of the island while allowing social distances. Kick start of Jamaica bike will be on 1 October at with a press conference at Goblin Hill.

American Airlines introduces the pre-fight Covid-19 testing program

American Airlines is partnering with many international governments to start offering Covid-19 pre-fight testing to passengers, beginning with Jamaica and the Bahamas. Plans to extend the program to other destinations. The pandemic changes the Airline\'s way of operation. The first step of testing would be for citizens of Jamaica to return to their home country. A negative Covid-19 tested will revoke 14 days quarantine in Jamaica.\"

Dudhsagar waterfalls in Goa reopens to visitors

Goa largely removes the travel restrictions for the visitors. As a part of that, Dudhsagar waterfalls is all set to reopen for the trekkers. Booking to trekking will be open in the first week of October. The jeep safari will also be resumed. The trek to waterfalls is accessible by the railway tracks. As per the rules from the government, trekking will be put on hold when the jeep safari begins in October

Nepal imposes COVID-19 safety recommendations for mountaineers

Foreigners visiting Nepal for mountaineering will have to follow the safety recommendations to restrict the Covid-19. Visitors bringing negatively tested PCR results taken within 72 hours before landing will be allowed to enter the country. Visitors should bring the hotel booking confirmation, and they have to be in quarantine for seven days. Valid travel insurance of $5000 must be presented. Visitors should undergo a PCR test on the fifth day of their quarantine. The expenditure for the test should be their own

Canada extends visitors restrictions till Halloween

Canada plans to extend the restrictions for travelers till October 31. The action comes because of increasing in Covid-19 throughout the world. Early Canada closes the international borders for tourism, recreation, and other purposes from March to Jun. After that, the restrictions extended month by month. However, students, Immediate family members of Canadian, Canada\'s permanent residence, specific foreign workers, and protected persons are allowed to enter after the 14 days quarantine.

Abu Dhabi is celebrating World Tourism Day

The chairman of the Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi. Mr. Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak said that Emirates would mainly focus on development in rural areas. Since tourism is one of the main pillars of economic growth, The Emirates plan to held the World Tourism day in a theme of Tourism and Rural Development. They are claiming that they have plans towards handling the Covid-19 Pandemic during the event with strategies and innovative solutions.

Domestic tourism is accelerating the recovery of hospitality in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia\'s hospitality is steadily recovering from the Covid-19 shutdown. Saudi Arabia has had the second largest number of Covid-19 cases in the middle east. However, with recovery rates higher than the worldwide average, the kingdom is already reducing restrictions since June. As per the official reports, Hotel booking is bouncing back to between 85 to 90 percentage. It is expected to reach the normal hotel bookings as the country already resumes the visitors for pilgrims.

Oman Air is heading back to Dubai and Doha this week

Oman Air returns to regular operation from 1st October, with flights to 12 countries. The schedule includes weekly two flights between Muscat and Dubai on Sundays and Thursdays. Oman Air will continue its robust safety policy for all travel facets to ensure that guests travel safely. All passengers departing and arriving from Oman airports must wear face masks and follow social distancing. Flights are regularly sanitized at the end of the day

Airline Blue Islands is releasing 2021 summer tickets

Blue Islands, the Channel Islands based airline, has announced its schedule for the upcoming summer. The direct flights to Jersey are Birmingham, Bristol, East Midlands, Exeter, Guernsey, Newquay, and Southampton. Direct flights to Guernsey from Southampton. Flight services to Guernsey and Jersey from Southampton are five flights per week. Two trips a day from Birmingham. Daily flights from Bristol, Exeter, and East Midlands. Three trips a week from Newquay to Jersey

United plans to offer the option of testing Covid-19 on Hawaii flights

United Airlines plans to bring a Covid-19 pilot testing program for its passengers. This will ease the travelers to manage their travel requirements related to Covid-19. From 15th October, passengers visiting Hawaii from San Francisco International airport will have an option to get a rapid Covid-19 test at the airport. The result will be provided in 15 minutes approximately. This is to ensure that the United travelers from and to Hawaii are negative Covid-19 tested and safe to travel

Zimbabwe is all set to resume tourism on 1st October

The Zimbabwe government announces Covid-19 as a national disaster on 27th March. The country closed its borders for international visitors and imposed a lockdown from March. Now Zimbabwe plans to resume the tourism visits. All domestic flights start functioning from 10th September, and the international flights will resume on 1st October. Some other outdoor activities are allowed with regulations. All travelers must bring a negative tested Covid-19 report taken within 48 hours before travel

Wizz Air announces a new travel planning tool for passengers

Wizz Air has introduced a new and frequently updated internet search tool created to help travelers decide which locations they can travel to. It is expected that the tool will also provide Covid-19 related updates to the destination. The tool will help to schedule the travel plans after checking the flight services availability. Tool using color codes to indicate the restriction in the destination, Green - No restrictions to travel, Yellow - Partial restrictions (Quarantine, Test), Red - Travel Ban.

