How much does an India Medical Visa Cost from UK?

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India has the exclusive distinction of having six recognized systems of medicine. There is Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Yoga, Naturopathy, and Homoeopathy. India attracts patients worldwide by being cost-effective, and efficient doctors and friendly nurses are a great resource to India. Are you ready to fly for a medical check-up to India? Click2Visas helps to process your E-Medical visa and E-Medical attendant visa. The service charge for E-Medical Visa is comparatively very less compared to other providers.  

How much does an India Medical Visa Cost from UK?

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is the cost of an E-Medical visa & E-Medical Attendant visa to India?

Indian E-Medical visa & E-Medical Attendant visa costs around 102.5 USD for 60 days. The fees might vary based on the nationality of the applicants.

Does the visa fee differ for single and multiple entries?

The fee differs only with nationality, not with entries.

In which currency do I require to pay the India Medical visa cost from UK?

Payment can be made in the regional currency. Click2Visas offers a convenient mode to pay by letting you make transactions in your country’s currency. 

Where can I apply for an India visa with a minimum fare?

The Click2Visas service fee is ten times less compared with the other visa agent’s service fees.  Visit Click2Visas to apply for a visa/ a passport and save money to medical visit in India.

What are the steps to ponder on before making payment for an India visa?

The steps to ensure before making payment:

  • Re-check on the Mail ID and Phone number. Make sure you provide the other mandatory details.
  • Have a check on the required documents, which need to be uploaded before the payment. (Ex. Passport, Flight tickets, etc.).
  • Please keep your debit card and credit card details handy.

Are you wondering why the above details suit only for online payment? Unfortunately, payment cannot be made in person at the center. Payment can be made only online.

Reach to the spot where you get a good network and proceed with the payment to avoid cancellations. Click2Visas provides a payment gateway for both debit and credit cards. 

Do not stress to yourself to know what currency the payment should be done. Click2Visas makes things simpler; you can pay in the currency of your current region.  

Can I make a payment in the center for an India visa?

No. The payment of India Medical visa cost from UK can be processed online only.

Which nations can avail India E-Medical Visa & E-Medical Attendant visa without visa fee?

There is no visa fee for these countries:

  • Argentina,
  • Fiji,
  • Indonesia,
  • Jamaica,
  • Kiribati,
  • The Marshall Islands,
  • Mauritius,
  • Micronesia,
  • Myanmar,
  • Nauru,
  • Niue Islands,
  • Palau,
  • Papua New Guinea,
  • Samoa,
  • The Solomon Islands,
  • South Africa,
  • Seychelles,
  • Tonga,
  • Tuvalu,
  • Uruguay,
  • Vanuatu.

Should an Appointment be booked at the Indian Mission?

  • If you have applied for an e-visa, there is no need for an appointment in the Indian Mission; that being the case, an appointment fee is unnecessary.
  • If you have requested a regular visa, the applicant can schedule the appointment at his/ her convenience with the concerned Indian Mission. Each applicant should schedule an appointment with the Indian Mission.

Is it inclusive of service taxes?        

  • If you apply via Click2Visas, the Visa fee and service fee are inclusive of all applicable taxes. 
  • Calm a bit and choose Click2Visas. We will take responsibility for your application for the visa.

I need an Indian E-Visa urgently. How much do I need to pay extra for expedited service?

Indian E-Medical visa & E-Medical Attendant visa takes four days or more for processing. There is no expedited service. It is advised not to fall or trust into the trap of any such unscrupulous parts who demand express/speedy afford of E-visa and charge amount for it.

Indian Visa fee in Click2Visas:

Click2Visas works efficiently in providing services related to international travel. In Click2Visas we assist in applying for a visa to India for medical purposes; we stand with you in the processing period until the completion to make the process error-free and timely. We have helped many people with prompt services around the globe. Click2Visas is one of the leading service providers, and we work to quench your wanderlust. Click on us to avoid tricky paperwork and tedious processing. In Click2Visas, we provide a 24/7 online Chat service to clear any of your queries. We give all the services under one roof. The very compromising service charge that we in Click2Visas offer will delight you! Yes, the service charge is ten times lower than the other service providers. Choose wisely; choose Click2Visas for a safe, prompt, and fast service at a very low cost.

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