How can Indians apply Visa for USA from the UK?

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British Indians are the most populous ethno-national group in London, accounting for approximately 6.6 percent of the total population. Many British Indians visit the USA from the UK for business and tourist purposes. Aside from being a terrific place in the business world, the United States is also a popular tourist destination. It features historical sites, impressive infrastructure, and stunning natural beauty.

Furthermore, the United States offers an appealing corporate climate. The United States is a popular business travel destination for Indians from the UK. As a result, Indians can apply for b1/b2 visas to enter the country for short periods.

Click2Visas presents this blog to describe the various details of Visa for USA and how British Indians can apply that from the UK.

Travel restrictions and Embassy rules may change at any time because of Covid. Be sure to check with Click2Visas before you start your application process.

Do Indians need Visa for USA?

Yes, Indians need a Non-Immigrant visa, a b1/b2 Visa, to visit the USA. India is not eligible for an online ESTA visa. Hence, Indians need to apply for this b1/b2 Visa based on their needs.

The US visitor visa allows Indians to visit the US for up to six months for short-term visits. Because there are two main reasons for people to come to the United States, there are two sorts of visitor visas in the B category:

  • The B1 Visa permits you to enter the US with the intention of doing business with an organization within the US.
  • The B2 Visa allows you to visit the US for tourism, pleasure, or visit friends and relatives.
  • The B1/B2 visa is valid for ten years. It is a multiple-entry visa that costs USD 160 or GBP 121.60.

Where can Indians apply Visa for USA from the UK?

The USA Embassy in London or the Consulate in Belfast issues Non-immigrant visas for Indians.

  • You can apply to the US Embassy in London if you live in England, Scotland, or Wales.
  • The Consulate in Belfast is the place to go if you are from Northern Ireland.

How to apply Visa for USA from UK?

If you are between 14 and 79, you must appear in person at a prearranged interview to apply for a visa. If you are under 14 or over the age of 80 may be eligible to apply by courier service.

You must take the following two steps:

  • Step 1: All visa applicants must complete and print the online DS-160 and confirmation page regardless of age. Please try to reply to all of the questions as truthfully as you can.
  • Step2: We must pay the MRV visa application fee at “” and set up an interview or obtain information on applying for the visa by courier.

Click2Visas will assist you to: 

Complete the DS-160 formà Pay the fee à Get an appointment at the US Embassy.

How can Indians apply Visa for USA from the UK

What documents do Indians need to apply Visa for USA?

When requesting a visa to the US, you must provide the following forms and documents:

  • Confirmation page of DS-160 form – You must submit a printout of your DS-160 confirmation document at the Embassy (the barcode page). Click2Visas will fill out this form on your behalf and send it to the email address you provide.
  • Color Photo – One recent color photo measuring 5 x 5 cm (2″ by 2″). We go over the photo requirements in great detail below.
  • Appointment confirmation page – We will book your appointment according to the Embassy’s schedule and send the confirmation page to your email address.
  • Valid Indian passport – Your passport or travel document must have many pages. In the United States, visas are printed on a passport or travel document rather than a separate document or card. As a result, one blank page is required for a visa to be stamped. If your passport has been tampered with, you must obtain a new one before applying for a visa to avoid visa delays.
  • UK Status – Evidence of your status in the UK. You can provide a UK resident Permit.
  • Previous US visas, if any – If the passport(s) carrying the visas are no longer in your possession, please advise the consular officer during your interview or attach a statement with your application if submitting by courier.
  • If applicable, the letter from a doctor – Bring a note from your doctor describing your current state of health if you have a medical issue that may influence your visa eligibility.
  • Criminal details if applicable – If you have ever been arrested, convicted, or warned (regardless of when, where, or why), you must state it at your visa interview and bring supplementary documents. You should also bring documents if you have overstayed your visa, been denied entrance, or been deported from the United States.
  • Bank Balance – You’ll need enough money to cover all your costs while in the United States. If you cannot afford the entire expense of your trip, you may offer documentation that another individual will cover some or all of the expenditures.
  • Details on Residence – You have a residence in the UK that you intend to return to. You may be able to demonstrate the purpose of your journey and your desire to return to your resident country by presenting evidence of your employment and/or family ties in the UK.
  • Documents for Minors – Birth Certificate, which includes the parents’ names, a copy of the parents’ Resident Permit, and the other documents specified above.
  • Letter from Organization if business trip – If you are participating in a business meeting, you must prove your expected business operations in the United States, such as a letter from your employer.

