Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Slovenia

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Slovenia

6 days ago

Slovenia reopened its borders to EU and Schengen nationals and to those commuting within the Schengen region, but special quarantine restrictions apply to travelers coming from countries with high COVID-19 rates. Only for ‘important’ reasons may travelers who are not EU/Schengen nationals or traveling within the Schengen Zone enter the country.

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Slovenia continues to make changes to its listings for travelers who can enter the country.

Without restrictions and quarantine, travelers arriving from a country on the green list may enter Slovenia.

Travelers arriving in Slovenia from a country on the Yellow List (countries not included in either the Green or Red List) who are Slovenian citizens and foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in Slovenia traveling from the EU Member States or the Schengen Region may enter Slovenia without quarantine, given that evidence is provided that they are not arriving in Slovenia. A mandatory 10-day quarantine would be extended to other travelers arriving from a country on the yellow list.

Travelers arriving from a Red List country will be subject to a mandatory 10-day quarantine, irrespective of their nationality or their country of residence.

If all the exemptions mentioned below are met, travelers arriving from a country on the yellow and red list may be permitted to enter the country without going through a 10-day quarantine. Any of the exemptions require the traveler to request the results of a negative coronavirus test taken 3 days before arrival.

Quarantine exemptions include transit travelers, holders of diplomatic passports, citizens involved in major social and economic activities, and foreign transport workers. You will find a full list of exemptions on the Slovenian government’s website.