The British Virgin Islands plans to resume tourism in December 2020

The government was hopeful and prepared actively for the territories\' resumption to invite back visitors and other tourist guests. The resumption is planned to take place on 1st December. The Covid-19 infection in the country has had less than 100, and only one recorded death. The British Virgin Islands will work hard to prevent the transmission of the virus. The archipelago of 60 islands located near to US Virgins Islands and Puerto Rico.

Abu Dhabi requires everyone to wear an electronic wristband throughout quarantine

Abu Dhabi\'s quarantine regulations are modified by the introduction of a wristband that visitors have to put on. Travelers arriving at Abu Dhabi Airport are confirmed to be handed over such wristbands before leaving for their quarantine for 14 days. Etihad Airlines is already started by asking passengers to wear electronic wrist bands while arriving at Abu Dhabi. This initiative is to keep tracking the visitors during their 14 days quarantine and also control further outbreaks.

Indian travelers are likely to be prohibited from visiting South Africa

South Africa planned to relax the lockdown restrictions for international travelers on 1st October 2020. Previously, the lockdown restrictions were imposed in March 2020 to control the Covid-19 outbreak. However, as the count of Covid-19 is still rising in India, South Africa is likely to be barred the Indian travelers from entry. The barred countries list may include India, Brazil, UK, and France.

South Africa to open its doors to foreign tourists in October

South Africa is presently reporting an average of less than 2,000 Covid-19 cases each day. The country moves to level 1 from last Sunday. All foreign passengers will be required to submit a negative tested Covid-19 certificate issued no later than 72 hours after their arrival date or quarantine on landing. Visitors can arrive in any of the three airports: Cape Town International Airport, OR Tambo International Airport, and King Shaka International Airport.

Hotel Kimpton Fitzroy London is re-opening for guests.

Kimpton Fitzroy London, located in Bloomsbury, will welcome guests to its beautiful rooms and suites, and also the spectacular Palm Court for a full-day dining experience. All Staff is wearing masks and visitors. A bottle of hand sanitizer will be provided to the guests while checking in. Well-spaced table arrangement to ensure social distancing. Single-use QR codes will be provided to use in the restaurant and room service.

Aeroflot to re-launch more international routes

Aeroflot has announced that the international operation between Moscow and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), Minsk (Belarus ), and Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will resume within the next week. The normal connection between Moscow and Seoul, South Korea, will resume on 1 October. Flights to the capital of Kyrgyzstan begin on 23 September. Flight from Moscow to Bishkek will fly every week on Wednesdays, and returning flight from Bishkek to Moscow will fly on Fridays.

Uzbekistan tourism to be reopened for international tourists

The Government has asked the tour operators to foreign tourist groups from October 1. As per Uzbekistan’s special commission on COVID-19 regulations, Tourism operators must ensure that the group must be between 5 to 15 members, and must ensure that the visitors are negative from Covid-19 and other communicable diseases. Visitors bringing their PCR negative Covid-19 test result need not quarantine for 14 days or any additional tests after arriving Uzbekistan.

Botswana Desert & Delta Safaris is executing new schemes for community tourism

Premium Botswana safari operator Desert & Delta Safaris has devised an innovative project called the CARES Movement. The project encourages visitors to book a safari at 2020 prices, which can be booked until 31 December 2022. Visitors can avail of this voucher until 31 September 2020. The prices are starting from $3324 for a person. Safari plans to donate $10 directly to Elephants without borders to support communities and farmers residing in the wildlife regions.

