Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Tunisia

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Tunisia

1 week ago

From 26 August, all travelers must take a PCR test within 72 hours of their departure, regardless of which country they are visiting from, and show the negative test results at the airport upon arrival in Tunisia.

The new travel restrictions for Tunisia are now in place.

Crowd of people wearing face mask on a crowded public subway train travel

Entry conditions now differ based on the prevalence of the disease in the country of residence of the traveler.

Travelers from “Red” countries may enter Tunisia only if they are residents or nationals of Tunisia. Within 72 hours of their departure, they must present a negative coronavirus PCR test and will be subjected to 7 days in government quarantine and an additional 7 days in Home self-isolation, subject to a COVID-19 negative test. To ensure that they will abide by these laws, they must also sign a document.

Individuals living in ‘Orange’ countries will need to send a PCR negative coronavirus test within 3 days of their departure and will have to isolate themselves for 14 days at their place of residence or hotel at their own expense. They will do so from the sixth day after their arrival, if they wish to leave self-isolation, by paying for a PCR test and getting a negative result.

Individuals resident in ‘Green’ countries will not be subject to any entry criteria unique to coronavirus and will not need to take a test before leaving.