Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Curacao

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Curacao

1 week ago

Curaçao has banned entry for locals, but flights from Bonaire and the Netherlands will soon be reopened.

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Curacao has prohibited the entry of all non-airline crew passengers, authorized medical staff, authorized government personnel, or Curacao citizens who have been pre-approved by the Government of Curacao for entry. Residents, medical professionals, and government professionals must provide a letter of verification from the Curacao government, proving that they are permitted to reach Curacao.

Travelers who have been physically present during the last 14 days in a high-risk country (including the United States) will not reach Curacao. In addition to submitting a negative COVID-19 PCR test result and committing to a 14-day mandatory quarantine in a quarantine facility at their own cost, travelers must write to to seek authorization in order to request an exemption in very restricted circumstances. In a low-risk third country (Aruba, for instance), travelers can even opt to wait 14 days and then fly to Curacao without quarantine restrictions.

Travelers are also allowed to transit via Curacao if they stay on board the same aircraft or transit from one aircraft to another without entering the transit terminal. There is a provision for a minimum of 24 hours prior notice.

On June 12, 2020, flights to and from Bonaire will resume with no quarantine restrictions. Flights to and from the Netherlands will be resume with no quarantine restrictions on July 1, 2020.