Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Uruguay

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Uruguay

1 week ago

For family reunification purposes, Uruguay now permits travelers to enter.

There are officially closed Uruguayan boundaries, with a few exceptions for family reunification between parents and minor single or adult children with disabilities, or between spouses or common-law spouses.

Tourists wearing face masks

The country can also be reached by drivers for foreign transport firms, aircraft pilots, and seamen. See the website of the Ministry of Tourism (in Spanish) for more information. Via Montevideo (MVD) or Punta del Este (PDP), nationals and residents of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela can pass via. Both passengers and airline crew entering Uruguay will be allowed to show a negative RT-PCR coronavirus test certificate performed within 72 hours of travel and to fill out a health affidavit.

Travelers who remain longer than 7 days must be separated for 7 days. They will be re-tested on day 7 and, with a negative result, can leave quarantine. For touch tracing, travelers must also download the ‘Coronavirus Oops,’ and all non-resident foreigners entering Uruguay must have evidence of health insurance covering suspected or true coronavirus.