Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Ghana

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Ghana

2 weeks ago

As of 1 September, the International Airport of Accra Kotoka has reopened for daily international travelers. A negative COVID-19 PCR test is given within 72 hours before departure must be submitted by travelers.

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Upon arrival, a mandatory COVID-19 exam will be administered at the airport for each traveler aged five and over. This test carries a fee of $150 to be charged online at https:/ by the traveler, and results will normally be available in 30 minutes. Any traveler who tests positive for COVID-19 will be cared for by the health authorities, while those receiving negative test results will be allowed to enter Ghana without a quarantine requirement.

There will be no need to show a negative PCR COVID-19 test for travelers returning to Ghana within one week. However, upon arrival at the airport, they will still be subject to checking.

Before their next flight, the airline crew is subject to quarantine.