Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Lebanon

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Lebanon

2 weeks ago

Lebanon has reopened its restricted-capacity airports. People traveling to Lebanon will be expected to comply with coronavirus spread reduction testing and self-isolation measures. Before boarding, check with the airline and the Lebanese embassy.

Black man standing at airport wearing face protective mask during virus epidemic, covid-19

Travelers 12 and over from countries with PCR testing potential will be expected to take a PCR test within 96 hours before traveling and to take another test upon arrival. Certain airlines are paying the expense of this test, while others are not. While awaiting the result of this test (24-48 hours), travelers will have to self-quarantine, and if both tests are negative, no further self-isolation will be required. It would be mandatory for travelers 12 and over who come from countries without PCR test capability to provide a test on arrival. The test costs USD $100, and certain airlines are compensated by it. Travelers would be forced to self-isolate and must, at their own cost, take a second PCR test 72 hours after the arrival. No further self-isolation will be needed if both tests are negative. Visitors who test positive will have to self-isolate and follow guidelines from the Ministry of Health. Travelers who have left Lebanon for a period of no more than one week will be exempted from their return from PCR checking. Before departure, travelers are expected to complete a health declaration form and must have insurance coverage for their entire stay in Lebanon, which would cover the full cost of medical care in the event of a positive coronavirus examination.

For non-Syrian nationals transiting through Lebanon on the way to Syria, special restrictions apply travelers transiting through Beirut (BEY) to Syria must be pre-approved by the Syrian authorities. Those over 12 years of age must also have a medical certificate given no more than 96 hours prior to departure with a negative COVID-19 PCR test result. Travelers with a Travel Permit provided by Syria for Palestinian Refugees are excluded from this provision.