Thailand plans to reopen tourism visits by October

Thailand\'s Ministry of Tourism has committed to carry the first group of international visitors to Bangkok as their main destination. The Ministry wishes tourism companies to be thoroughly trained with respect to marketing strategies. If the visa process is done, Tourists can visit by October 1. The 14 days of mandatory quarantine should be done in Bangkok. International flights will be reduced to three flights a week during the first phase of re-opening, with 100 visitors a flight or 1,200 visitors per month

Kosovo welcomes tourists with zero restrictions

Southeast European country Kosovo has lifted all the restrictions associated with Covid-19 for visitors. Pristina airport is reopened for international arrivals. Visitors are expected to follow the regular immigration rules. No need to bring the negatively tested Covid-19 result and no mandatory quarantine. There are no regulation changes in visa exempted countries includes: All of the EU nations, the USA, UK, Canada, Australia

England added Thailand and Singapore to the quarantine safe list

Visitors from Thailand and Singapore will no longer undergo 14 days of mandatory quarantine. Both countries are now also excluded from global advisory services by the Foreign & Commonwealth Officer against any \"non - necessary travel.\" After all, both Guadeloupe and Slovenia have been named to the required quarantine list. All travelers, while arrival, must submit the complete passenger locator form

Hong Kong is taking the first tentative measures in the re-opening of the tourism industry

The Hong Kong Tourism Board has commenced to steadily restart promotions in regional and source markets as it aims to revive the industry through a mix of short-and long-term plans. Locally, the tourism industry is re-starting promotions with a \"Holiday at Home\" campaign intended to create a happy environment and promote consumption. The mainland, the Greater Bay Area, and also some markets are expected to be open for travel fairly soon, and HKTB is organizing promotions and strategic deals towards these markets

Alaska Railroad - The Aurora Winter Train Service is all set to begin

Alaska Railroad is pleased to announce the commencement of its iconic winter commuter service on the Aurora Winter Train from 19 September to mid-May 2021. The Aurora Winter Train runs on weekends from Anchorage to Fairbanks, embarks on a 12-hour trip to the north on Saturdays, and returns on Sundays. Trains in midweek will be available in December, February, and March. Face covers are needed to enter the Alaska Railroad depots as well as board trains

Thailand\'s tourism is eager to reopen borders to certain countries

Tourism Thailand is all set to welcome visitors from the low Covid-19 infected countries to visit the Southeast Asian countries without a mandatory quarantine. The quarantine exemption would be aimed mainly at Asian travelers who do not typically stay longer than two weeks. For visitors planning to stay up to 270 days, have to undergo mandatory 14 days quarantine at the accommodation place/ Hotel

Turkey becomes the leading destination for tourists from Russia.

The number of visitors in September is expected to increase than the visitors in August. Turkey has even been a favourite destination for Russian tourists in the last year, also with nearly seven million visitors. Increase in visitors because of its sun shining beaches and historical attractions. Turkey\'s Culture and Tourism Ministry is providing safe holidays with strict precautions to control the spread of Covid-19

United Airlines adding an antimicrobial coating to improve safety

United Airlines announced the inclusion of an EPA-registered antimicrobial coating layer to its already stringent protection and cleaning procedures. The airline is now applying the Zoono Microbe Shield to more than 30 flights based at O\'Hare International Airport, Chicago, every week for seats, trays, headrest, overhead bins, toilet facilities, and crew stations. The layer will act as additional prevention that complements the current electrostatic spraying procedure of United prior to departure.

Things to remember before flying to the Caribbean Islands

Many of the Caribbean Islands are closed to visitors because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now some of the islands are allowing visitors as a part of rebuilding the tourism activities. A negative Covid-19 tested result taken within three to five days is mandatory for visitors in most of the Caribbean nations. But the Dominican Republic allows entering the airport without Covid-19 negative test results to enter the country. Peoples from the Barbados and Bahamas need to quarantine for 14 days

US Virgin Islands to reopens for visitors

The US Virgin Islands will reopen its gates to overseas travelers as of September 19, as per a post on the government\'s website for tourism. Territorial officials started authorizing hotels and lodging suppliers to make new travel arrangements on September 12. The reopen takes place after the government shuts the borders for travelers on August 17. Visitors staying more than seven days or traveling from high Covid-19 risk areas must bring negatively tested Covid-19 results

Emirates to restart Casablanca flights

Emirates has confirmed the resumption of flight services to Casablanca, Morocco, as of 18 September. The resumption of flights would carry Emirates\' African network to 14 countries while the carrier steadily expands its service to the continent. Flights will be served three times a week on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Ensuring the safety of tourists, visitors, and the environment, the Covid-19 PCR tests are compulsory for both inbound and transit passengers traveling in Dubai

