Latest details on India Visa costs in the UK

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All visitors except Nepal and Bhutan citizens require an Indian visa. Indian government facilitates visa exemption to its neighbouring countries, Nepal and Bhutan nationals. The government of India issues visas in two categories, paper and electronic visas.

You can get the paper visa from your nearby Indian Embassy/Consulate. To get a paper visa, you need to visit the embassy, stand in a queue, and apply. On the other hand, India also issues e-visa, which you can get online.

Latest details on India Visa costs in the UK

The Government of India has now introduced one-month, one-year, and five-year electronic visas for travelers from the UK. And these visas can be used for tourism, business, medical, and conference purposes.

An e-Visa is now sufficient for most visitors from the UK, eliminating the need to obtain a regular visa before arriving in India. Click2Visas provides India evisa service at a low cost for travelers from the UK. You can easily book your India evisa from your home in a short time.

In this blog, we have covered the details about India visa costs in the UK. Before applying for any visa, refer to the table below to give you an accurate fee.

Why India Paper Visa?

As we saw earlier, evisa is easy to obtain, and you can get one online. But the Indian e-visas are issued for short-term periods. At the max, you can get tourist evisa with a validity of 5 years. The validity period is one year for business evisa.

To meet the long-term requirements Indian government issues a paper visa. If you are from the UK and need a visa for ten years, you can go for a paper visa. The process is a little bit difficult, but you can get a maximum validity visa.

If you are not applying for an e-Visa, you can now apply online for a regular paper visa. The Indian government has implemented a centralized online application process. You can fully complete and submit the form online before submitting your application, passport, and supporting documents to the relevant Indian Mission (Indian consulate or embassy) in your country.

If you cannot appear in person at an Indian consulate, you can still apply through a visa processing center. You’ll need to fill out your application form online at the agency’s website, and then mail it in with the necessary documents.

Types of Indian Paper Visa:

Under the paper visa category, the Indian government issues different visas for different purposes. The types are,

  • Tourist Visa with Ten Years Validity: Tourist visas are for people who want to visit people and go sightseeing in India or participate in a short-term yoga program.
  • Entry Visa: An Entry visa used to be issued to people who didn’t fall into any of the other categories of visas issued by India, such as volunteers.
  • Employment Visa: Foreigners working in India for an organization registered in India are granted employment visas. Foreigners performing long-term volunteer work in India now have access to employment visas.
  • Business Visa with Ten Years Validity: People who want to explore business opportunities or conduct business in India can apply for a business visa. This visa differs from an Employment visa in that the applicant will not be working for or earning an income from an Indian organization.
  • Student Visa: Student visas for people who want to come to India and study at an officially recognized educational institution for an extended period. This includes the study of Vedic Culture, yoga, and the Indian dance and music system.
  • Journalist Visa: You should apply for a journalist visa if you are a professional journalist or photographer. The main advantage of a journalist visa is that it allows you to gain access to a specific region or person.
  • Research Visa: Professors and scholars who wish to visit India for research purposes are granted research visas. This is yet another problematic visa category to obtain. It is restrictive and has a lot of requirements.
  • Film Visa: To make a TV show or a commercial film in India, you need a Film visa. Film visa application is reviewed and processed by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting within 60 days.
  • Medical/Escort Visa: Medical visas are issued to individuals seeking long-term medical treatment in India at recognized and specialized hospitals and treatment facilities. Heart surgery, Neurosurgery, joint replacement, organ transplantation, plastic surgery, and gene therapy should all be considered.
  • Conference Visa: Delegates who want to attend a conference in India hosted by an Indian government organization are granted conference visas. Those traveling to India for a meeting with a private organization should apply for a business visa.
  • Transit Visa: A Transit visa is available for visitors staying in India for less than 72 hours. A tourist visa is required otherwise. When applying for the visa, you must show a confirmed airline booking for your onward journey.

Indian Paper Visa Cost:

To plan the right budget amount of visa fee detail is essential. In the below table, we have covered fee details of all the Indian paper visas. Refer to this and plan accordingly.

Visa Types Validity Period Fee in GBP
Business Visa 1 Year 165
Business Visa 5 Years 495
Business Visa 10 Years 495
Conference Visa 5 Years 61
Entry(X) Visa 1 Year 110
Entry(X) Visa 5 Years 330
Employment Visa 6 Months 314
Employment Visa 1 Year 341
Employment Visa 2 Years 407
Film Visa 1 Year 89
Journalist Visa 1 Year 61
Medical/Escort Visa 1 Year 88
Research Visa 1 Year 167
Student Visa 5 Years 156
Tourist Visa 1 Year 110
Tourist Visa 5 Years 330
Transit Visa 3 Months 60

Indian Evisa Types and its Cost:

Like Paper visa Indian Evisa also issued for different purposes. You can apply evisa for tourist, medical, business, and conference visits to India for a short period. In the case of evisa, you don’t have to search more for details. Click2Visas assists in booking Indian evisa.

The Indian e-visa fee structures are given below,

Visa Types Validity Period Fee in USD
e-Business Visa 1 Year 0-100
e-Conference Visa 30 Days 0-100
e-Medical 60 Days 0-100
e-Medical Attendant 60 Days 0-100
e-Tourist Visa 30 Days 0-25
e-Tourist Visa 1 Year 0-40
e-Tourist Visa 5 Years 0-80

Indian evisa fee is not same for all. It differs based on your nationality. Indian government issues e-visa to certain nationals free of cost and charges 100 USD for certain nationals. Let’s see who all are eligible for zero visa cost.

Zero Visa Fee Nationals: Argentina, Fiji, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kiribati, The Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Micronesia, Myanmar, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, The Solomon Islands, South Africa, Seychelles, Tonga, Tuvalu, Uruguay, Vanuatu. These nationals don’t need to pay e-visa costs.

You can check the exact fee for your nationality in Click2Visas. Visit our visa checker and choose your nationality; then, you will get the entire fee structure.

E tourist visa India fees UK will also get vary based on the season. You can get e-tourist 30 days visa at a low cost if you are applying from April to June. If you want more details about the e-visa fee, you can chat with us.

Benefits of Using Click2Visas:

Click2Visas works efficiently in providing services related to international travel. Click2Visas assist in applying for an Indian e-visa. Click2Visas stand with you in the processing period until the completion to make the process error-free and timely.

In the last five years, we have helped many people with prompt services around the globe. Click2Visas is one of the leading service providers. Click on us to avoid tricky paperwork and tedious processing.

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