Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in French Polynesia

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in French Polynesia

2 weeks ago

French Polynesia has reopened its airports; however, it will be permitted to enter only those travelers who can prove that entry is for urgent family/work purposes, and they are required to fill in a travel certificate and provide proof.

Within 72 hours prior to departure, all travelers will need to undergo a COVID-19 test and will need to show evidence of a negative outcome before embarking.

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Travelers must also have a self-certified certificate confirming that they have no signs of COVID and that they have not been in touch with any person reported to be positive during the last 14 days, to their knowledge.

Anyone who does not show all evidence of a negative outcome and the self-certified certificate will be refused to board by Airlines.

Travelers will also need to register with the Electronic Travel Information System of Polynesia (ETIS) and have a check-in receipt. You may have minors traveling with their parents on their ETIS form.

Travelers qualified to join French Polynesia will, upon arrival, obtain a self-testing kit that they will have to complete four days after the arrival date.