Who should apply for an ESTA?

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An ESTA USA is a travel authorization that allows travelers to enter the United States without a visa. The online application form allows you to submit an ESTA application quickly and easily.

3 Simple Ways to Apply ESTA in the UK

Nationals of Visa wavier countries who want to visit the United States for tourism, business, or transit can apply for the US Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

The United Kingdom is among the countries eligible to apply for an ESTA. This visa waiver system allows British nationals to visit the United States without a visa for up to 90 days. The USA ESTA is valid for two years from the date of issue and allows multiple entries into the US.

The ESTA application form in Click2Visas is simple and quick to fill out. Applicants from the United Kingdom must meet specific criteria for their travel authorization to be approved.


An ESTA is an electronic travel authorization for the United States, not a physical document. US Customs and Border Protection launched ESTA for security and border measures. This way, all incoming travelers can be screened ahead of time, and unwanted visitors can be turned away.

Before boarding, Airlines and shipping companies will look for your ETA with your passport number in the US Customs and Border Protection database. Visitors without this travel authorization will be denied boarding.

Who should apply for an ESTA?

If you satisfy the following criteria, you can apply for an ESTA,

  • You are a national of a country participating in the Visa Waiver Program.
  • If you don’t have any USA visitor’s visa.
  • Your US trip will not last more than 90 days.
  • You intend to visit the United States for either business or tourism.

You can submit a single authorization application or a group of applications for two or more people.

United States Visa Waiver Program:

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP), which the Department of Homeland Security administers (DHS) in collaboration with the State Department, allows citizens of 39 countries to visit the United States for tourism and business travel for up to 90 days without a US visa.

Citizens of Visa Wavier Countries need ESTA before departure. If you hold a passport of any Visa Waiver Program countries listed below, you can apply for ESTA online.

ESTA Required Countries ESTA Required Countries ESTA Required Countries
Andorra Hungary Norway
Australia Iceland Poland
Austria Ireland Portugal
Belgium Italy San Marino
Brunei Japan Singapore
Chile Latvia Slovakia
Czech Republic Liechtenstein Slovenia
Denmark Lithuania South Korea
Estonia Luxembourg Spain
Finland Republic of Malta Sweden
France Monaco Switzerland
Germany Netherlands Taiwan
Greece New Zealand United Kingdom

3 Simple Steps to apply ESTA in the UK:

To enter the US, British citizens and other eligible nationals in the UK must first fill out the simple ESTA application form online.

  • Step 1: Raise a request with Click2Visas: Visit Click2visas and raise an ESTA request. We have a customized and user-friendly ESTA form. You need to enter your basic information and upload your passport. We will handle the remaining ESTA form filling process based on the document.
  • Step 2: Pay the ESTA fee online. Instead of stressing over which payment method to use, you can pay the ESTA fee with any card.
  • Step 3: After the successful payment, finish and submit the request.

It only takes few minutes to raise the request. Once the request has been made, we will process the request within a short time and will send your ESTA to your mail-id as soon as possible. After each step, you will get the notification mail from Click2Visas. In addition, we will also notify you of the status of your application on a timely basis.

Click2Visas system is highly secured and strict protocols. We don’t store or share your details with any third party. We are in this industry for more than five years, and we have the pleasure of serving many customers around the world.

Important ESTA Application Guidelines:

  • Travelers must show proof of future departure from the United States when they arrive in the country, such as a return or transit ticket.
  • An ESTA is also required for trips to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the American Virgin Islands, or the Northern Marianas.
  • Travelers suspected of posing a threat to the safety or public order of the United States may be denied entry at any time by Homeland Security, even if they have a valid ESTA or US visa.
  • Travelers who visited Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, or Somalia after March 10, 2011, or who have ever held the nationality of one of these countries are ineligible to apply for an ESTA.

Travelers who do not meet the above-mentioned ESTA requirements possess the risk of deportation and the pre-emptive rejection of all future US visa applications.

How long is an ESTA valid?

After your ESTA is granted, it is valid for up to two years. During this time, you are permitted to visit the United States an unlimited number of times. The length of each stay is limited to a maximum of 90 days. However, in some cases, the ESTA’s validity may expire sooner. An ESTA that has expired cannot be extended or corrected. A completely new application must be submitted.

When can the validity of an ESTA be less than two years?

If any one of the below-mentioned criteria is met, the ESTA’s validity period is reduced to less than two years:

  • To travel, a different passport is used than the one used to submit the ESTA application.
  • The ESTA application form is either incomplete or incorrectly filled out.
  • Specific information on the completed ESTA form is no longer valid.
  • The visitor intends to stay in the United States for more than 90 days in a row.
  • The traveler did not meet the requirements for using an ESTA.

An ESTA is inextricably linked to the passport used to fill out the application form. As a result, it is impossible to travel to the United States with another passport without applying for a new ESTA.

When a passport expires, the validity of the ESTA expires as well. If all of the passport information were not correctly filled out during the ESTA application process, the ESTA validity would also expire.

Is your passport about to expire?

Before applying for a new ESTA, always apply for a new passport. The application form requires the new passport’s passport number to be filled in. Most passport offices provide a special expedited procedure for obtaining a new passport quickly.

An ESTA can also be obtained through an expedited application procedure. On average, urgent application procedures are approved within an hour.

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