Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in the British Virgin Islands

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in the British Virgin Islands

5 days ago

The British Virgin Islands have barred all non-residents from joining. Starting September 1, staff and students will join.

At present, the British Virgin Islands allow only British Virgin Islanders, Belongers, Permanent Residents, Naturalized Citizens, and Cargo and Freight Vessels to join.

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Work permit holders with confirmed jobs, work permit-exempt holders, students, and other specified groups may enter the territory from 1 September onwards.

Certain special categories of individuals may be approved for up to five days in the territory. This includes aviation crew, maritime crew, medical professionals, emergency maintenance, repair, and other technical personnel, as well as other key skilled personnel.

All persons eligible for admission to the British Virgin Islands must register in advance through an online portal and must be put in pre-approved accommodation for 14 days in quarantine. Only after testing negative for coronavirus will they be released after the quarantine period.