Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in the Republic of Congo

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in the Republic of Congo

2 weeks ago

The Republic of Congo has reopened its international airports and has resumed international flights for travelers.

The Republic of Congo reopened its international airports on 24 August and resumed international passenger flights.

Afro-american traveler man with yellow suitcase stands in airport terminal, wear protective face mask to protect yourself from flu virus, pandemic covid-19, waiting for flight and boarding

A negative COVID-19 test must be sent to travelers entering the Republic of Congo within 72 hours of their departure upon arrival. Children under 11 years of age are excluded from COVID-19 test results.

All passengers visiting the Republic of the Congo will be subject to compulsory airport arrival and quarantine testing at a government-operated facility. In certain cases, the home quarantine will be allowed after Covid’s verification.