Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Poland

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Poland

2 weeks ago

Travelers from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, the United Kingdom, Canada, Georgia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, New Zealand, Tunisia, and Australia are now recognized by Poland.

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Poland has restored its flights from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, and the United Kingdom, as well as from Georgia, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Tunisia, South Korea, New Zealand, and Australia. All other flights shall remain suspended until at least 14 July, except for humanitarian and medical flights, public order flights, emergency flights, Prime Minister’s flights, and repatriation flights operated by international air carriers on the orders of foreign states.

EU, EEA, and UK nationals are no longer expected to enter quarantine upon entry.

The list of countries whose national are permitted to enter Poland is subject to review by the government of Poland and is regularly updated (in Polish) on this page.

Travelers entering Poland from any country outside the EU/Schengen Area/UK may be forced to separate themselves for a period of 14 days. Exceptions include freight drivers, holders of work permits, airline cabin crew, Polish citizens’ spouses and children, train employees, farmworkers, students, and school pupils studying in Poland, and representatives of diplomatic missions, consulates, or foreign organizations and their families.