Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Greenland

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Greenland

5 days ago

Greenland allows travelers from countries identified by Denmark as “available” to join. In the 5 days before the flight, they must have a COVID-19 test taken in a Nordic region.

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The travel restrictions for Greenland are set by the government of Denmark. If they present a negative COVID-19 test result taken in a Nordic country (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, or the Faroe Islands) no more than five days before travel, travelers from open countries, as classified by Denmark, may travel to Greenland.

For travelers from other countries, a travel ban remains in effect unless the traveler has a “worthy” travel intent as classified by Denmark; such travelers must be in quarantine upon arrival. You will find the complete list of travel exceptions (i.e., worthy purposes) on the COVID-19 information page of the Danish government.

All travelers must also complete a “Sumut” form containing their travel itinerary and accommodation information in Greenland prior to entry. You will find the type on the COVID-19 information page of the Greenland government. On arrival in Greenland or re-test for COVID-19 after arrival, travelers are not allowed to self-quarantine. Nevertheless, additional COVID-19 tests will be needed depending on where you plan to move to Greenland. For comprehensive information, visit the Greenland government’s COVID-19 information page.