Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Nigeria

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Nigeria

2 weeks ago

Travelers must present and complete an online form with a negative COVID-19 PCR test released within 120 hours before departure for Nigeria. Travelers must take a second PCR test upon arrival and are subject to self-isolation.

Asian female tourists wearing masks prevent covid-19

Travelers must complete the “Health Declaration Form” on the Nigeria International Travel Portal online pre-boarding. Within 5 days of their departure to Nigeria, travelers must have given a negative COVID-19 PCR test and submitted their PCR test certificate to the online travel portal. Travelers must also bring proof of the test and result while traveling. Only a COVID-19 PCR test is accessed. All visitors will be screened by Port Health Officials upon arrival and will be asked to provide full contact information, including their Nigerian address.

All new arrivals are supposed to self-isolate until the outcome of their second PCR test (which should be taken on the 7th day of arrival) is known at one location in the city of their arrival. If the second test is negative, from day 8 onwards, individuals should leave self-isolation. According to national guidelines for the treatment of COVID-19, any person who has acquired symptoms of coronavirus during their travel, or if the later tests are positive, will be managed. At a government-monitored treatment facility, this can require quarantine.