Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Norway

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Norway

2 weeks ago

For travelers coming from the UK, Norway has reintroduced restrictions. As of 21 August, all UK travelers will be expected to be in quarantine on arrival for 10 days.

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As of 15 July, Norway is lifting entry restrictions for people resident in the Schengen Area/EEA countries with an appropriate level of infection in Norway. This implies that, upon arrival in Norway, citizens of those countries would not be subject to quarantine. Nationals of such countries, whether they live, work, or have property in Norway, can always travel to Norway from other areas.

They would be subject to a 10-day quarantine if they fly from high-risk countries to Norway. The list of areas at high risk is being updated here. Travelers who do not live in the countries referred to above may only travel to Norway for purposes, such as starting work or studying in Norway, provided the work is imminent. They would need to bring a copy of a working contract to gain admission. You can also carry proof of this from people coming to Norway to work on a temporary assignment. The quarantine regulations are expected to be observed by those who come to Norway to work or study. If the destination is not within Norway, non-residents are still able to transit through Norwegian airports. For most other travelers who are not EEA / UK nationals or citizens, entry is still limited until at least 1 November 2020.