Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Seychelles

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Seychelles

2 weeks ago

For visitors arriving from a select group of countries, Seychelles has lifted travel restrictions. Travelers from countries with special status will be eligible to travel to Seychelles under strict conditions.

With the reopening of its borders to commercial flights from certain areas from 1 August, Seychelles began to ease its travel restrictions.

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Separate entry requirements for visitors and for returning residents or work permit holders have been specified by the Department of Health. A comprehensive list of entry requirements and application forms is available on the website of the Department of Health.

A list of originating countries considered low to medium risk has been published by the Department of Health in Seychelles. Travelers originating in countries perceived to be at high risk will not be able to join until further notice. Seychelles government notifications should be reviewed by travelers planning to fly to Seychelles and contact their airline to ensure that they will be allowed to enter. Non-residents must have proof of a hotel reservation.

A completed application for entrance into Seychelles must be submitted to the Public Health Commissioner prior to boarding. It is possible to obtain the form at http:/

Travelers must have a medical certificate given no more than 72 hours prior to arrival with a negative COVID-19 test result and are subject to medical screening.

Seychelles nationals and residents are subject to a fourteen-day quarantine.

From 1 October, travelers from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the United Arab Emirates will be permitted to fly to Seychelles under special conditions.

A negative COVID-19 PCR test was taken within 48 hours prior to departure to Seychelles and needed to stay in one establishment (specifically approved to accommodate) for the first 5 days after entering Seychelles must be submitted by travelers from ‘special status countries.’ All visitors from ‘special status countries’ must have a PCR Covid-19 exam on the 5th day after arrival.

If the PCR test is negative, travel inside Seychelles will be free. If the PCR test is positive, the Public Health Authority will require them to reside in a designated hospital or medical hospital until rehabilitation and cleared.

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