Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Iran

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Iran

2 weeks ago

Iran reopened its borders, but the issuance of tourist visas was suspended.

Iran has suspended issuing visas to visitor arrival facilities. All travelers are required to hold a valid health certificate issued by the country of departure’s health authorities. This must involve a COVID-19 molecular test carried out within 96 hours of entry into Iran by an accredited center of the country of departure.

Person in a protective suit checks the temperature

Travelers must include their name, contact information, and address, as well as a completed self-declaration form with respect to COVID-19 upon arrival. Medical screening will be carried out on all incoming passengers. They will not be forced to self-isolate or quarantine anyone with a valid health certificate. Iranian nationals will be directed to quarantine sites for 14 days without such a permit and will incur associated medical and accommodation costs.