Rather than assurances from US family and friends, an applicant’s residency and ties in the UK determine whether they qualify for a USA visa application. A letter of invitation from the United States or an Affidavit of Support is not necessary to apply for a visiting visa. If you decide to bring a letter of invitation or an Affidavit of Support to your interview, please bear in mind that it is not one of the reasons for choosing whether to issue or deny the visa.

Guidelines on Photo

Expression and Pose – Face the camera directly and keep your head centered. You should have your eyes wide and your mouth closed with a neutral face.

Size of the photo – Your head should be between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inch in height, or between 22 mm and 35 mm, or between 50 and 69 % of the entire height of the image. JPEG image with a file size of no more than 240 KB.

Quality of photo – The photo should have a white or off-white background, appropriately depict the skin tones, and be in focus. You should not scan any photographs.

Image Appearance – Big No to – Selfies, hats, helmets, or uniforms. Photos should not be digitally enhanced.

Minor photo – You can place the infant on a white sheet or in a car sheet that has been covered with a white sheet. No one else should be seen in the picture. There should be nothing covering the child’s face.

Complete guidance on Visa for USA procedures

Visa Interview

Interviews can only be scheduled by appointment. Applicants aged 14 to 79 must appear in person for an interview with a consular officer. Bring your Appointment Confirmation letter.

You will not be accepted more than 30 minutes before the specified time, and your visa appointment may be canceled if you arrive late. Expect to spend two to three hours at the Embassy or Consulate.

The interview with a consulate officer typically lasts only a few minutes. Staff will collect, enter, and review your application before the interview. Your fingerprints will be scanned electronically.

Processing time of visa

  • Processed applications typically take 3–5 business days before being handed up to a courier for delivery; at least another 2 business days should be given for delivery.
  • Suppose that your visa application was denied for administrative processing under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. In that scenario, the consular division will contact you when it is finished or requested more information from you.

There is no way the Embassy can guarantee visa issuance or processing periods ahead of time. All processing timeframes given are simply approximations. If you need a USA visa, we recommend that you apply well before your anticipated travel date and refrain from making non-refundable travel reservations until you have received your visa and passport.

Return of Passport

  • It is not feasible to pick up your passport in person from the Embassy or Consulate. Your passport will be given to the courier service as soon as your visa application has been processed and approved.
  • When your USA visa application is approved, your passport will be given to a courier provider for delivery, and you will be emailed a tracking number. You may trace your delivery using this tracking number by entering your account online at
  • Applicants can choose how their passports will be returned to them as part of the appointment booking process. If your address or delivery place changes, or if you can’t recall where your passport is meant to be sent, you must notify the Visa Appointment Service.

Challenges of Covid-19

Regardless of origin, all air travelers two years of age and older traveling to the United States must present a negative COVID-19 viral test.

COVID-19-infected travelers in the United States may also show documentation from a licensed healthcare provider that they have recovered within the preceding 90 days.

You must research quarantine requirements for the United States state you will be visiting. The most recent Covid information is available on the CDC website and the state’s health department website.

Please keep in mind that you must quarantine following CDC and local regulations. (

FAQ on Visa for USA

How will the Embassy get in touch with me?

When scheduling the visa appointment, the Embassy will contact you via the email address you supplied. Because this is the only method the Embassy will contact you, please ensure that this information is updated if your email address changes.

What if the Embassy requests extra documentation from me?

If the Nonimmigrant Visa Department requests additional documentation, you must scan and submit it to “” Please do not send the documents via Royal Mail or a courier service since this will severely delay your application.

Please remember that you can only send scanned documents to this email address.

What is the best method to send my passport to the Embassy?

For non-immigrant visa applicants, the contracted courier is the only approved means of transmitting your passport and/or documents to the Embassy. This service is already included in your visa fee and will not cost you any additional money.

In general, the Embassy cannot accept passports or other documents submitted by other means.

For more information:

How to extend a non-immigrant visa?

There is no way to prolong a non-immigrant visa. Most non-immigrant visas are suitable for several years. Please check the USA visa in your passport to confirm the visa validity length in your situation.

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