Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Sudan

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Sudan

1 week ago

Sudan suspended all flights to the country until at least 10 October, with the exception of nationals, citizens, foreign nationals with a valid residence, and prior authorization from the Sudanese authorities, repatriation, medical, humanitarian flights, and flights from Egypt, Turkey, or the United Arab Emirates.

Asian woman wearing surgical face mask against novel coronavirus or coronavirus disease at public train station

Foreign national officials with no valid residency can apply to the Sudanese authorities via their international organization for prior permission to enter Sudan. A PCR test taken within 4 days before arrival must be given to travelers over the age of 12 who are qualified to enter Sudan and may be subject to further testing upon arrival.

In compliance with the Sudanese conditions of entry, they will also need to self-isolate. All arrivals are expected to include details of their original travel, transit, and destination location, including their self-isolation address and contact details.