Indian Passport Renewal in UK

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If you are in the UK but have an Indian passport, you may need to renew your Passport while in the UK. This could be because your Passport has expired, being lost, or simply running out of blank pages. If your personal details are changed, such as getting married, you may need to obtain a new Indian passport.

Indian Passport Renewal in UK

Indian passport renewal in the UK is possible, but you must ensure that you have all the necessary documents. There are also fees associated with the service.

Click2Visas will explain how to renew an Indian passport in the UK, what documents you’ll need, and the fees in this complete guide.

As a result of the Covid crisis, passport application centre policies may change without warning. It is essential to check before you apply.

Overview of where to apply for Indian passport renewal

The Indian government collaborates with a Passport application center to provide passport services. You have to request it personally unless you have authorized an immediate family member to do it. If there is an authority letter, your spouse or close blood relative can apply on your behalf.

Indian passport renewal process is not entirely online, you can begin the process by submitting an online application. Indian government provides online applications, and you need to complete them before attending a appointment and follow the below steps.

  • First, complete the Online Passport Application and print it.
  • Fix the appointment at the Passport Application Center as per your jurisdiction.
  • Visit the center on the appointment date with the required documents. Re-scheduling of appointments is not allowed.
  • After successful submission, you need to track it.
  • Passport application processing time is 4 to 5 weeks.

Passport jurisdiction information

  • High Commission of India, London – If you are in this consular jurisdiction, you need to submit your applications at the two London visa application centers (Goswell Road and Hounslow), Cardiff and Belfast. When completing the online application form for Indian Passport Services, you must select the UK-London as Jurisdiction.
  • Consulate General of India, Birmingham – If you are in this consular jurisdiction, you need to submit your applications at visa application centers in Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester, Liverpool, and Bradford. You must choose the UK- Birmingham as your Jurisdiction while filling the application form Online for Indian Passport Services.
  • Consulate General of India, Edinburgh – If you are in this consular jurisdiction, you can submit your applications in Edinburgh or Glasgow. During the online application process, you must specify UK-Edinburgh as your Jurisdiction.

Fill out the online form for renewing an Indian passport

  • Online Passport Form – Indians living in London, Birmingham, and Edinburgh need to use the new portal. “” to fill out the online passport form.
  • We must only use the Online Registration Form. There will be no handwritten or downloaded application forms accepted.

Essential documents required for Indian Passport Renewal in UK

If Re-issue of Passport on expiry or up to one year before expiry of passport / Insufficient blank pages in the Passport and having a valid visa, below documents are required.

  • Printed Online Application Form – You need to carry the printed application form to the center for submission.
  • Photo – Two recent (2 inch X 2 inch) identical photographs show a frontal view of the entire face. Color photographs with a white background are preferred.
  • Specimen Declaration – Specimen Declaration of the Applicant. You need to fill the form and add the date, and sign.
  • Police Verification of the Form – Police Verification Form must be submitted with all applications.
  • Passport Copies – Photocopies of the first and last pages of the Passport. If the last Passport was not issued in London, a copy of the entry visa is required.
  • Valid Visa – A copy of a valid UK visa/Biometric Card is required.
  • Address Proof – Evidence of your address in the UK.
  • Indian Address – We need to add one Indian address with a Police station and pin code in the  Passport application.
  • Declaration Form – Passport Application center declaration form.
  • Authority Letter (If Applicable) – Authoritarian example If the applicant is incapable of coming in person to submit the passport application form or pick up the Passport from the High Commission of India. This should be given only to close family members like spouse or blood relatives.

If Re-issue of Passport on expiry more than one year less than 3 years and having a valid visa, below additional document is required apart from the above.

  • Reason Letter – A letter to the relevant mission explaining the reason for the passport renewal delay.
  • Affidavit of Expired Passport – Specimen Affidavit for re-issue of Passport, the validity
  • of which has expired for more than one year.

The formats of the above are with Click2Visas and we will take care of the filling them.

Indian passport renewal fee in UK

  • Re-issue of passports: Up to 1 year after expiry or up to 1 year before expiry of Passport and having valid visa/if there are no sufficient blank pages in the Passport.
    • For an ordinary 36 pages passport – £ 56.00.
    • For jumbo 60 pages passport – £ 74.00.
    • Additional fee for Tatkal Service for both – £ 107.00.
  • Re-issue of Passports: Passport expired for more than one year and having valid Visa/expired Visa
    • For an ordinary 36 pages passport – £ 78.00.
    • For jumbo 60 pages passport – £ 96.00.
    • Affidavit Charge – £ 22.

Points to remember

  • In addition to the specified amount as mentioned above, applicants need to pay a service fee of £ 7.44 per application when organizing their payments.
  • For all Passport services, an extra price of £ 2.00 per application is charged as a ‘Consular Surcharge.’ The additional fee includes the fees mentioned above and is appropriately represented in the receipts issued to the applicant.
  • All service fees are subject to revision at any time.
  • Payment Mode: Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Postal Order, or Bank Draft.

What happens at the Passport Application Centre

  • On Passport Appointment Date, please reach 15 minutes before your appointment.
  • Take online passport printed form with sign and date, Appointment confirmation letter, all documents with original and copies.
  • A Security Officer will greet applicants at the center’s entry, and after validating their information, they will get a token number for the appropriate service. Applicants must find a seat and wait for their numbers to be called out on a screen in the waiting area.
  • When the applicant arrives at the desk, they need to produce the relevant documents and pay for the service.
  • Once the procedure is over, the applicant will be notified of the tentative timelines and the receipt of the paid-for services. When the documents are complete, applicants will receive a text message informing them of the status of their application (paid service).
  • The center has the right to conduct random bag searches on applicants and guests in the interest of safety and security. Threatening or foul language or behavior directed at the employee’s will not be accepted under any circumstances.

FAQ on Indian passport renewal

What is an Indian Passport validity?

A new Indian Passport is required when the old Passport has completed its 10 year validity. For Adults: on and above 15 years from the date of issue.

Is it necessary for the applicant to attest to photocopies of original documents?

Yes. All original documents must have a self-attested photocopy. When applying, the original documents should be presented for inspection.

Is it true that a passport will not be provided if the name on the Passport differs significantly from the name on the UK residence permit?

Yes. If this is the case, the applicant will be prompted to correct/clarify the error. Any further service will be provided only after the rectification/clarification was completed.

Is it possible to have an Indian passport with a UK address?

Typically, an Indian passport does not allow for a UK address. However, in exceptional cases, when the applicant demonstrates that they have no permanent address in India and have Indefinite Leave to stay in the UK, an applicant is authorized to reflect their UK address in their Indian Passport.

If necessary, the High Commission and its separate Consulates may request an affidavit from the applicant stating that they do not have a permanent address in India. Others who wish to include their UK address in addition to their permanent address in India may do so through an endorsement on their Indian passport.

Can amendments such as a change of location or the addition/deletion of a spouse’s name be made at the time of re-issuance?

Yes. This is subject to meeting the requirements for such services.

Which documents are acceptable as evidence of identity/nationality if necessary?

  • Photo Identity Cards issued in India such as your driving License, Indian Election ID Card, Family Ration Card or PAN Card, Adhaar Card.
  • Employer letter attesting to the applicant’s identity.
  • Introduction letter from two Indian nationals living in the UK.
  • Original Damaged Passport.

How to track Passport?

You will receive an email update. If you don’t have access to email or would like more precise tracking information, you can opt to get text message updates instead of email notifications. This service may not be offered at the Visa Application Centre you are visiting, so make sure you ask.

You can track online in “

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