Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in New Zealand

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in New Zealand

2 weeks ago

Except for Australian nationals living in New Zealand and Samoan or Tongan citizens making important trips, New Zealand has limited the entry of all foreign nationals.

With a few minor exceptions, New Zealand has prohibited access to all travelers who are not New Zealand nationals (Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau) or permanent residents.

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Immigration New Zealand (INZ) permission should be obtained by the following persons using the selective exemption process: partners, dependent children (aged 24 years and under), and legal guardians of people and residents of New Zealand. Australian citizens and permanent residents who usually live in New Zealand Essential health workers Other essential workers expressly agreed to by the Government of New Zealand Samoans and Tongans make essential travel partners based in New Zealand and dependent children (aged 19 and under) of a work or student visa holder who is in New Zealand Crucial humanitarian travel Ma Travelers can transit through New Zealand only if, on their way to Australia, they are Australian nationals or residents, or have government authorization. All Cook Islanders and Cook Islands Permit Holders who have been present in New Zealand for at least 30 days and whose main purpose of travel is to return home, or to take up or resume jobs, will be available for transit from 19 June onwards.