As pandemic effects persist, Lufthansa issues millions of refunds

As a result of the Covid-19 shutdown, Airlines repaid €2.7 billion to a number of 6.3 million passengers. Roughly processing 1800 refunds per hour. The airline claims that the complicated cases which need more processing are still pending. Because of the emerging existence of travel restrictions, new allegations for reimbursement are increasingly growing as a result of canceled flights and entry regulations. Because of the emerging existence of travel restrictions, new claims for reimbursement are increasingly growing

Pegasus Airlines is announcing a new route to Pakistan, Karachi

Pegasus plans to start flights to the capital of Pakistan on the 25th of September. Pegasus Airlines will connect visitors from its destinations in Manchester, Amsterdam, Zurich, London, Paris, Dusseldorf, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hamburg, and Frankfurt to Karachi through Istanbul. Flights from Quaid-e-Azam International Airport in Karachi from Istanbul will depart all Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday by 04:55. Pegasus Airlines plans to continue expanding services in many other destinations. increases the number of seats to Turkey for late-summer trips has increased the number of flights to Turkey for the rest of the summer to include more than 60 newly added flights with 12000 seats. Visitors can land in Dalaman, Antalya, Izmir and Bodrum. Providing fantastic fares and child places. Turkey is among the few tourism hotspots that the British Government has found safe for travel following the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is the best time to get the advantage of a welcome escape

Saudi Arabia set to lift travel restrictions from 15 September 

Saudi Arabia is prepared to revoke restriction orders from Tuesday on international flights, though partially as of now. Citizens of the Gulf and non-Saudis with a valid residence visa or permit are allowed to enter Saudi Arabia from 15 September. Travelers from exceptional groups such as Saudi government officials and military personnel, students, embassy staff, and those in need of medical care will also be permitted to enter and leave Saudi from 15 September

Hungary yet again closes borders to international visitors

Hungary has once again closed its borders for overseas visitors. Hungary is also the first Schengen nation to do so. All Hungarian citizens coming from abroad were requested to endure quarantine or to present negative PCR tests upon arrival. After all, officials have also been told that the corridor to transiting visitors would continue to be available, and there will be some special exemptions for other emergency cases and diplomatic visits in the reverted ban

Easyjet reduces flight service to Greek Islands after the UK declared strict limitations

Easyjet is decreasing the number of flights to the Greek islands after new strict quarantine limitations have been declared by the UK Government. Visitors traveling to the islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Lesvos, Zante, Tinos and Serifos need quarantine for the next two weeks when back in the UK from today. They have been already forced to abandon holidays to Spain, as well as in Malta, France, and the Netherlands due to various imposed quarantine limits

Round Hill Hotel now open to visitors in Jamaica

From 1st September 2020, Round Hill Hotel & Villas resumes welcoming guests. Along with the reopening, the resort also announced a new alliance with evoJets, offering private charter transportation to visitors. To ensure the safety and wellness of all the visitors will be treated with improved safety measures. Visitors came from the UK may have to wait a bit longer. However, in recent days Jamaica has been withdrawn from the safe quarantine list

The Hotel Sandals is launching new protocols as the resort is reopening

\"Sandals implements strengthened safety protocols to make sure the visitors are able to enjoy their holiday to the Caribbean. As one of the leading hotels in the Caribbean for nearly 40 years, Sandals welcoming their guests to the beautiful island. They implemented a triple checking system in sanitation and cleaning with social distancing practices, and also providing services in certified sanitised guest rooms

England removes Portugal from the quarantine safe countries list

England updates the island policy for Portugal, which was added to the safe list three weeks before the current policy implement. Visitors are expected to undergo 14 days of self-isolation. Along with Portugal, Reunion, French Polynesia, and Hungary were also removed from the safe countries list. People presently in the affected countries are advised to follow the regional rules and to review the FCDO travel advisory for more details

Saint Lucia reopens tourism attractions

As Saint Lucia prepares to welcome back visitors, new attractions and excursions are now to be reopened in period for the winter sunny holiday season. With no active Covid-19 cases, the island has seen only 26 cases as of now with no mortality. The number of activities is now reopened, which includes Rainforest Adventures, Atlantic Shores, Gros Piton Trail, and Sulphur Springs. Visitors can stay in Covid-19 certified properties

