Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in New Caledonia

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in New Caledonia

2 weeks ago

For urgent family/work purposes, New Caledonia has limited the entry to all travelers who are not flying.

New Caledonia has prohibited most foreign travelers from entering the country.

It will only be allowed to enter for urgent family/work purposes for travelers who can prove that entry is, and they will be required to fill in a travel certificate and provide proof.

Employees respecting social distance at work

A negative test result for COVID-19 given within 72 hours before departure for New Caledonia must be displayed by all travelers over the age of 11. Travelers must also have a self-certified certificate indicating that they have no signs of COVID and that they have not been in touch with any person reported to be positive in the last 14 days, to their knowledge. Anyone who does not show all documentation of a negative outcome and the self-certified certificate will be denied boarding by airlines.

All travelers will be forced to complete 14 days of quarantine in a government requisitioned hotel. For arrivals from Wallis and Futuna, this is not applicable.