Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Cameroon

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Cameroon

2 weeks ago

Most international flights were suspended by Cameroon.

A very small number of international flights have begun again in Cameroon. Proof of a recent COVID-19 negative test (no older than three days before application) must be given to obtaining a visa. To access Yaoundé or Douala Airports, evidence of a recent negative COVID-19 test (no older than three days prior to the first embarkation) must be given separately.

Young asian woman wearing protection mask against novel coronavirus or corona virus disease (covid-19) at airport

On arrival at Yaoundé or Douala airports, travelers without a COVID-19 test result will be asked to conduct one. In this phase, there are reports of long delays. Except for those with a legitimate negative test result from the last 3 days, all new arrivals to the country are supposed to self-isolate for 14 days at one venue. At a government-monitored hotel, anybody who has acquired signs of Coronavirus on their journey will be quarantined.