Travel regulations from India to visit Singapore

Due to a significant number of imported cases from India and to reduce the imported cases. Travelers from India who are not the permanent resident or citizens of Singapore need to take a Covid-19 test within 72 hours prior to the travel to Singapore. This seems to be applied on the 18th of September. Travelers should present the valid negative Covid-19 test results before their flights to Singapore

Italy and Slovenia to undergo ten days of quarantine visiting Norway

Norway will imply a mandatory ten-day quarantine for visitors from Italy and Slovenia due to an increase of Covid-19 cases in both countries. This policy will be an effect from September 5. Restrictions will apply to peoples from San Marino and the Vatican. Eased restrictions will apply for the visitors from Six regions of Sweden, Cyprus, and a Denmark region. It also recommends Norwegians not to travel to the nations

The UK implements a new island policy for visitors from Greece because of Covid-19

Visitors from the Greek islands Serifos, Lesbos, Tinos, and Zakynthos will have to be in 14 days quarantine on a visit to the UK. Apart from the seven Greece islands, Greece mainland and other islands are free of 14 days quarantine requirements. Britain has a high death rate in Europe from the outbreak, with more than 41,500 deaths inside 28 days of positive testing. The rise in UK cases parallels a significant spike in Spain and France

The Bahamas Gets Closer to Full Tourism Reopening

The Bahamas plans to reopen the major hotels and territorial beaches at the beginning of October 15 with a Phase 3 recovery plan. The Ministry of Tourism and Aviation plans to Plans to establish direct transportations from key locations. As of September, visitors need to submit Bahamas health insurance and negative Covid-19 RT-PCR test taken within five days before arrival. Test not required for children under ten years

The Dominican Republic plans to resume tourism

The plan would revoke current procedures requiring travelers to request a negative COVID-19 test result on arriving at the Dominican airports to remain in the country. Instead of the pre-arrival Covid-19 test, visitors can undergo non-invasive randomized tests, which includes a PCR breath test. A travel assistance plan will be provided, and insurance will be covered to the visitors if they stay in a hotel sanctioned by the government.

Free Covid-19 tests for guests in Atlantis hotel Dubai

Hotel Atlantis, The Palm has confirmed that all international visitors who want to stay five or even more nights in the hotel can be able to undergo free COVID-19 in-house testing. To make sure that visitors receive their Covid-19 tests done at the hotel free of cost so that their holidays are not disturbed in any way. The PCR tests were planned to conduct in leading hospitals in the UAE

Beijing airport starts receiving international flights

Beijing\'s main international airport started receiving international flights again from a limited number of locations perceived at low risk of coronavirus infection. Passengers traveling in from Canada, Cambodia, Thailand, Pakistan, Greece, Denmark, Austria, and Sweden, must show a negative tested nucleic acid test for coronavirus before boarding. An additional test will be conducted when arriving in Beijing

Tourist visits resumed in the White House in the USA

The White House in Washington in the USA has planned to resume the tourist visits from 12th September. Visitors will be allowed by following safety and health regulations. The count of visitors is limited. Visitors above age two must wear face masks. Hand sanitizers will be provided. Social distancing dots will be marked in the ground to follow

Dubai is introducing a retirement visa

UAE has introduced a new retirement visa for people looking for an escape from retirement. Using this visa, expatriates and foreigners can reside in UAE for five years after their retirement. The age limit should be above 55 years and should hold valid health insurance of UAE. The visa can be renewed online. The visa processing time is 15 days. Holder of this visa can sponsor their children to study in the UAE.

Taj Mahal and Agra fort set to reopen from 21 September

The monuments were shut down from 17 March for public visitors, before the countrywide lockdown was imposed to limit Coronavirus\'s amount. Taj Mahal will allow 2500 persons, and the Agra fort will allow 1300 and 1200 persons each before and after lunch. Visitors\' tickets will be sold online. No physical tickets will be issued. Taj Mahal will be closed on Friday and Sunday, Agra fort will be closed on Sunday. Visitors will be screened thermally at the entry.

Brazilian island plans to reopen only for tourists recovered from Covid-19

Fernando de Noronha, an island chain situated off the coast of Brazil, had also long been a hub for tourists and also took place in UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Brazilian government has confirmed reopening entry to the archipelago for foreign visitors. The condition, however, is that only certain tourists who\'ve been already infected and recovered from COVID-19 are permitted through. Tourists will be asked to present IgG antibody tests or PCR virus test approximately 20 days prior they reach the island.

