Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in the Philippines

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in the Philippines

2 weeks ago

The borders of the Philippines are open only to returning Filipino nationals and their spouses and children, Indian nationals with a temporary resident visa, Chinese nationals with a permanent resident visa who are spouses of Philippine nationals, and foreign nationals with a certain visa category.

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International citizens wishing to enter the Philippines must have a visa in the following categories; otherwise at the port of entry, they are at risk of being turned away:

-native-born foreign nationals (native-born visa)-non-immigrant visas issued in compliance with Section 13 of the Immigration Act (Section 13 Series Visa:/a, b, c, d, e, g)-residents issued in accordance with the RA 7919 visa or the Alien Social Integration Act;-executive order 324 or the Alien Legalization Program (EO 324 visa).

A completed Case Investigation Form must be provided upon arrival by all arriving travelers and airline crew. They will be screened for coronavirus (COVID-19) and put into quarantine at their own expense, waiting for the test results.

Travelers arriving in Davao must have a medical certificate given within 72 hours before departure with a negative Coronavirus (COVID-19) test result.