Simple Steps to Register Italy AIRE in the UK

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Are you an Italian citizen and moving to England/Gibraltar/Wales/Channel Islands? Then read on this blog to find out what you should do.

Italian nationals who relocate permanently to England/ Gibraltar/Wales/Channel Islands from Italy must complete the AIRE registration form and submit it to the Consulate or Embassy in the UK.

The AIRE registration is entirely free. Italian nationals who wish to relocate are not required to appear in person at the consulate.

Please read the following AIRE details and guidelines before beginning the online procedure.

Simple Steps to Register Italy AIRE in the UK

What is AIRE, and who needs it?

The Registry of Italians Resident Abroad (AIRE) was established in 1988 and contained all personal data of Italians living abroad for more than a year. Italian municipalities manage AIRE with the help of data and information provided by foreign missions.

Enrollment in AIRE is a citizen’s duty. It provides access to a variety of services from foreign embassy or consulate, as well as the exercise of certain essential rights, such as:

  • The right to vote absentee in political referendum and elections and the election of Italian representatives to the EU Parliament.
  • The right to the renewal or issuance of identification and travel documents, as well as certifications.
  • The right to renew a driver’s license.

Italian nationals who wish to move to England, Gibraltar, Wales, or the Channel Islands must fill and submit the AIRE form.

AIRE Enrollment is required for:

  • Italian citizens who reside in the UK for more than 12 months.
  • Italian citizens who reside in the UK due to being born there or obtaining Italian citizenship for any reason.

Who is exempt from AIRE Registration?

  • Italian citizens who travel abroad for less than a year.
  • Italy seasonal workers in the UK.
  • Government employees posted abroad are notified under the 1961 and 1963 laws.
  • Vienna Conventions on diplomatic and consular relations.
  • Italian military personnel working for NATO abroad.

The AIRE’s enrollment is accomplished by submitting a declaration to the locally competent consular office within 90 days of departure. At the same time, you need to cancel the municipality of residence in Italy’s Civil Registry (APR).

The APR application can be submitted through the portal or by filling out the appropriate form and attaching documents proving the applicant’s actual residence in the UK and a copy of the applicant’s identity document.

Simple Steps to Apply AIRE:

Step 1:Registration of Accounts (REGISTRATI). At the start of the procedure, you must confirm your Italian citizenship by checking the appropriate box. You’ll need a valid email id and a password. Then you will be able to enter your information.

Step 2:You will receive a mail with an activation link to be asked to activate your account (LINK ATTIVAZIONE UTENZA). You have 72 hours to activate the AIRE account; if you do not do so within the time frame (72 hours), you can also ask for another account activation code (INVIO NUOVO CODICE DI ATTIVAZIONE).

Step 3: After activating your account, you must access the system and complete the online AIRE registration application. Uploading a copy of your address proof and your ID is required.

Click on the following link to submit your application:

Documents required for AIRE Registration:

  • Last three months utility bill (electric, gas, and so on).
  • Last 1-year local government tax.
  • Last three months account statement.
  • Last three months National Health Service registration card.
  • Last three months letter of confirmation of NIN.
  • A letter from a British government office (Job Centre, HMRC, etc.). You should receive the letter from the last three months.
  • Letter of confirmation of university attendance. Received in the last three months.

Please remember that your name with surname and current UK address must appear in the letter heading.

If all requirements are met, the processing time for a residence application is estimated to be six months from the date of receipt.

If your application is incomplete, the Italian consulate or embassy in the UK will send you an electronic mail informing you of what is missing. As a result, you must include a valid email address in your application.

If you cannot provide any of the proofs mentioned above of address, your AIRE registration request will be denied.

Italy Nationals Responsibility to Update the AIRE:

It’s Italy’s national responsibility to fill and submit the AIRE without fail. The Italy person who is relocating must promptly communicate the following information to the Consular office:

  • Address change.
  • Change of civil status and any registration of foreign deeds in Italy (birth, marriage, death, divorce, and so on).
  • Italian citizenship loss.

Citizens registered with the AIRE who return to Italy permanently must appear before the Italian municipality in which they have decided to settle to inform it of their new address. The municipality shall proceed with canceling your AIRE and APR registration on the same date.

The municipality must notify the consulate of origin of the actual date of repatriation, and the consulate must record the repatriation in its Consular files.

Failure to update information, particularly in address changes, impedes contact with citizens and the delivery of voting materials.

All Italian nationals must communicate their addresses accurately and entirely under the postal laws of their respective countries of residence.

AIRE Cancellation:

AIRE cancellation can occur in the following circumstances:

  • Enrollment in an Italian municipality’s Civil Registry (APR) following transfer or repatriation from abroad.
  • Death, including legally declared presumed death.
  • Presumed inability to contact, unless proven otherwise, at 100 years from the date of birth, or after two consecutive attempts, or when the address reported abroad is no longer valid and a new one is not available.
  • Italy citizenship loss.

When must an Italian citizen submit my AIRE registration?

You need to submit the AIRE registration to the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the United Kingdom within 90 days of arrival in the consular jurisdiction.

When will an AIRE registration become active?

The AIRE registration becomes effective when the Comune in Italy receives the registration request from the Italian consulate. Please keep in mind that the AIRE registration deadline cannot be extended.

If citizens notified their Comune in Italy of their transfer of residency abroad before their expatriation, the effective date of AIRE registration would correspond to the date they notified their Comune of their expatriation.

These declarations, however, become null and void if Italian citizens do not submit a formal AIRE registration request to their consulate within 90 days of their arrival.

Please keep in mind that, while notifying the Comune of expatriation is voluntary, submitting the AIRE registration request to the Italian consulate abroad is


How to check the status of the AIRE registration request and the processing time?

The consulate usually takes about 50 days to process a request from the time it is submitted.

To check the status of your AIRE registration, you need to visit SchedaAnagrafica in portal. Please get in touch with for more information on AIRE registration.

The status in the portal only refers to the application’s status at the consulate. Only the Comune in Italy can complete the official AIRE registration.

Given that each Comune has its registry (which the consulate cannot access directly), we recommend that Italian citizens whose AIRE application status has been processed but whose AIRE registration does not show “ISCRITTO” in status contact the Italian Comune directly. In Italy, citizens can find contact information for their Comune by visiting or

How to register the children who were born in another country in AIRE?

If a child is born outside of Italy, their birth certificate must be registered in Italy at the consulate.

Please see the website’s Vital Records page for instructions on registering birth certificates and submitting the required documentation to the Vital Records department.

It is unnecessary to submit the online AIRE registration request when submitting a birth registration request. The Vital Records Department will prepare the AIRE registration for minors and submit it to the Italian Comune and the birth certificate registration request.

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