New rules for visitors entering Abu Dhabi

Travelers visiting Abu Dhabi will be asked to present PCR tested Covid-19 negative reports and DPI laser test. The test results must be valid for six days. However, this rule may indeed not apply to international visitors who can produce a negative report on the PCR test. If you travel to Abu Dhabi by road, a negative PCR test must be done or a negative DPI laser test within 48 hours of arriving. In addition, the PCR test results that are taken in the last six days must be submitted.

Lufthansa plans to re-operate 160 flights between both the Germany and India in September

In July 2020, India and Germany had signed a joint air bubble agreement under which airline companies from both countries could function special international flights with specific limitations. On 10th September 2020, the following flights were planned, Delhi-Munich, Bangalore-Frankfurt. Delhi-Frankfurt, Mumbai-Frankfurt. Lufthansa will operate 160 flights connecting India and Germany in September 2020 alone. This is more than five flights daily and more than four times as much as in August.

Qatar Airways to restart connections to Lagos

From 10 September 2020, Qatar Airways will restart flights to Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria. The service is expected to be operated four times a week. Passengers traveling from Lagos on Qatar Airways can enjoy more versatile travel options with seamless connections via the Middle East\'s one of the most connected and Best Airport, Hamad International Airport. With 44 weekly flights to the continent, Qatar Airways\' network in Africa will expand to 10 other destinations.

Etihad Airways introduces Covid-19 insurance to passengers

Etihad Airways is going to offer passengers Covid-19 insurance. As part of the Etihad Wellness in partnership with AXA. Suppose any passenger diagnosed with Covid-19 during their trip will not have to worry about the medical or quarantine costs when they fly. All tickets, regardless of the booking date, the insurance will cover until December 31. The validity of the insurance is 31 days from the first day of travel.

San Francisco reveals new plans for restarting tourism

Mayer of San Francisco announced plans for resuming the tourism and business activities in the city. The state has moved forward for some such activities with a phased restarting process, which indicates it can do this at a much more gradual pace than the other states. Hotels, tour buses, and boat trips, mini-golf, zoos, and indoor museums were set to open on mid of September and to resume activities furthermore in the upcoming weeks.

UKVI introduces additional health precautions & flexibility for international students

To limit the disruption caused by ongoing Corona Virus travel restrictions, UKVI is going to allow incoming international students to apply for study (Tier-4) visa when they are due to travel to the United Kingdom, rather than at the start of their course. i.e., students who have already gained admission can begin their courses online and apply for a United Kingdom study visa when they are ready to do so.

Ghana reopens global tourism air borders

After wrapping off on March 22, Ghana finally agreed to welcome foreign tourists back. The country has also resumed the airports and once again allows tourists to enter for unnecessary trips. Under usual visa conditions, all nations which could usually visit Ghana before the pandemic can enter the country once again. From the country of origin, It is compulsory for all travelers to receive a COVID-19 test and bring reports of a negative PCR test taken before 72 hours of departure.

Dubai is all prepared for bringing back business events

The Emirate, which was re-opened to foreign tourists in July, while the authorities investigated and came up with how the business meetings will take place safely. The local meetings which take place on the 15th of September and the international Business meetings that revert back to the city on the 1st of October, the guidelines are based on ensuring the health and safety of all attendees, including representatives and personnel while making sure that they are ready to invite and perceive impactful meetings that address the needs of all key parties.

Maldives and India get three weekly flights

In August 2020, Maldives and India resumed the air travel bubble with one flight every week from Thiruvananthapuram by Air India as Kochi to Male, and return is now operationally open. Now there are now three flights between both the two countries. Two flights from Kochi to Male are to take place on Sundays and Thursdays. IndiGo has launched the new air-travel bubble among Kochi and Male. Till September 9, whether they are asymptomatic, travelers traveling to the Maldives do not require to conduct any COVID tests or remain in quarantine.

International tourism resumed in Namibia

Namibia is beginning to welcome foreign visitors who screen COVID-19 negative. Foreign tourists must submit negative COVID-19 test results issued within 72 hours of the flight time. In addition, on arriving at Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek, visitors will be given a health questionnaire that must be properly filled with necessary information. Tourists reportedly will be checked in at a hotel accredited to the Ministry of Health upon arrival in Namibia. Tourists are expected to stay at the hotel for a minimum of 7 days, with the right to use all the amenities.

