Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Cambodia

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Cambodia

1 week ago

All visa exemptions, visas upon arrival, and e-visas were suspended by Cambodia. All arriving passengers, except Cambodian nationals and diplomats, must be in possession of official medical certificates issued by their countries of origin no longer than 72 hours before the flight, certifying that they have not tested COVID-19 positive.

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They must also buy from the Forte Insurance Provider a local health insurance plan for COVID-19 care for $90, valid for 20 days. For mandatory COVID-19 testing and future care facilities, international travelers arriving in Cambodia must pay a deposit of $2000 upon arrival.

All arriving visitors will be forced to undergo (COVID-19 testing in a reception area and will be quarantined for at least 14 days. If one or more positive flight test travelers, all flight passengers will be held at a specified facility in a 14-day quarantine.

If all passengers are negative on a flight test, they will be permitted to quarantine at their residence/accommodation, and if all passengers are negative on a flight test