What are the services provided by the Gambia Consulate in Saint Paul?

What are the services provided by the Gambia Consulate in Saint Paul?

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The Gambia Honorary Consulate is in Saint Paul, with Mr. Christian R serving as the Honorary Consul. The Honorary Consulate offers many services to the Gambian Citizen in the United States, such as the Gambian passport renewal, attestation certificates, emergency certificates, etc.

1575 Ames Ave E, St Paul, MN 55106
Tel: 310-800-1442
Email: saintpaulconsulate@gambiaembassydc.org

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What are the primary tasks performed by the Embassy/Consulate of Gambia located in Saint Paul, USA? 

The Embassy/Consulate assists travelers from the United States to Gambia, and citizens traveling from Gambia to the United States. It also plays a significant role in an educational exchange program sponsored by the Gambia government. To allow for more ease of use and access, the Embassy/Consulate has established multiple Consulates across the country to offer services seamlessly.

What type of passport services are provided by the Gambia Embassy/Consulate? 

The primary purposes of travel to the United States by Gambia nationals are tourism, higher education, employment, and other activities (such as parents visiting children, business events, etc.). In the United States, any foreign resident needs to possess a valid travel document, or the traveler will be deported to their home country. If the travel documents, such as a passport, expired, or were lost, the Embassy would work to provide new records to the traveler.

How many Gambia Consulates/Embassy is in the United States to serve travelers? 

The Gambia Honorary Consulate in Saint Paul (address listed above) along with two Consulates/Embassy spread across the country aid travelers to and from Gambia.

Embassy of Gambia – Washington Dc 

5630 16th St NW

Washington, DC 20011

Honorary Consulate of Gambia – Miami

9562 NW 8th Circle

Plantation, FL 33161

Does a Consulate operate out of Saint Paul Consulate/Embassy? 

There is no separate consular address in Saint Paul. Both Embassy and Consular service office located in the same address