Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Kazakhstan

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Kazakhstan

1 week ago

Kazakhstan is restarting its flights from China, Georgia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Turkey, but these flights will only be approved for those categories of citizens.

Kazakhstan, except for state flights, ferry flights, sanitary flights, and technical landings for refueling purposes, has prohibited the entry of most foreign nationals and suspended most flights.

People in airport are wearing masks to protect themselves from virus

Kazakhstan will reopen flights from China, Georgia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Turkey from 20 June onwards, but only those types of individuals will be permitted to fly on these flights. These include diplomats, Kazakhstani citizens’ direct-family members, holders of residency permit, and some employees of critical-industry designated companies.

As of October 6, all international travelers arriving in Kazakhstan will need to provide proof of their negative status for COVID-19 (via PCR test and dated no more than 3 days prior to their arrival in Kazakhstan). Those without test results will be kept in a quarantine facility in the city upon arrival for up to two days and screened for COVID-19.

Travelers entering Kazakhstan who are either symptomatic or have a coronavirus-positive test are currently expected to self-isolate for 14 days. In-state hospitals, anyone requiring medical assistance may be limited.

Self-isolating individuals at home will be asked to download the Smart Astana app, which will be used to track compliance with restrictions on self-isolation.