Cuba resumes tourism after months of coronavirus outbreak

Cuba\'s managed to control the country\'s pandemic. After months of being closed because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Cuba finally welcomed tourists. The arrival has been seen as a positive sign for tens of thousands of laid-off employees throughout the tourism sector, closed small businesses, and overall hard-pressed citizens. Air Canada Vacations, the tour industry for the airline, said that it would now fly to Cuba weekly and start next month on a biweekly basis.

Changes in India E-Visa validity period for USA Nationals & Residents

India Burea of Immigration announed that from coming April-2020, Visitor from USA (both Nationals and Resident) can avail multple entry validity of 30 days, 6 months and one year

The World's Leading Travel Trade Show, ITB Berlin 2020, got cancelled

ITB Berlin 2020 will not take place. Due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Ministry of Economics have stated their opinion that ITB Berlin be cancelled.

Sharjah Aims To Double The Number Of Tourist With UAE’s Five-year Tourist Visa

With the recent announcement of multiple-entry five year UAE visas for all nationalities, Sharjah considers it a great opportunity to attract more visitors from India and around the world. H.E. Khalid Jasim Al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority in a recent interview commented on the recent announcement.

Saint Lucia Introduces Tourist Accommodation Fee

As of April 1, 2020, stayover visitors to Saint Lucia will be required to pay an accommodation fee on their nightly stay on the island. All accommodation providers on the island (hotels, guest houses, villas, apartments, etc.) will be required to collect from their stay over guests $3.00 and $6.00 respectively on a nightly rate below or above $120. The fees will be paid by the stayover visitor and collected by accommodation providers who will remit the fees collected to Government via the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.

Now submit Application through Third Party for Schengen visa

Applcant who have previously travelled to Schengen area and provided finger print and photo within last 59 months can avail this facility for Norway visa from USA

Mandatory Invitation Letter for indonesia Tourist Visa for Afghan Nationals

As per new immgiration policy natioanl of Afghanistan must get invitation letter from relative/family or corparate or any organization to apply Tourist visa to Indonesia.

Click2Visas Malaysia E visa Page Will be On Maintaince On 10th and 11th March-2020

Due to requirement of new data information in visa application, Malaysia e-visa will be temporarly not availble in Click2Visas, Request received before 10-March-2020 will be processed accordingly

Get Papua New Guniea Visa for Less Fee

Now Ukraine nationals can Avail Papua New Guniea (PNG) visa with 40 Euros instead of paying 80 Euros. This changes will be come into effect from 20th March 2020

Enjoy E-visa to South Africa in Click2visas

Click2 Visas will be launching E-Visa to South Africa for USA residents from April 2020. Indian and Kenyan nationals are also eligible to apply this visa, as communicated by South African Immigration

India Suspend E visa for Chinese Nationals

As the coronavirus fear intensifies, the government of India has temporarily suspended the e-visa facility for Chinese passport holders and applicants of other nationalities residing in China.

Sri Lanka Extends Free Visa On Arrival Scheme For 48 Countries

Sri Lanka has extended the free visa-on-arrival scheme till April 30 for the citizens of 48 countries, including India. The Sri Lankan Government launched the programme to grant a one-month free visa to visitors from 48 countries on August 1, 2019 until January 2020 as an effort to boost the tourism industry that was badly hit by the Easter bomb attacks that killed 263 people.

Thailand Extends Visa-On-Arrival Fee Waiver Until April 30, 2020

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is delighted to report that the Royal Thai Government has once again approved an extension of the visa-on-arrival fee waiver for citizens of 20 nations for another six months, from November 1, 2019 until April 30, 2020. Thailand extends visa fee waiver scheme for tourists from 20 nations. Citizens of Andorra, Bulgaria, Bhutan, China including Taiwan, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Fiji, India, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Papua New Guinea, Romania, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan are all exempt from the 2,000 baht visa-on-arrival fee for single-entry leisure travel in Thailand for not more than 15 days.

India Suspends Visas Issued To Citizens Of 4 Nations By 3rd March 2020

The emerging global scenarios regarding COVID19 led the Union Health Ministry of India on 3rd March 2020, issued a travel advisory suspending all regular visas/e-visas granted on or before March 3 to nationals of Italy, Iran, South Korea, Japan who have not yet entered India. Those needing to travel to India under compelling circumstances may apply for fresh visa to nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate.