Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Egypt

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Egypt

2 weeks ago

Commercial flights to the country have resumed in Egypt. A negative PCR test given within 72 hours after arrival in Egypt must be taken by travelers.

Airports in Egypt are available for travel, including for tourism. Special conditions, such as wearing face masks, are imposed by certain airlines.

Young asian woman wearing surgical face mask protect coronavirus inflection at public train station

All travelers arriving in Egypt will have their temperature checked, must complete a personal information tracking card, and will need to provide valid health insurance policy confirmation to the airport authority.

All travelers arriving from overseas to any part of Egypt (including those with Egyptian nationality) must submit a negative PCR test certificate given within 72 hours prior to departure for Egypt. However, travelers coming from Germany, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Guyana, Japan, New Zealand,  Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Paraguay, Suriname, Thailand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Uruguay or Venezuela will be permitted to have a test certificate given 96 hours prior to the departure of the flight. Children under 6 years of age, of all nationalities, are exempted from the issuance of negative certificates for the PCR test. There have been no other exemptions confirmed.

Tourists flying directly to airports in the Red Sea (Hurghada and Marsa Allam), South Sinai (Sharm El-Sheikh), and Marsa Matrouh coastal governorates who are unable to present appropriate proof of a negative PCR test will need to be checked on arrival for a fee of USD 30 and need to self-isolate at a hotel while awaiting the test result. If the outcome is positive, in a separate room reserved for quarantine inside the hotel, travelers are subject to 14 days of quarantine. If symptoms continue, they will be moved, under the control of the Ministry of Health, to a public hospital or the chosen private hospital.